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  1. If I was to bump, it would have been with something like "Every word and every way You're the only one who stays on the wavelenght".
  2. Update: AOTY 2019. And no, it's not just the excitement. Same here. I should have named more than $5. $500 would have been more appropriate.
  3. Yeah. First track and I'm in heaven. BTW.: Today is my birthday - thanks, internet.
  4. From https://whirrband.bandcamp.com/album/feels-like-you
  5. Well, wouldn't be surprised if they drop further pressings. I mean, Graveface did it with Sway.
  6. I went with the digital files but Ye dropped on streaming and forgot about sending those MP3s out 😂
  7. Oh, boy. Judging by the sample, looks like Diiv is getting their "rock/shoegaze AOTY" status threatened. I wonder if they kept the production duties with Jack Shirley. I f*ckin love this band.
  8. The guitars are outstanding. Same feeling I got from Whirr's "Sway" when I first listened to it (which became my favorite album from that year and still some of my favorites). Clear influence / revision of pure shoegazing.
  9. Anyone knows if RT started shipping their copies? I think my card hasn't been charged yet although I've placed the order as soon as they have put the preorders up.
  10. The album is amazing. I understand the frustration if one's was expecting a return to old form. But I loved the melodies and how beautiful music is "hidden" under minimal arrangements. Really, I loved it.
  11. Same here. Actually, it started to click after I watched it being played live. The beauty of that album is buried amongst arrangements and production and it ended up being the thrill of it.
  12. Listened to it a couple of times and I'm still unsure. Sounds like they did their best to strech the band's core sound and were pretty confident about where it was going. But at the same time, it's not an album that brings Sunn O))) back to a brilliant experimental game such as the Whites, Black One and Monoliths did. It's like they somewhat wanted to make Kannon right and thought about Albini to put things straight. So it's a good Sunn O))) album , more relevant than Kannon, but a chapter that might settle down sooner than their best records. I just ordered the RSD black 2xLP and might get surprised when enjoy it in my turntable glory. Hopefully.