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  1. You gotta count the rings. Should be one for every year since the original release date
  2. That's a bone/green mix, the pink/green he's talking about was a store exclusive.
  3. Hopefully we get some more reissues sooner or later. I have a copy of Sumday but would gladly upgrade if they pressed a blue/white merge variant.
  4. This would make sense if Jeremy wasn't such a massive vinyl collector. Idc either way but it is really weird when they could have just kept pressing red copies that look even better
  5. This is what happened except it was the other way around. Joel disappeared and Lindsay was posting weird cryptic posts with butterflies and spiders. It was pretty sad.
  6. C'mon someone said they'd press the records themselves for free that's progress! Also holy shit was that Mylene Sheath meltdown wild. Probably the weirdest and most incompetent label dissolution I've seen in my life. And that includes Mightier Than Sword.
  7. I always thought this was hilarious. It's almost entirely ripped off not even just a certain riff lol
  8. I just add something to my order that I know they'll never get in stock haha
  9. Lol I'm not sure you've been around discogs lately. I'm almost positive most people including sellers just click the first thing they see that looks kinda close to what they have. Buying a black copy of something with a specific matrix number to get the pressing you want is also impossible.
  10. Not saying you are but I can't believe people are making a big deal out of it. "Yay De La Soul got their rights back! RIP Trugoy... but hey where's my half second clip of Eddie Murphy?!"
  11. Yeah I know, there's an extremely annoying battle going on on Discogs between people who don't want extra entries just because this specific shop feels the need to do this so often. It'd be an easy solution if people would just realize it's cringe and not buy them. I don't mind them in general because I just resleeve everything I get, but they're supposed to be useful by having the album title and track list more legible. Why do that in a language you can't read for no actual reason? Lol
  12. The random Japanese OBI thing from non-japanese shops is by far the dumbest gimmick I've seen recently. It's like the vinyl version of a white dude in a kimono.
  13. To be fair I use far more energy hating this band than any other band. They were also one of my favorite bands of all time, I'm just mad it fell apart. The new prog shit is fine but I can't listen to it.
  14. So this brand new 4LP release in a nice jacket is being sold for a loss? https://younggodrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/soundtracks-2018

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