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Found 18 results

  1. Just out of curiosity, anyone have any info on the first press of this album? I know it was just random colors (mine is purple, pic in my tradelist) but I'm curious as to how many are actually floating around/what other colors are out there.
  2. HEYO. I did a search to see if we had a thread like this already, and I didn't find anything. BUT I did find a few threads with people discussing sticker collections and what they do with them, etc. So, I thought this might go over well with most people. Shut 'er down if not, or if we already have a thread like this. I've got a bunch of duplicate stickers and stickers that I'm not super into. So, I 'm wondering if people wanna do some sticker trading. Essentially, we can toss some stickers in an envelope and send them out. I'd love to have some more cool stickers from across the US (cities, breweries, sports teams, whatever really). This doesn't have to be strictly music related. Anybody down to trade some stickers? Post here, PM me, PM each other. Cool?
  3. Hey all - Lost my job and need some funds. Selling a pretty big chunk of my collection on Discogs. Most are at the lowest price or below the lowest price. Message me on here if you want multiple and we can work out a deal. Shipping is a flat $5 for the US, $15 for Canada, and $22 for the UK. Thanks! https://www.discogs.com/seller/alostlanguage/profile https://www.discogs.com/seller/alostlanguage/profile https://www.discogs.com/seller/alostlanguage/profile https://www.discogs.com/seller/alostlanguage/profile Buy two take 10% off entire order! Buy three take 15% off entire order! Buy four take 20% off entire order! Buy five take 25% off entire order! **Order must be made on here and NOT discogs** Ataris, The | Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits | Kung Fu Records | 180g Black | 2014 | 3rd | /1,000 | Signed by Kris Roe & Dustin Phillips - $35 Ataris, The | So Long, Astoria | Kung Fu Records | Coke Bottle Clear | 2015 | 2nd | /1,000 | Signed by Kris Roe & Dustin Phillips - $35 David Allred | Woods | Oscarson | Black | 2016 | 1st | 26/30 | Hand Sewn Jacket - $15 Empire! Empire! I Was A Lonely Estate | You Will Eventually Be Forgotten | Count Your Lucky Stars | Bone | 2014 | 1st | /375 - $10 Helen Earth Band | We Fucking Quit | Youth Conspiracy Records | Black/White Split | 2014 | 1st | 287/300 | Hand Numbered - $15 Lydia | Illuminate | SRC Vinyl | 180g Sea Blue | 2015 | 1st | /1,000 - $20 Sports. | We'll Get To It Eventually + Other Rarities | Broken Rim Records | Black | 2016 | 1st | 13/105 | Hand Numbered - $10 Various | After Dark 2 | Italians Do It Better | Clear | 2013 | 1st | /500 | Signed by Chromatics, Desire & Glass Candy - $20 SOLD Architects | All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us | UNFD | Ultra Clear w/ Red Splatter | 2016 | 1st | /150 August Burns Red | Found In Far Away Places | Fearless Records | Sea Blue | 2015 | 1st | /500 Blair French | Through The Blinds | Delsin | 180g Black | 2016 | 1st | /500 Botch | American Nervoso | Hydra Head Records | 2xLP Black | 2013 | 2nd | /750 Chromatics | Drumless | Italians Do It Better | 180g Grape Juice | 2015 | 2nd | /1,000 Chromatics | Into The Black | Italians Do It Better | 7”x7” Glossy Flexi Picture Disc | 2015 | 1st | /3,000 Chromatics | Just Like You | Italians Do It Better | 180g Ultra Clear Dipped in Cobalt Blue | 2016 | 1st | /5,000 Chromatics | Running From The Sun | Italians Do It Better | 180g Semi-Clear Cherry Red | 2014 | 1st | /2,000 Dashboard Confessional | The Shade Of Poison Trees | Vagrant Records | Black | 2007 | 1st Deafheaven | New Bermuda | Anti- | 2xLP Black with foil-printed Obi strip | 2015 | 1st | /500 Deftones | Deftones | Maverick | Black | 2011 | 2nd Deftones | Diamond Eyes | Reprise Records | White | 2010 | 1st | /5,000 Deftones | Koi No Yokan | Reprise Records | 140g Black | 2013 | 1st | /3,000 Deftones | Saturday Night Wrist | Maverick | Black | 2012 | 3rd Deftones | White Pony | Maverick | 2xLP Black | 2010 | 2nd Every Time I Die | Ex-Lives | Epitaph | Black | 2012 | 1st | /500 | With Deluxe CD Every Time I Die | New Junk Aesthetic | Epitaph | Black | 2009 | 1st | /2,200 Every Time I Die | The Big Dirty | Suburban Home Records | Mustard Yellow | 2007 | 1st | /500 Express Rising | Express Rising | Self-Released | Black | 2013 | 1st | /2,000 Grayscale | What We’re Missing | Anchor Eighty Four Records | Bone In Blue | 2016 | 1st | /250 Houndmouth | From The Hills Below The City | Rough Trade | Black | 2013 | 1st Joyce Manor | Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired | Asian Man Records | White | 2012 | 1st | /500 Joyce Manor | Never Hungover Again | Epitaph | Black | 2014 | 1st Mansions | New Best Friends | Bad Timing Records | Dirty Snow | 2014 | 2nd | /313 Mercury Program, The | Chez Viking | Lovitt Records | Coke Bottle Clear | 2016 | 2nd | /300 Mercury Program, The | New Myths | Lovitt Records | Black | 2016 | 1st | /700 Minus The Bear | Interpretaciones Del Oso | Suburban Home Records | Root Beer Float | 2007 | 1st | /250 Minus The Bear | They Make Beer Commercials Like This | Suicide Squeeze | Grey & Magenta | 2008 | 1st | /1,000 Murder By Death | Red Of Tooth And Claw | Vagrant Records | 200g Yellow | 2008 | Box Set | /250 Moving Mountains | Pneuma | Topshelf Records | White w/ Silk Screen Cover | 2015 | 2nd | /200 Native | Wrestling Moves | Topshelf Records | Black | 2011 | 1st | /250 Prawn | Kingfisher | Topshelf Records | Aqua Blue | 2014 | 1st | /300 Rival Schools | Found | SRC Vinyl | 180g Coke Bottle Clear | 2013 | 1st | /250 Saves The Day | Sound The Alarm | Vagrant Records | White | 2008 | 2nd | /300 Starting Line, The | The Early Years | SRC Vinyl | Coke Bottle Clear | 2012 | 1st | /350 This Town Needs Guns | Animals | Faux Discx | 180g Black | 2008 | 1st | /300 United Nations | Never Mind The Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures | Deathwish Inc. | 7” Pink | 2010 | 1st | /700
  4. Alright. So here is what I'm trying to get rid of. 12' LPs. All never played. Modern Baseball - Sports (First Press) Dads- I am the tornado (Tour Variant /300) Their, They're, There - T/T/T (First Press & Record Store Day release /800) Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This to Memory (10 year repress. /400) Fun - Aim & Ignite (Audiophile edition. Never played.) FOXING - Dealer (Banquet Records, I think?) Hold Tight - Blizzard of '96
  5. Selling my Modern Baseball "Sports" vinyl, clear / splatter and out of 200. Message with offer, open to trades
  6. My friend found 4 records in his closet and gave them to me cause they're warped and I don't want them. I'm not sure if they'll play or not (probably depends on what player you have) but I'm selling all four together cheap. $30 for all four: The Front Bottoms - self titled The Front Bottoms - talon of the hawk Modern Baseball - sports Modern Baseball - you're gonna miss it all
  7. Selling my second press of modern baseball's sports. Have it up on ebay with free shipping. Also check out my deadformat below. Selling these but I might be willing to let go of more for the right price. Allison Weiss//Making It Up//1st Press//Solid Brown//300 Pressed O'Brother//Basement Window//1st Press//Black (Etched B-Side)//500 Pressed Real Friends//Three Songs About The Past Year of My Life//Cloudy Clear w/ Red Splatter//600 Pressed on hold Neck Deep//Wishful Thinking//1st Pressing//Milky Clear W/White Splatter//700 Pressed on hold Pianos Become The Teeth//Keep You//1st Press//Black//?? Pressed Touche Amore//Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me//3rd Pressing//black//?? Cassette: Over Being Under/Flakes/Derby//Split//Red//25 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Modern-Baseball-Sports-Vinyl-2nd-press-Cream-/161653694609? https://deadformat.net/collection/BaileyLorraine
  8. Looking for: Prawn - ships (clear w/ white smoke 1st press /75) Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here (black [tour press] /80) Title Fight - Hyperview (blue marble 1st press /500) Title Fight - Shed ( blue 1st press) Tigers Jaw - S/T (black [tour press] /100 Tigers Jaw - Hum (black w/ grey splatter [cmj cover] /200) Rozwell Kid - Unmacho (clear w/ red splatter 1st press /100) Modern Baseball - Sports (random color vinyl 1st press /200) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (pink w/ white starburst 1st press /125) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (clear w/ black smoke 1st press /175 The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (opaque lavender 1st press /200) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (white w/ orange and yellow starburst 2nd press /150) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (opaque deep teal 2nd press /300) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (opaque maroon 2nd press /350) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (opaque cream 2nd press /400) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (black 2nd press /800) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (red w/ white and yellow starburst 3rd press /250) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (blue w/ black and white starburst 3rd press /250) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (translucent red w/ black smoke 3rd press /350) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (opaque forest green 3rd press /500) The Hotelier - Home, Like No Place Is There (clear 3rd press /650) I have cash and trades PM me!!
  9. From the original Lame-O records. 1,000 Clear, 500 Yellow, 500 Red. Just ordered mine in yellow! http://lameorecords.limitedrun.com/products/544552?preview=true
  10. Looking for the following 7" 2008 tour pressing - Tigers Jaw 1000 Pressed Black Chemicals - Tigers Jaw 500 Pressed Clear Flexi (CMJ Showcase) Gypsy - Tigers Jaw 200 Pressed Pink (RFC Subscription Series #1 Exclusive) Hum/cool - Tigers Jaw 200 Pressed Black W/ Gray Splatter (Run For Cover Records CMJ Showcase Exclusive) Split - Tigers Jaw/The Sidekicks 500 Pressed Recycled Black Vinyl 12" Sports - Modern Baseball 300 Pressed Random Colors
  11. Looking to spend $15 if anyone isn't too attached to their copy. Thanks.
  12. Hey everyone, Just like the title says, I'm looking to grab a copy of Sports on any color for my buddies birthday. Hoping one of you could help me out. Cheers!
  13. Hey all, I'm searching high and low for the clear splatter (2nd pressing) of Modern Baseball's album Sports. I want it as a gift for a very close friend who is moving across the country alone to pursue his dream job; the album means a lot to both of us and I would be willing to pay a pretty penny to whomever would be parting with it. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!
  14. Modern Baseball's breakout debut LP Sports will be receiving it's fourth pressing through Lame-O Records. The pressing, limited to 1,000 copies, will be available in opaque pink (200 copies), opaque orange (300 copies) and remarkably for the first time, black (500 copies). Order here: http://lameorecords.limitedrun.com/products/526108-modern-baseball-sports
  15. Looking to buy: Modern Baseball - "Sports" Pity Sex - "Feast of Love" Pity Sex - "Dark World" PM offers.
  16. Heavily interested in owning one of these records. If you're willing to part with yours, let me know! thanks
  17. Looking to buy Modern Baseball's 'Sports' on clear with random splatter. Will pay cash, trade, or do a combination of both. Message me if you would consider selling/trading it and we can work something out.
  18. Pretty random collection of things I found. If no one is interested I am going to decorate with them. All in amazing condition for 60+ years old. Almost mint in these awesome record cases with sleeves and a log. I have an Excel file that's easier to follow if you are interestd just PM me. Title/Description Author/Artist Year Format Additional Description Harlem Globetrotter Yearbook 1964 Magazine "Magicians of Basketball" AMECO Code Course 1957 45" 33 1/2 RPM 5 records w/ Preparation for Amateur and Commercial Code Examinations Harlem Globetrotter Feat. Brother Bones 45" 33 1/2 RPM Side 1: "Sweet Georgia Brown" Side 2: "Poor Butterfly" Greatest Moments in Sports Narrator - Mel Allen 45" 33 1/2 RPM Dempsey, Jesse Owens, Babe Ruth, Gehrig, etc Kathleen Mavourneen Thomas Chalmers EDISON Side 2: "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" J.S. Fearis Uncle Josh in a Barber Shop Cal Stewart EDISON Side 2: "Uncle Josh Keeps House" O Promise Me - Robin Hood (de Koven) Elizabeth Spencer EDISON Side 2: "Carry Me Back to Old Virginy" Jamse Bland Gypsy Girl - Fox Trot (Oliver G. Wallace) Tuxedo Dance Orchestra EDISON Side 2: "Ruspana - One Step" (Mary Earl) Tuxedo Dance Orchestra Polkas and Waltzes Ron Terry and Orchestra LP 33 1/2 RPM 12 tracks Brown records Case Mambo Baby Jim Brown & Four Bells 45 Side 2: "Shake Rattle and Roll" Dim, Dim, The Lights (I Want Atmoshere) Marion Colby & Four Bells 45 Side 2: "Unsuspecting Heart" What a Dream Art Malvin 45 Side 2: "Hopelessly" The Song Singers Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep Arthur Norman 45 Side 2: " Fanny" The Little Shoemaker Roy Rogers and Dale Evans 45 Side 2: "Friends and Neighbors" Dream The Eight Bells 45 Side 2: "Skokiaan" They Were Doin the Mambo Tex Stewart, The Song Singers 45 Side 2: "Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight" The Song Singers The High and the Mighty Tommy Dorsey ft. Jimmy Dorsey 45 Side 2: "The Man That Got Away" The Man Upstairs Tony Russo 45 Side 2: "My Restless Lover" Betty Johnson Three Beaus & A Peep Red Record Album I Hear the Angles Singing Frankie Laine and The Four Ladies LP Side 2: "Ain't It a Pity and a Shame" What Would You Do? (If Jesus Came to Your House) Porter Wagoner LP Side 2: "How Can You Refuse Him Now" How Great Thou Art Bill Carle LP Side 2: "Saved By Grace" What a Friend We Have In Jesus/Jesus Keep…Cross The Christian Chapel Choir LP Side 2: "The Lord's Prayer/Onward Christian Soldiers" Black Record Album labled Religious Records The Holy City The Musical Places LP Side 2: "My Anchor Holds" DAMAGED The Kings College Victory March The Musical Places LP Side 2: "The Comforter Has Come"/"Jesus Is Calling" I Am A Pilgrim "Tennessee" Ernie Ford LP Side 2: "His Hands" Yours and Thine/My Soul Must Sing/God Answers Prayer The Family Alter Quartet LP Side 2: "We Adore Thee"/"All That Thrills My Soul Is Jesus"/"God Is Waiting.." A Morning Prayer/Leaning On the Everlasting Arms The Christian Chapel Choir LP Side 2: "The Old Rugged Cross/Faith of Our Fathers" He'll Understand and Say Well Done The Negan Sisters LP Side 2: "I'd Rather Have Jesus" Brown Record Album Moritat Dick Hyman Trio LP Side 2: "Baubles, Bangles and Beads" The Death of Emmet Till The Ramparts LP Parts 1 and 2 The Trouble With Harry Alfi and Harry LP Side 2: "A Little Beauty" John Henry The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group LP Side 2: "Rock Island Line" That's All "Tennessee" Ernie Ford LP Side 2: "Bright Lights and Blonde-Haired Women" Tutti Frutti/Seven Days Bill Marine/Laura Leslie LP Side 2: "11th Hour Melody/Little Child" Jim Polack/Elise & Russ Gregory The Poor People of Paris/Lullaby of Birdland Maury Law/The parisians LP Side 2: "Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Ninety Nine Years" Teeners/Maury Laws Forget Her Tony Bennet LP Side 2: "Can You Find It In Your Heart" Slap Leather (The Song of the Gun) Chuck nelson LP Side 2: "The Green Green Mountains" Black Record Album I Want You To Be My Baby Lillian Briggs LP Side 2: " Don't Stay Away Too Long" Down In Mexico Ella Mae Morse LP Side 2: "Rock and Roll Wedding Baby Tell Me Willows LP Side 2: "Church Bells May Ring" No Other One Eddie Fisher LP Side 2: "Without You" Ninety Nine Years (Dead or Alive) Guy Mitchell LP Side 2: "Perfume, Candy and Flowers" Dig Nervous Norvus Lp Side 2: "Transfusion" Willy Can Mitch Miller LP Side 2: "Libson Antigua (In Old Lisbon)" The Man With The Blue Guitar De John Sisters LP Side 2: "Hotta Chocolotta" If You Don't Somebody Else Will/Loose Talk Jesse and Jim/Frank Roberts LP Side 2: "Out Behind the Barn/This Is The Thanks I Get" Jim Fair Hepcat Baby/Courtin' In the Rain Jim Fair/Marlon Ramey LP Side 2: "Thank You for Calling/Honky Tonk Girl" Jim Fiar/Preston Ward Hearts of Stone/Make Yourself Comfortable Gayle Lark/Lew Raymond LP Side 2: "Let Me Go, Lover/Dim, Dim The Lights" Gayle Lark/Brian King No More/That's All I Want From You Mimi Martel/Nat Charles LP Side 2: "Open Up Your Heart"/Melody of Love" Isa Ashdown/The Rhythmaires Rock Love/Pledging My Love Mimi Martel/Nat Charles LP Side 2: "Crazy otto/How Important Can It Be" Nat Charles/Mimi Martel Ko Ko Mo/Earth Angel Gayle Lark/Rhythmaires LP Side 2: "Sincerely/Tweedle Dee" Gayle Lark Much Too Young to Die/You Can't Have my Love Eddie Moore/Eileen Nunn LP Side 2: "Go Boy Go/Good Night Sweatheart Good Night" Marlon Ramey/Jesse and Jim

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