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  1. Glad this isn’t just me. I get it Spencer you are happy you can swear now. But all of the random F’s really take me out of the songs, and feel really out of place. Would be more enjoyable without.
  2. Passed on manipulator but jumped on this fast. Forgot how much I love this album. Splatter looks dope to boot.
  3. Have been hoping for a repress of Loses Control since forever. Cmon guys!
  4. Ordered. Stoked there was another color pressed. Missed both times previously. Also sweet there was $6 off for Black Friday. Is this in stock or a preorder?
  5. Man. Glad I checked here before 1. Snagged. Couldn’t believe how easy it was using apple pay. No checkout/cart drama this time. Well done.
  6. What is the likelihood these sell immediately? 1800 does not seem like a lot based on the perceived demand. Hope it doesn’t say sold out by 1:01 CT
  7. Why did all of these different presses need to be so secretive/revealed separately? Feels not well planned to help consumers make a choice for the variant/pressing they want unless they just hope people rebuy multiple pressings?
  8. SOB. Just picked up the repress. If I had known this was coming with the artwork without the green bars and colored vinyl would have passed on the black.
  9. S/T showed up today. Listening now, sounds amazing. Hearing a lot of fine parts that having listened to the compressed cd version 1000s of times I never noticed.
  10. Wait how are other variants getting shipped when the kings road variant is delayed til NOVEMBER? The hell?
  11. Grabbed S/T. Would have liked to grab watch out and crisis but at $30 each I’ll have to wait until the next repress. the store showed these as in stock. Are they shipping now?
  12. Wasn’t entirely sure about pre-ordering this on vinyl. After listening this morning, kicking myself for missing out on both pressings, album is solid. Also dumbfounded I never picked up always on my mind. #regrets
  13. Same here. I’m in the suburbs of Chicago and local stores here have told me they didn’t get any. Which sucks. Likely Chicago stores will have it. Worth a quick call or message to stores to see if they even got them in their order.
  14. Also got separate shipping notifications for orders of DTGL and LITSOS. should hopefully show up soon.

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