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  1. Tommy

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Had to go back in and edit my list. Just found Low - Double Negative. Holy shit
  2. Wish I could confirm but I only got the comp, anyone else on the board able to answer?
  3. Tommy

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Completely unbiased to both Foxing/Allan and I just listened to both for the first time. Foxing was good but Allan was more my bag
  4. Tommy

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Just decided to check this out, its real good. Guys voice sounds very alt-j
  5. Got my blue today in great shape, all things considered ,
  6. Whoa! anyone else realize the ending of springing leaks (parrot flies) is not faded out like the old vinyl/digital version? Very cool surprise. I only heard this on Spotify, anyone confirm the new vinyl release has the same?
  7. I thought mikes vocals were fine tbh. I personally loved the way Haley was singing in that first verse and bridge, it sounded so much like Cocteau Twins with the distant echo and delay. Then she kinda goes all out in the chorus and it goes straight Paramore from there. If she could have kept it low and buried the whole song I would have loved it.
  8. Right, the mock-up made it look like the flamingo pink. I actually wanted that variant but waited too long, ended up with the blue
  9. Let’s see what she looks like
  10. Tommy


  11. Tommy