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  1. Don’t know why this hasn’t happened already but I’m in for one when they do
  2. Lots of dislike for the direction he's taken. Personally, this live performance was my favorite/most fun i've seen from any artist recently. Loved it
  3. Yeah I would give it a shot. I tried for years to get into VW but it always rubbed me the wrong way. This record however, much different
  4. Could never get into Vampire Weekend. But this is already my favorite record of 2019 (next to AF LP3)
  5. Also, there's this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_math_rock_groups
  6. Really surprised to see T/T/T listed as Math Rock. Would think that's more in a twinkle daddy category edit: the more research I do I'm seeing a distinct intersection of these bands with what is considered math rock. My first introduction to 'math rock' is with Mercury Program so I never associated the more emo acts with math rock, I just assumed it was more technical post rock with time changes