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  1. hopefully he stars in the next American Football video
  2. makes me think of this comic every time
  3. drewberinger

    PO: La Dispute - Panorama

    really enjoying the new singles but it's hard to judge the impact of these songs without hearing them within the full context of the album.
  4. this record is intense and very noisy and exactly the opposite of the last release as for RFC not being good anymore - I think they've never been better especially since they are branching out from the pop punk emo sound. This record is cool, the Wicca Phase record is dope as hell, and the upcoming Field Medic record is one of the best I've heard in 2019
  5. hmm I didn't get an email update but that stinks but I bet it's gonna be awesome once it arrives
  6. very excited for this - picked up the GITD
  7. the blood moon variant came out so well.
  8. drewberinger

    PO: Emarosa - Peach Club (2/6/2019)

    yeah I really enjoy this album a lot - Cautious is probably the best of the 3 singles but I think there are even better songs on the record. plus there is a song on here that reminds me of Seal.
  9. drewberinger

    Vampire Weekend - FOTB

    hope FOTB is an acronym for Farts Out The Butt
  10. drewberinger

    PO Now: Strand Of Oaks - Eraserland

    I liked hard love a good amount but the new single is stunning - can’t wait for this one
  11. drewberinger

    The Maine - You Are Okay

    Want the tri-color but want nothing from that bundle
  12. Yeah I got the coloring book variant - sucker for a clear with multicolor splatter
  13. It’s being released under Pup’s own label Little Dipper as an imprint under Rise/BMG
  14. Sounds like Rise Records is releasing it? Apple Music shows the label as being under exclusive rights to BMG and Rise is a subsidiary of that