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  1. it's 100% worth the subscription as I've posted multiple times in this thread haha
  2. fucking LOL I adore these albums but not 80 dollars plus shipping adore
  3. the new wreck & reference album is fucking up my shit - it's very unsettling and engaging. I think only 2-3 tracks have any type of screaming on it. "Eris Came To Me At Night" is probably the one of, if not the most unsettling songs you'll hear this year. just want to reiterate that subscribing to this sub is a fucking steal with the quality of music you're receiving. I've always trusted The Flenser but this year has been even better than expected. and we still have HANL to come.
  4. https://twitter.com/Sleater_Kinney/status/1133417707733442560
  5. haha I mean if they wanted to stick to the 10 year anniversary of indie rock for this month it should have been Veckatimest
  6. out of all the dope 10 year anniversaries for indie albums I'm sure glad VMP picked the most boring one.
  7. That's why I love the art - it's supposed to be unpleasant and I love how vibrant and ugly the colors are at the same time *brag* I just got an advance stream of the record so I'll post a few thoughts on it later *end brag*
  8. Unsainted fucking rips - might just go for one of the euro variants because even tho I like the blue the tee shirts are fucking boo-boo