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  1. 29,000 total first press over 16 variants worldwide god I knew this band was blowing up but holy shit new song fucking whips
  2. I've been doing that lately with any show I want to see - find someone desperate to dump tickets
  3. here's the record that'll get the youths out to the stores on RSD
  4. Next month is the first Billie eilish album which lol don’t we have a ton of these already ? https://interscope.com/pages/interscope-vinyl-collective?utm_source=dotmailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=468343_02.20.24_Interscope Vinyl Collective Billie Eilish Announce_Full_231792_US&dm_i=4YUO,A1DJ,NFP0U,1FVUY,1
  5. I feel like she's taking advantage of her fans by doing this - knowing that they'll drop 100s of dollars every time.
  6. no I'm talking about the full album Ferried Away. That "EP" is just a collection of the singles the band has released over the past few months and technically not an official release
  7. I pre-ordered that variant - I'll DM you about it once I get it in!
  8. this album is so good - it's very different from Viewing and Bloom as it's not as dark or heavy but they really leaned into like a midwest emo vibe of sorts (which is silly to say since they are Brooklyn based) and Matt from Really From plays horns throughout it.
  9. I have way too much vinyl and I’m trying to become less cluttered - I rarely have time to spin any of this so I want these records to find better homes. There’s a lot and there’s multiple genres spanned. If interested DM - will share photos of anything if requested https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XZFKArMp8vK2Qw15DlmaO0g5YsorcruNJBygb4XVx7Y/edit?fbclid=IwAR1_P9lvlY1-TAy-PlWekNQjTmZEtRVVKuWWNRF5ExZ8Nqp8WKJrf-c-Kyg
  10. mine showed up today - sounds good. excited to own this

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