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  1. Think about all the records we could buy each month with that $1000 freedom dividend!!
  2. Thought I recognized that band name! My band played a show with these guys back in 02/03. Think they were touring For My Friends cause I have that CD (maybe signed). Very cool and fun guys. Wow
  3. At my doorstep this morning, survived Hurricane Dorian 🙌
  4. Yeah my ‘Fake News’ comment was only to get a laugh, but really he got to a point in the video where he was testing the amount of PVC outgassing while spinning a record and made it seem almost as bad as the firefighters clothing in the hospital basement of Chernobyl
  5. Everything he said and yes, Marie Kondo the rest you don't listen to. My son is now 13 and my wife is starting to enjoy spinning records now that the table is out in the living room/kitchen area. It's become more of a family activity now that I have less time to spin. That makes me happy when I come home and my son is spinning some Tame Impala or my wife is spinning the Greatest Showman soundtrack when I walk in 😎
  6. Fucking 3" records, how do they work?