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  1. No clue what original MSRP was but 1234 put a bunch of these up on discogs at 44.99.
  2. 2xlp Anniversary press with the second record being the 8 acoustic versions that have been long OOP seems like a no brainer.
  3. Mine was delivered from Amazon on 4/23. Also, just looking today they just updated my Iowa delivery date today from 5/20 to 5/13.
  4. Repress of the 2009 box that’s tough to find at a decent price. https://shopus.beastieboys.com/products/check-your-head-4lp-deluxe-edition
  5. New Pressings of Waco and Hungry Ghost. https://sideonedummy.com/collections/featured-products/products/violent-soho-hungry-ghost-lp-vinyl-cd-2014 https://sideonedummy.com/collections/featured-products/products/violent-soho-waco-lp-vinyl-cd-2016
  6. Didn’t see this early enough and missed the Bronx dead tracks. Longshot, but I’ll pay 100ppd if anyone was able to pick one up.
  7. Got my replacement numbered jacket today. Numbering wasn’t a big deal to me, but it’s good to see a label go back and actually get something corrected.
  8. Mine showed up today. And either it isn’t the variant I ordered or the lavender with splatter has exactly zero splatter.
  9. Repress of this and two other releases went up today. https://nosleeprecords.com/collections/releases
  10. Just got my field day confirmation, 18 minutes after my PayPal one
  11. They sent an email out in January saying they were shipping, and to reach out if you didn’t get any shipping notification by the end of the month. I haven’t gotten anything either.
  12. Got mine today. Sound is great. The box is a monster. Only complaint is both Dirty Reggae and Reggae Hit LA are short a few tracks.
  13. Box set with 6 released limited to 200. Bunch of individual releases as well. https://shop.piratespressrecords.com/pages/music