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  1. We’re thrilled to say that our 5th album, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, is out now. When we started discussing the possibility of making another record after our a few years away as a band, we said we’d only release an album if we were confident that it stood up to our previous work. We’ve ended up with an album we’re really proud of, and we hope you agree that it’s been worth the 6-year wait. Recording this one was definitely one of the most enjoyable recording processes we’ve had as a band. Working with John Congleton, we had an initial session in London in early Spring last year at Konk studio, where we’d done our first and fourth albums. We then went to LA in late Summer to record the majority of it with John. Spending 3 weeks in LA was an unforgettable experience for the four of us. It was the first extended period of time we’d spent together in a long while and reinforced what we’d been missing during these few years. We hope that positive energy that was there during those 3 weeks has translated onto the record. We’ve touched previously on how the album is about the comfort that music can provide in times of need. Hopefully, this record can give you that escape should you ever need it. We want to get to as many places as possible to play these new songs for you. Wherever you are in the world, fingers crossed we’ll see you soon. Lots of love Bombay x https://shop.bombaybicycle.club/products/everything-else-has-gone-wrong-deluxe-lp-signed-artcard-7-picture-disc
  2. Will this address the pressing issues from the first run? My copy of the 1st press had a ton of surface noise on side B. Thx
  3. Obv you would have tons on that list if you drill down to label level, but if you do i'd specifically like to see: polyvinyl subpop 4AD graveface nonesuch sony dirty hit big scary monsters lauren records asian man records
  4. I haven’t looked yet but I think these are all new recordings from the 2014 & 2018 tours
  5. Take out Selah and Closed on Sunday and its a perfect album. Water is a jam
  6. To elaborate on this, it almost feels (quality and songwriting/wise) like the Endless project. He’s a bit more free and less technical about the music/lyrics/overall production. I’m going to put this out there that all these teaser songs are to the b-side project of what will be a full general release album similar to what we got with Endless/Blond These feel like the hype machine leading up to something much bigger