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Found 5 results

  1. hello people of VC, long time no see! i got invited to visit the negro league baseball museum in kansas city next week by the guy who runs it. the problem is, it's an 8 hour drive each way from chicago to kansas city, and i only have two days off to squeeze in the visit and the driving, so the schedule is going to be pretty tight. i get off work monday night between 7 and 8 pm, so i was thinking of driving part of the way monday night after work, and maybe stopping in/around Springfield, IL that night. that way, i would only have about 5 hours to drive on tuesday, which would get me into town at a much more reasonable time. if you live in Springfield, wanna let me crash at your place monday night, knowing i won't be rolling into town until probably sometime between 11 pm and midnight? i literally just need a spot on the floor to crash (i'll even bring my own pillow and blanket!), and maybe a working shower would be nice, too. but other than that, you don't need to feed me or entertain me unless you want to. i can be out of your hair as early as you need me to be on tuesday, because i'll still have 5 hours of driving left before i get to kansas city. so it would be nice to sleep a bit, but i'm fine waking up early and getting on the road if you need to get to work or something. the royals host the rays tuesday night, with first pitch at 7:15 pm. i'm definitely going to try to go to that game. then i have my meeting at the museum wednesday morning, which will be over by noon. the royals and rays play again wednesday afternoon, with first pitch at 1:15 pm. i'm thinking about maybe going to that game, too, and then driving back to chicago wednesday night to be back in time for work thursday. if you live in kansas city, wanna let me crash at your place tuesday night, knowing i won't be getting back from the game until probably sometime between 11 and midnight? if you'd want to come with me to the game (either tuesday night or wednesday afternoon), i would be happy to pay for your ticket as a thank you. tl;dr i need a place to crash in Springfield, IL on monday night. i need a place to crash in Kansas City on tuesday night. baseball and/or baseball related talk and activities will be involved.
  2. Is anyone else playing this game? I'm split on whether this is worth my time and how much I'm enjoying the nostalgia of baseball cards for free... plus there's the Fantasy Baseball element where you activate the cards of players that are in a game to tally points for awards and bragging rights. I'm enjoying it and I keep finding myself wanting to pump real money into it, but I'm resisting!! Any other players on here?
  3. Hey guys, Ended up with a couple leftover RSD items after all is said and done. Would love for them to go to a member before having to deal with eBay. Yours for cost + shipping. Hit me up if you're in need! Phish - NYE 1995 Box Set The Baseball Project/The Minus 5 - Redeyed In Austin
  4. From the original Lame-O records. 1,000 Clear, 500 Yellow, 500 Red. Just ordered mine in yellow! http://lameorecords.limitedrun.com/products/544552?preview=true
  5. Looking to spend $15 if anyone isn't too attached to their copy. Thanks.