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  1. lol man I thought I was the only one. Same $38 for 1000 🤣 now I’m set for life
  2. I noticed that same thing when I watched it yesterday, I'll grab one for sure. Been on my wantlist a while
  3. Thx dude, had some paypal cash so it came out to $39 for me. helluva deal
  4. Would love to see some pics of this, honestly @Francisco BR hook us up?
  5. At first I thought this was kinda cheesy. Then I played the new version, then I played the original version. After sitting with it, its actually really cool they did this. While the original is a classic, you can hear how young they were when they recorded it, it was pure. Now hearing the new version you can hear how the song has grown over 23 years of touring and how mature they sound. Brandon's voice is deep and worn, the band is in the groove. As a band, you dream of these moments and I think its cool they stayed together long enough to do this.
  6. Early Bird Vinyl White Candy Wrapper on Clear (Limited to 1000) Mineral Grey Vinyl Big Scary Monsters Vinyl Variant Smartpunk Exclusive Cloudy Effect with Beige (Limited to 100) Test Pressing
  7. The goat putting some cash aside now for that inevitable PV Test Press

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