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  1. Submitting an album because the version I have for sale is not listed on Discogs yet. How do I file the submission under a 'master album'? When I submitted, it created its own master album but I think it should go under the master album along with the other versions.
  2. Non-Hiphop album of the year got a limited vinyl pressing. 1000 Copies on Translucent Green vinyl, numbered. Already down to 16 copies as of right now. Pre-order: https://dogshowrecords.com/ Listen: https://100gecs.bandcamp.com/releases GECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGECGEC
  3. Alright, I've been thinning out my collection on Discogs for around 4 months or so, and up until about a week ago everything was great. I had it set up to receive payments via Discogs payment and Paypal. Apparently, once you've sold a certain dollar amount worth of records Discogs puts a hold on your payout through their payment system and requires you to upload a copy of your bank statement showing your full account number or a voided check. The statements I get from my bank don't have my full number on there and I don't have any checks, so I decide just to cancel the orders I have on there w
  4. More than 80 Cassettes currently available. Check out my Discogs store here.
  5. Selling off a small chunk of stuff I haven't played in awhile. If you wanna bundle a bunch of stuff feel free to message me on here. https://www.discogs.com/seller/thenewflesh_/profile?sort=artist%2Casc&limit=100&page=1
  6. Sorry if there is a thread on this already but I couldn't find one when searching. I saved my list from DeadFormat before they shut down and am about to invest a bunch of time switching it over to one of these guys (like many of you have already). I'm curious which one is used more by VC people and why.
  7. Just got this notice: https://blog.discogs.com/en/easier-cheaper-record-shipping-buy-shipping-labels-discogs/?utm_source=relationship&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=dc_annship_1710 Sounds great to me! Edit: US only!
  8. Hey all, I'm selling the following records via Discogs. I combine shipping and accept reasonable offers. Please submit all offers through my Discogs store: https://www.discogs.com/seller/MotorCityWax/profile I am able to ship within 1-2 days of payment received so your order won't be sitting around. Thanks for reading! Alex Delivery Star Destroyer LP, Album Arbor Labor Union I Hear You LP, Album, Ltd, Pin + 12", S/Sided, Etch, Ltd, Pin Bane (2) Boston 6:58 PM 7", RP, Gre Bloom (25) Rise 7", Blu Born From Pain Warfare 7", Ltd, Gre Born Low
  9. Hey guys! I haven't been active here in a really long time, but I've sold/bought records from many of you in the past few years. I'm moving in the next week, so I'm trying to get rid of as many records as possible to make it a bit easier. You can check out what I have for sale here: https://www.discogs.com/seller/thedannychang VC has always been great to me so I'll give anyone on here free shipping if you buy at least 3 records (box sets excluded). Just shoot me a message with your Discogs username on here so I know to look out for you. Also, I'll throw in FREE records
  10. I am selling a chunk of my collection. Offers welcome, $5 flat rate shipping in the US.
  11. Discogs Attacked By Pirate Spam On Two Fronts. Advice to not make Google searches for discogs items for awhile. Discogs attack article
  12. Saw this under "new releases" on my discogs page. Anyone know what this is? It says subscription item, does that mean it is the only way to obtain it? https://www.discogs.com/La-Dispute-Mixtape/release/9587478
  13. Hey, check out my discogs, great bargains over there. Will ship worldwide! https://www.discogs.com/seller/maniyaxrecs/profile artist title format Price € A Flower Kollapsed Brown Recluse 10", Ltd 4.0 Abest Asylum LP, Album, Ltd, Whi 10.0 Abrakadabra , Magnapinna Split 12", EP 8.0 Abstracter Tomb Of Feathers LP 9.0 Actress
  14. still selling my records because i need the money more than i need them. i've sold quite a few but still have quite a few left. as it is hard to have to sell of items that you have a personal attachment to i am pretty firm on the prices i have set up. i'm not opposed to a little haggling if its a big order but for the most part the prices are what they are and shipping is $5. i'm also willing to potentially make a trade for pity sex, godspeed, sigur ros, and yndi halda records i don't have. https://www.discogs.com/seller/vinyljaw/profile
  15. Where do you buy used records most often? Where do you sell your used records? I am having a difficult time selling records even at significantly lower than cost for OOP stuff. As recent as 8 months ago I was using Facebook groups and making a lot of sales. I know the sales board here is dead, all of the Facebook groups I'm in are dead, record stores will only give you pennies. I don't like the rigidity/structure of discogs but is this the only place people buy from? I've heard of people using Instagram, is that worth my time?
  16. So, I have some stuff up on discogs right now and want to get them sold. They've been up for about a week and no movement. Just posting to boost awareness. If you're interested in anything, let me know and we can work out a deal either on here or discogs. Also will be taking offers on the Turnover record and anything else, but they're all very fair. seahaven-silhouette hot pink $6 appleseed cast low level owl-$35 braid-no coast $18 Frameworks-loom gray/white black splatter: $23 https://www.discogs.com/seller/sfish521/profile
  17. Hello everyone, trying to clear out my shelf of sublime and raise some funds to buy the new sublime vinyl box set. Please have a look and let me know what you think of the prices, I tried to be fair. Thank you! https://www.discogs.com/seller/jamesoncparker/profile Also, if anyone is interested in Sublime 40 Oz. OG on vinyl, please DM me. I did not put it up on discogs yet, but may in the future. Open to any reasonable offers.
  18. I am selling my entire collection. The reason is because I am helping my wife complete one of her dreams which is to go to Ireland. We've been married 10 years and I'm very excited to do this for her....finally! I ship worldwide. I accept Paypal. All sales final. Shipping: US: $5 Canada: $17.50 per record Anywhere else: $27.50 per record (An additional $1 will be added for each record) I have 63 seller ratings on discogs and I'm at 100% rating. 12” Collection: - Blessed Feathers - Order Of The Arrow First Press (NM) - Blessed Feathers - From The Mouths Of The Middle Class (NM) - B
  19. Hi, I just a made a blog about the seller Crisca in Belgium with a stock around 34 000 records. Just take a view Thanks in advance! https://weginoostvlaanderen.wordpress.com/2016/03/02/crisca-de-comeback-van-vinyl/
  20. Has anyone ever been on this "CIP" with Discogs? I added I Killed The Prom Queen records to the database before they were physically released and I haven't been able to make additional submissions since then. The albums have been released for a while now, and when I attempt to make any changes it says, "You are currently on the Contributor Improvement Program (CIP) and cannot have more than three pending submissions." Any tips on how to get off of this problem would be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hello I'd like to share a new Discogs Client for Android with you. And hopefully get your feedback on it... The app uses Material Design to browse Discogs.com with the following features : -Manage your collection -Advanced Search with search suggestion -See Market Prices of the Releases -Barcode Scanner -Add/remove releases to your wantlist -Browse discogs database -Find item to sell on discogs The app is brand new and will probably need some adjustment so please do not hesitate if you have any feature you'd like to add. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discogs.d
  22. I was wondering if the option as a buyer to select "Payment Sent" is now defunct? I haven't purchased on Discogs in over half a year...
  23. as i was updating and editing my profile i came across the My Collection part in my profile. I started thinking and i don't think it would be that hard for the web developers to integrate into Discogs API and let users sync the data between their discogs accounts and their vinyl collective accounts. Wouldn't that be radical? no more duplicate entries! just a thought

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