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  1. I haven’t looked yet but I think these are all new recordings from the 2014 & 2018 tours
  2. Take out Selah and Closed on Sunday and its a perfect album. Water is a jam
  3. To elaborate on this, it almost feels (quality and songwriting/wise) like the Endless project. He’s a bit more free and less technical about the music/lyrics/overall production. I’m going to put this out there that all these teaser songs are to the b-side project of what will be a full general release album similar to what we got with Endless/Blond These feel like the hype machine leading up to something much bigger
  4. Something is off with these, they’re not good. And by not good I mean not even close to as good as Biking Lens or Provider. Feels like a weird side project or something conceptual he’s working on. Either way, not really engaging material. Imo
  5. My limited numbered set just sold on the bay for $100. Can’t beat 14 free LPs 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. What’s the best sounding set of the 3? Is the Limited the same audio as remix/remaster but instead with the holographic cover art?
  7. Lol 😆 just got mine, can’t believe they actually sent out 21LPs for $100 shipped