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  1. This is music out of Lebanon, put out by the excellent Portland Label, Beacon Sound. http://www.wearebeaconsound.com/shop/disappearing-buildings Awesome, awesome LP!
  2. Deciding to unload my variant collection save for a few play copies and test presses that are special to me. I have a complete Jakob collection so if something interests you and is not listed, let me know. Erfo is not for sale I have an almost complete Giants collection and a complete Beware of Safety collection. I'm not listing those yet because I'm unsure of interest--if you are interested PM me. I'm happy to work out deals. https://www.discogs.com/user/adam.p.howell/collection?page=1&sort=added%2Cdesc&folder=1185984&limit=50 Jakob - Sines Red/Orange - $30 Red/Orange Haze - $30 Clear with Orange and Red - $30 Clear with Cream splatter - $30 3rd press black - $20 Test press (#30/50) - $50 Jakob - Solace Graveface - $125 Graveface Test - SOLD Midium Red /125 - $125 I also have CD's for Solace, Subset of Sets, and Cale:Drew
  3. Hey man, I have a test press of Jakob - Solace for sale if you are interested. Adam
  4. Also, Evan, I can see where you are coming from on the drums. Two examples that come to my mind.. There are some moments on the album with some killer drum fills that always sound flat and leave me thinking ...man I wish they snapped more. Could just be the mix. Berlin is the best example, but there is another clear one, Earth Crawler maybe? Berlin was awesome live and didn't suffer from a flat drum fill, but it definitely exists on the album so I totally get what you are saying.
  5. Did you see them at the beginning or the end of the tour? I caught them live too and it was everything I was hoping for. I definitely love Red Forest, don't get me wrong. I just think the first two are better. Above the Earth --> S/T --> Red Forest --------> Bones Now for a band that looked like they didn't give a shit on stage...that's TWDY the last time I saw them.
  6. One point I will agree with you: Giving Tree --> Berlin --> One Sky Above Us is a terrific sequence and a terrific D side on the LP. I've read a ton of people complain about the production of Bones and think it sounds like ass and especially on vinyl... Always throws me for a loop, and I think it has to be the quality of the system involved. I have a higher end "mid-fi" system, but Bones sounds the "best" on vinyl without a doubt, followed closely by S/T. Red Forest and ATE/BTS are a step below and not terrific vinyl pressings in general on my system. I have to crank them louder than most albums, particularly ATE/BTS.
  7. Case in point how subjective everything is! Hah, granted I'm not a drummer, but I'm pretty sure Zack (the drummer) is the guy who has a big hand in all the mixing/mastering of all of their albums. I didn't notice any real difference in the drums on Bones from any of their other releases. As far as production goes, I thought this was their most "polished" album of any of them.
  8. I definitely liked Red Forest. They speak with knives is one of my top 3 tracks by them. I'm not as hard on Bones as Evan--I don't think it's their worst album by far. It is an enjoyable album for me--especially after I watched them play some of the tracks live, which was really, really good. With that said, it wasn't really anything new or interesting. Kind of good background noise, but not one I find myself getting immersed in. I think the disappointment is only in that it's just same ol same ol what we've heard before.
  9. Yes to Meniscus! I hope A Thousand Arms gets distro of all these titles.
  10. I like the Ares. I've had it about 8 months. I previously had a battery powered Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena 1st edition, which really was a good Phono stage. The Ares definitely has a lower noise floor and is quieter. There are some minor things about the Ares that bothered me with some low level hum in one channel and I was thinking about making a big jump to another Phono--but, I did some tube rolling and was much happier with the results. I currently have Mullard NOS 12ax7's in the input stage and Radiotechnique 12au7's in the secondary stage. Both platinum grade from Upscale Audio. The Mullards are pricey and honestly, overrated (I had a pair of Sovtek 12ax7lps) which I thought were almost as good or better until I rolled a pair of tubes in my Raven amp and found much better synergy with the Mullards. There is a ton of hype surrounding Rogue Audio...and I think some of it is justified and some of it might be overrated compared to comparable brands. From everything I've read the Ares is superior to the inboard stage on the Cronus Magnum, and they are pretty easy to find on audiogon for around $1,000-$1,200. I think they are a good value at that price.
  11. It's been a while since I posted a setup photo. I think I'm finally at a place where I have some really good synergy. Clearaudio Concept TT w/ upgrade PSU and Ortofon 2M Bronze Rogue Audio Ares Phono Stage (Mullard 12ax7 and Radiotechnique 12au7) Raven Audio Osprey (JAN Phillips, Mullard, and Brimar tubes) Nola Boxers Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies with upgraded PSU (no headphones right now, saving for Audeze LCD-X) Listen to mostly jazz, post rock, some psych, electronic.
  12. I also concur with what folks are saying about setup @Gumbo72203 A better setup makes a dramatic difference. Also, vinyl has flaws...you either come to embrace them...or you stick with CD or digital.