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  1. dead rising from the grave... dogs and cats.. living together...
  2. we will have the rest of the red copies of Against Me! - New Wave available at Fest.
  3. its another pressing through us, we've been waiting forever to get them back in.. I believe theres a 2 new colors coming out.
  4. all 100 of the charity bundles have shipped off, east coast people have already been posting that they've got them.
  5. we should have the shirts in the next 2 days, and then we'll get them out to everyone.
  6. we inquired about changing the name, and were told the packaging had to remain exactly the same as it was originally presented. its probably more of an issue of how the copyrights / writing credits were set up initially moreso than anything.
  7. unfortunately we cant ship outside of the US/CAN with certain titles due to licensing restrictions.
  8. wwww.asbestosrecords.bigcartel.com Available on Black/Yellow Split vinyl or in a special benefit package with a tshirt on red vinyl. Profits from the package deal are going to www.translifeline.org !
  9. do you really need a greatest hits record for a band that had 3 albums?
  10. yeah you can just add the amount for the 2nd item to the initial pledge... they don't have a way to add two rewards at once yet
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/asbestosrecords/the-3rd-wave-ska-preservation-society-vinyl-kickst we're launching our 3rd Ska vinyl reissue kickstarter this week! this go-around here's the 4 records! Suicide Machines - on the Eve of Destruction 2xlp High School Football Heroes - Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Handgrenades Thumper - No on left the disco alive The Flaming Tsunamis - fear everything
  12. this guy has it all wrong. you don't buy records for an investment... you buy them so some other geek can't have it, and then you post pictures on the internet of it to mock them for not having it.