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  1. The album is amazing. I understand the frustration if one's was expecting a return to old form. But I loved the melodies and how beautiful music is "hidden" under minimal arrangements. Really, I loved it.
  2. Same here. Actually, it started to click after I watched it being played live. The beauty of that album is buried amongst arrangements and production and it ended up being the thrill of it.
  3. Listened to it a couple of times and I'm still unsure. Sounds like they did their best to strech the band's core sound and were pretty confident about where it was going. But at the same time, it's not an album that brings Sunn O))) back to a brilliant experimental game such as the Whites, Black One and Monoliths did. It's like they somewhat wanted to make Kannon right and thought about Albini to put things straight. So it's a good Sunn O))) album , more relevant than Kannon, but a chapter that might settle down sooner than their best records. I just ordered the RSD black 2xLP and might get surprised when enjoy it in my turntable glory. Hopefully.
  4. It's always great to listen to them banging everything but it sounds generic when compared to OCHL. New album puts them on their own game.
  5. Watched to "Love" (2015 movie) yesterday and was surprised that "Before The Beginning" played during one of the countless sex scenes. The director seems to be a huge Frusciante fan, I guess.
  6. Sample is Sunn O))) at its core. Suppose the game will be listening in its vinyl glory, 'cause conceptually it doesn't bring much to the table. And, yeah, samples are just samples.
  7. Although unlikeky, I'd be up for a full 2xLP. OCUL is my favorite from 2018.
  8. First half is solid, second half is uninspired. Lacks of depth. I agree that production / mastering made listening a bit painful. Would perhaps sound better and more enjoyable if they opted for more "natural" sound. But that kind of compression isn't new for the band and was my main complaint about "El Pintor". Other than that, got me a bit frustrated 'cause "The Rover" set things in a pretty promising way but we ended up getting a bland result. Not that surprising since the departure of Carlos D. That guy was the driving force behind their best records.
  9. I'd be a bummer to see them now without them playing Glint. What a hell of a song.
  10. Still listening to it on repeat. Currently in love with the last two minutes of Glint.
  11. After repeatedly listening to the stream since it came out I can safely say OCHL is my favorite Deafheaven album. It flows really, really well and brings so much to the table. Somehow shows that this writing approach was invitable for the band at that point and I'm glad the ideas came out so beautifully.
  12. Great. Just pressed play. Goes along with the fact that I've just preordered my 2xLP yesterday.
  13. Yeah, they could be but SL doesn't make it clear. I remember when they put out Sleep's Dopesmoker the holographic version was properly marketed as a special item.
  14. Not sure I'm jumping onto it yet. I was hoping for a black vinyl version with that fancy holo cover. Would SL be holding it for a later release?