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  1. Vinyl at Hastings is only discounted 10% at the moment; graphic novels/comics are 30%, action figures, bar stuff, toys, etc are 20%
  2. Made the mistake of starting Stranger Things tonight; looks like I'll be losing sleep to marathon this beast of a series
  3. I posted in the Recently Viewings thread about my thoughts on Green Room:. So far, it may be my movie of the year. I loved both Mrder Party and Blue Ruin, so I had high hopes and it definitely delivered. Every single part of the cast was phenomenal, especially Patrick Stewat (which is to be expected); the soundtrack brought up the edginess in the viewing and the script was phenomenal. 9-9.5/10. Tonight I watched The Invitation and it was also a fantastic watch. If you dig slow burns like Red State or The Sacrament, you should definitely put this on your watch list; solid 8/10.
  4. After being such a huge fan of both Murder Party and Blue Ruin, I finally got around to watchin Green Room. Nearly perfect, I would give this 9-9.5/10. The cast, dynamic, pop culture references; everything about this film was incredible.
  5. Thank you so much for that! And thanks to anyone that is picking up a copy of this awesome compilation that goes toward a fantastic cause.
  6. I thought the new song was great. Regarding the difference in vocals, Mark is doing the bulk of the vocals in the track; whereas Skiba is merely harmonizing in the chorus, which I could pick out. About the grown ups writing about being 17, I don't have any issue with this. I'm 32 and I still occasionally throw in a line about adolescence into a song here and there. It's a really important coming of age time in life and it's easy to look back at how easy things were then versus being a grown ass man. I'm pretty stoked on a new Blink record.
  7. It's a great question, and also a tough one to answer. I'll weigh in with personal examples of my thoughts on this. There have been numerous bands/musicians that I've played with in the past, that were just terrible people, and I was no longer able to support their music due to this. For instance, prior to playing with him, I was a fan of Joshua Radin; however, after playing a show and him doing a number of questionable, crummy, and rude things, I couldn't bring myself to listen to his music any longer. Though I wasn't a fan of He is Legend, I was certain after playing with them that I would not support their material. If someone is an asshole, I don't want to put money in their pockets. I loved Mark Kozelek, but after all of his tirades and bouts of self-entitlement, I can't even listen to him anymore.
  8. And the salesman wasn't shitty, he was just doing his job. All companies are panning the unlimited data options and each rep has been told that they are NOT to have customers continue on their unlimited plans. Best Buy doesn't give a shit because they don't actually work for the cell providers.
  9. I upgraded to the 6s about a month and a half ago and I wish I would've waited for the SE. I don't much care for the size of the 6s and really did love the size of the iPhone 5 that I used forever.
  10. I have zero interest in seeing them sans Ward; considering he was a fundamental songwriter/vocalist for the band. At this point, it just seems like they're pulling the whole classic rock band playing a greatest hits set to make an easy paycheck. No thanks.
  11. I really want to like this. Musically, it's really solid, it has a great Americana vibe with great production that doesn't seem overdone or forced; however, the lyrics are incredibly cliched, tell stories without closure and don't seem to flow with the overall melody or tone of each song. Again, I really want to like this, a lot, and I'm hoping giving it a listen from beginning to end will sway this opinion; but so far, I'm definitely not sold.
  12. Yeah, mine told me that my download limit was exceeded. I sent an email, though have yet to receive anything in return; which is all right, considering I'd rather listen to the record in its entirety.
  13. I don't really understand the point of this. They aren't recycling records, they're going out of their way to have new records produced, solely to break them down and make into sunglasses. No thank you.
  14. I remember Chasing Victory, good guys. Fun fact: I starred in the first cut of the video for "The Night Your Guardian Fell Asleep," but their label didn't dig it, so that version got shelved; bummer. My ex wife's kid photo is the photograph that the father digs up around the end of the video though. Those dudes were rad, for sure.
  15. I've never had a monte cristo, something about a deep fried sandwich covered in sugar just doesn't sit right with me. But tacos for goddamn days

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