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  1. If we had 100% lockdown and 100% mask compliance for 6 straight months? Highly doubt that even still.
  2. Yeah I was fine with that, as I think we all were, and played it cautiously. Now going on 52 weeks to flatten the curve, I am not ok with. Life has to go on at some point and this virus will never fully be eliminated.
  3. Ehhh I've had enough conversation with you (and the like) over the past decade to know your unwavering opinions. It's just more fun to troll and poke fun at hypocrisy at this point Also, while I don't agree with most of your viewpoints (any many on here in VC) I don't think you'll ever hear me call you dumb or question your intelligence directly.
  4. Most of my posts about left politics are just to point out hypocrisy since they are immune (that's sarcasm right there @N8TRU) For @Shelby American, a very typical response from the left to call someone ignorant and stupid for pointing out hypocrisy when it shows itself. The point of my post above was just poking fun at the people who for months (and still do) blame Covid deaths on the president of the United States. Just pointing out how silly that is. If you do that for one, you should do that for all, but that is not the case. Its also a very dumb argument and I do n
  5. Mask up til 2022 boys! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9253041/Biden-suggests-Americans-wear-face-masks-YEAR.html Biden has been President for 23 days and already nearly 20% total US Covid deaths on his watch, what a guy!
  6. Oh thank God, what a hero! That first paragraph is something else 🤣 "The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the United States economy into an economic crisis. Across the country, more than 10 million Americans are unemployed, 14 million renters are behind on payments, and 29 million adults – and at least 8 million children – are struggling with food insecurity. Because of pervasive systemic racism and inequality in our economy, the burdens of this economic crisis are hitting communities of color and other underserved families hardest." Shutdown (52 weeks to flatten the c
  7. 16,000 Covid deaths in the US since Biden took office, does he even care?
  8. Sure, that’s fine. I never liked his music but hope he finds a label a bit more inclusive and accepting. Probably a good thing for both parties

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