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  1. Down to 3 pending preorders! :)

    Will I ever make it to zero? Set and Setting is tempting me...

    1. lexicondevil


      I can't even remember how many preorders I have in limbo! I'm thinking in the 5-10 range.

  2. It's not cute or artsy anymore to just put plain art on vinyl labels without a clue or legend to which side it is - and also the speed of the record. You don't have to put megadetails like the old school black vinyl, but a simple "A" and "45rpm" would be nice. #petpeeve #lame #pms

    1. lexicondevil


      Yep. That completely pisses me off. I have to squint to try and see the matrix scratch. I don't know why bands think it's cool to do this.


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