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  1. honestly just sign up for the subscription if you can because each Flenser release is great.
  2. This is officially out on streaming services - it fucking rips and Mess screams about eating chicken nuggets
  3. kinda hoping for a Triple Crown re-pressing before I order this
  4. But that set list before the encore is the entire new album - not in Kansas is track 11 so it’s weird that’s the only one out of sequence (the only two songs from the new album they didn’t play are short instrumentals)
  5. Not in Kansas is my favorite song on the new album and this is my favorite national album since Boxer
  6. Dude they were fucking awesome when they were in LA with Deafheaven
  7. I think Fridmann’s production on these songs are perfect for what the band wants to achieve - very dirty and raw
  8. I just remember last time I lived here (2013) people were lining up at amoeba like a week ahead - do people still do that? I don’t really want to wake up super early on Saturday haha
  9. so I find myself in Los Angeles for RSD and it's been years since I've been here. I know Amoeba in Hollywood is a shit show for RSD so what are the best stores to go to?