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  1. Throw in a BF Blonde and it's yours
  2. I did give it a listen for the hell of it. Gotta hand it to em, its the exact same formula for like 25 years. Build up in the middle, huge breakdown at the end. Also, I had no clue this band has been consistently releasing albums every 3 years since 1994. I just assumed they fell off after 2001 and this was a comeback album. Good for them
  3. Halfway through the year now, figured I’d get this one going and update as the year goes on Stand outs for me in this order: American Football - LP3 Denzel Curry - Zuu Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride Better Oblivion Community Center - s/t Tyler, The Creator - IGOR Big Thief - U. F. O. F. Jenny Lewis - On The Line
  4. There he is! Whats the new insta handle? I miss your Corona Lite videos
  5. Vera Cruz. Get the Migas Taco https://www.veracruzallnatural.com/locations-menus/