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  1. I mean the email said refunds would be processed in 24-48 hours and it's a holiday weekend. still sucks tho
  2. I'm sure they have pressed a ton of these - these re-issues are basically like printing money haha
  3. also this record is supposed to be like a Sufjan pop record so I'm excited for that haha "The album is at heart a pop record, Sufjan’s first. And when it came to writing these songs, Sufjan’s goal was simple: keep it moving. Eighties and early nineties jams informed Sufjan’s songwriting on this record, with Janet Jackson’s brilliant Rhythm Nation, produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, as guiding light - both for the pop framework and the underlying political themes. The beats on The Ascension sound a lot like those great eighties beats: honed, skillful, yes, but also big and loud and thick and, well, just straight up fun. The hooks are obvious and catchy and like any good pop song, last way past when you’re done listening to the song. Sufjan’s vocals on The Ascension are soft, beautiful, natural, real, true."
  4. very excited - I'll probably just try to pick up the 12" and the clear LP at my local - hope it's similar to how C&L was released
  5. yup finally signed up for the secret society but with local pickup so I get to save 20 bucks haha