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  1. Was online at the right time and managed to grab that silver euro press. Well excited for this!
  2. wow they are going all out on the variants. I was going to attempt to get them all, but this is too many for me haha.
  3. Hmm, no idea why this is the case then. What if I doubled it and had 2 7"s? Thanks for your reply!!
  4. to ship a single 7" to the UK? Been quoted $24 for a single 7", and swear that can't be right...Any estimates, or is this the reality now? Thanks
  5. Preorders for the Rev exclusive is up. Yellow /400 Crazy shipping price to the UK so I'll be giving it a swerve.
  6. woa so many options. I actually may just get the pink one on amazon (US); think that'll look really good!
  7. Ok so I've had a look and it's been pressed on to vinyl before... Genuine non-troll question here, as I've never heard of this label before now: but how come people are saying (on other places) that they've been waiting to long for this to be pressed on vinyl? If it's cos it looks amazing, which I agree, then that's cool!!
  8. Totally! Sounds like they are working hard on it too. Hoping for more of a return to the sound on Cleanse. I know the first two 7"s are "the best", but lets face it, I doubt it'll ever sound like that!
  9. looks like this is delayed. In other news, their guitarist just posted that their new LP will be out on Deathwish!!
  10. Their last one was really good, so I'll be buying this for sure
  11. I got a pink one, but was on the site literally minutes after the link went up due to being seeing it on the off chance. Cost me a bomb to get shipped to the UK (is $13 how much it's costing to send a single 7" from US to UK these days (yes I know USPS went up, I just haven't ordered from US for a while))
  12. ^that's definitely not the euro tour press. Looks like the gold one, which I guess they used the same colour as the ltd 7" from the deluxe pre-order package.
  13. New Burn EP out on Bridge 9 (not Rev?!): http://www.b9store.com/products/570742-burn-from-the-ashes Stream here now: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/burn-ep-from-the-ashes-premiere

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