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  1. the entire album fucking rips - I played it back to back this afternoon which I rarely do when I get new music sent to me.
  2. man that 8 year run of Alligator to Boxer to High Violet to Trouble Will Find Me is just legendary Sleep Well Beast is super underrated too
  3. but the National is a top 3 band for me and I love all their albums almost equally.
  4. if I had a criticism of IAETF is that it's a little on the long end and the tempo sometimes is samey haha
  5. received my record release copy - liquid and metal variant which is dope. sleeve is signed but not numbered but that's okay.
  6. Lol yeah get the fuck outta here got the cherry tree - it’s /750
  7. The best record shop in Indiana http://www.lunamusic.net phone and mail orders