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  1. Saw Rage with Wu-Tang when I was in high school. Still the most bizarre environment I can ever remember at a show. Wu Tang only played 3 songs and shit hit the fan. They had a broken down cop car on stage and ODB just continually jumped up and down trying to smash it up. Violent crowd, constant fights, the most weed I’ve ever seen in a public setting, even to this day. Also saw Rage in a festival setting a few years later in a much more subdued environment. Tim/Brad/Tom are so tight as a group, seeing them with Audioslave was a similar feel.
  2. Mine showed up yesterday. Book is cool and the whole layout is really well done. The 3rd record is seven songs I don’t remember being on the original listing on the Really site and definetly aren’t on the version that’s on Spotify, not sure if vinyl only tracks. 1. 80s through the 50s 2. NEVERGONNAGETITBACKAGAIN 3. Dramamine 4. Polar Bear or Africa 5.Powerlessness 6. Get Old Forever 7. Darkness Records
  3. I wouldn’t consider proper releases of Paramount, Live and Loud, and Unplugged with some extra material as “non essential cash grabs”.
  4. Been streaming this all day, does an amazing job capturing the energy of one of his shows. Recording sounds solid. The Laura S tracks are all great. And looks like it sold out now.
  5. All these old no idea releases have to go somewhere. HWM, OWTH, now this.
  6. https://fatwreck.com/collections/new-releases/products/live-in-a-dive-face-to-face new face to face live in a dive. And there is a bundle with this and the first album in color as well.
  7. Been waiting on this shit forever. Glad to see rosenstock is putting all his long OOP stuff back out. http://reallyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/the-arrogant-sons-of-bitches-three-cheers-for-disappointment-lp
  8. Was on the fence but then pulled some of these recordings up on Spotify and after listening to the pennyroyal tea and scentless apprentice tracks I’m in. Hopefully it sounds as good as the Paramount one does.
  9. Went to the show tonight. They have a tour 7” for sale. A side- Baby Shoes B Side- Mesa, AZ
  10. Dig me some Kyle Kinane https://anxiousandangry.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b053e2aabc3f6a026e8edc9a2&id=0291c2170d&e=67ef72027b
  11. Been OOP for a few years. New batch up for pre order. http://reallyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/jeff-rosenstock-i-look-like-shit-pre-order
  12. If anyone is still looking for the toy soldier 7” they were selling on the fall tour they just put the Splatter leftovers on their site. themenzingers.limitedrun.com
  13. I got my “swirl” /100 (it’s actually just solid silver, but the strip lists it as this variant) back in October.