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  1. Wont have to worry about the National Anthem, each NFL game will begin with 'Black Skinhead' This is an America I can get behind!! U.S.YE
  2. You forget the Trump 2016 thread too easily
  3. Black Moth Super Rainbow's "Cobra Juicy Instrumentals" is out today digitally and exclusive to bandcamp. Cobra Juicy Instrumentals More good stuff coming at the end of the month...
  4. I still get excited for a split second whenever this thread gets bumped but then I’m quickly reminded that he’s just a babbling loser now
  5. lol dude your whole setup cost about as much as my car. So jealous, that amp is nasty
  6. Black Lives Matter protests have not led to a spike in coronavirus cases, research says By Leah Asmelash, CNN Updated 4:10 AM ET, Wed June 24, 2020 https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/24/us/coronavirus-cases-protests-black-lives-matter-trnd/index.html Well that's good
  7. Throwing it up here to keep track, will re-order at year end 1975 - Notes on a Conditional Form Andy Shauf - Neon Skyline Bombay Bicycle Club - Everything Else Has Gone Wrong Childish Gambino - 03.15.20 Christian Lee Hutson - Beginners Denzel - Unlocked Dirty Projectors - 5 EPS Justin Bieber - Changes New Found Glory - Forever and Ever x Infinity Owen - The Avalanche Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher Ray LaMontagne - MONOVISION Soccer Mommy - Color Theory Tame Impala - Slow Rush The Midnight - Monsters
  8. Well then, she can change her Instagram handle to _real_nudes_ now 🤷🏼‍♂️