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Found 4 results

  1. Posted about this in the Stoner/Doom section on the other side of the board, wanted to let people who may not get over there check this out. This band rips hard. If you dig Sleep, Sabbath, etc. I think you'll really enjoy them. It's a little steeply priced because of the overseas shipping, but like I said, this album is awesome. http://rollingbonesrecords.bigcartel.com/product/krownn-hyborian-age-lp Give a listen/download through bandcamp here:http://krownn.bandcamp.com/album/hyborian-age Limited to 100 total records on black only.
  2. I have a dude from Italy who wants to buy a record, but I told him I am reluctant to ship there because of the legend of lost incoming parcels. He told me he has heard about that, but thought it was only a legend and asked if it's possible if he pays for tracking. International tracking costs an arm, a leg, and a nut, so I doubt he'll want to after seeing the price, but you never know how badly someone might want a certain record. Sellers - Would you absolutely never ship to Italy or would tracking make it okay and make sure you don't get ripped off through paypal if the parcel gets lost. Follow up question: I'm thinking about updating my seller terms to state I won't ship there, or that I won't ship there w/o tracking, depending what kind of responses I get. What other countries would you list as places to never ship to, and why? Would you ship there with tracking, or just 'no' period? Thanks.
  3. The Manges - EVERYTHING Released on 7" 93-13 (boxset) BOX SET includes: - 3 LPs with 54 songs, remastered by Justin Perkins - 12" color booklet - 1 "Manges Army" exclusive patch - 1 press photo - 2 stickers - 1 poster - 1 postcard of the Manges Christmas Parade show - 1 print of exclusive Manuel's art, signed and hand numbered - digital download code The box set is limited to 333 hand numbered copies and won't be reprinted in this format. You can pick it up at their Striped store
  4. Here at NO PLAN records we have finally rereleased both STIGMATHE 7"s (nowadays selling for about $ 100 each on Discogs and Ebay) as well as the early demos by a great cult HC/Punk band from Yugoslavia NAPRED U PROSLOST. You can find more info at: www.facebook.com/NOPLANrecords or here below. Copies are 5 euros for black vinyl (limited to 300) or 8 for color vinyl (ltd. to 50). A few copies still available for trades. Contact us at [email protected] STIGMATHE - Suoni Puri Dalla Liberta' - 7"EP (reissue of this classic Italian HC record from 1983! the exact copy of the original, including the insert. 3 amazing songs that run fast but still carry a significant amount of melody. distorted guitars, fast rhythm, desperate vocals, political lyrics. these guys were ages ahead of their time. one of the most significant Italian HC records ever!!!) NEW! STIGMATHE - Lo Sguardo Dei Morti - 7"EP (their second 7" from 1985. furious, yet darker and grimmer than its predecessor. 2 fast, raging, pissed off killer tunes on side A, while side B offers an amazing Reggae influenced HC/Punk tune showing once again how diversified their talent for writing great songs is. this is a staple in Italian HC history! comes with the original cover art and insert) NEW! NAPRED U PROSLOST - 1985 - 7"EP (6 song EP that will seriously blow your mind! one of the most obscure Yugoslav HC/Punk bands from the 80s and 90s retaining a cult status throughout their career. These 6 tracks come from their first two unreleased demos and is arguably their best material. Excellent HC/Punk with by far the best lyric content that could be found in HC/Punk songs! Recorded in 1985, these songs finally see the light of day on this amazing record!)