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  1. BTW, great song. Deafheaven at its best.
  2. azvd

    Smashing Pumpkins

    New song sounded unnecessary. It takes more than just reuniting old members in a practice studio to jam around ideas. It still sounds like post-breakup SP music so if you dig Billy's efforts since then and recognize it as genuine Smashing Pumpkins, this single is for you. Don't think that J.Iha brought anything to the table or his presence helped to dig something that was buried in the past. From any expectations that I ever had left regarding SP, the one that I still have seems the most impossible at this point: getting the Machina reissue to finally lock the door.
  3. azvd

    PO NOW: Interpol - Marauder

    Single is great. Gives me hope that the new album will be as good as El Pintor which, IMOH, was the best we could get from them after S/T.
  4. "Reissues of sunn25 WHITE1 & sunn31 WHITE2 (the full length edits of the original mixes, remastered by Matt Colton /Alchemy Mastering) tip-on gatefold double LPs and high res digital downloads will see the light of day in early summer, watch these spaces for announcements." Just got this from their e-mail news subscription.
  5. Yeah, I'm hoping the black vinyl shows up at some point as an individual item. There's no way I'm bitting the bullet for this subscription.
  6. azvd

    PO NOW: Interpol - Marauder

    I still listen to albums #1 / #2 frequently, I'm kinda addicted to the sounds there. It seems album #2 is a bit underrated for the fact that it was surrounded by expectations with the sucess #1 got. But unfortunately, each time they went ahead and tried to experiment, it felt that it just wasn't their cup of tea, they weren't at their best (S/T and the Julian Plenty solo albums). They are pretty good at doing that dark, post punk songs and that does for me.
  7. Anyone still waiting for a shipping notification?
  8. azvd

    Smashing Pumpkins

    At this point, I wouldn't hold any breath for any kind of reunion. With the exception of TheFutureEmbrace (which I really enjoy), everything he's put out since Zeitgeist is just tough to digest. Compare those albums to any b-side that came out with the re-releases and it's clear that Billy lost his mojo since. It just got pointless, empty and it would end up as just another greatest hits act to remind us of how old we got. Kinda like going to a Beach Boys concert. Give us the Machina re-release and we can all move forward.
  9. White 1 and 2 vinyl automatically comes to mind. O'Malley hinted they remastered them last year so those ones are somewhat to be expected. Altar Live with Boris would probably do a great release.
  10. Just watched some of the videos from the FYF Fest on YouTube. Amazing. Some of the songs are smartly recreated on stage while his vocals carry everything. Frank's music is on another level.
  11. It's a fragmented album, somewhat a leftovers / sketches compilation from Blond era. I hope the upgraded sound improves the experience 'cause I always had a hard time with the web rip quality. Still, Frank's vocal performance on these recordings are pretty impressive. Got the vinyl and the CD+DVD.
  12. Missed TRoWfTD 'cause they refused to ship to my country. Didn't miss this one, though.
  13. azvd

    Smashing Pumpkins

    My favorite record post break-up is, believe, TheFutureEmbrace. It's the most representative effort of Billy following his instincs without worrying about the connections with Pumpkins, drummers, old members, social media... and I also love the way there's this synthpop connection all over it. Hopefully he'll eventually follow this path in the future, he's pretty good with blending his songwriting with 80's goth/synth influences.