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Found 8 results

  1. How To Monetize Your Soundcloud Streams Monetizing your Souncloud is easy. We’ll walk you through how the program works and how to set-up your account to begin earning revenue from your Soudcloud Streams. Understanding How Soundcloud Monetization Works The first thing you need to know is that Mgcash Media provides monetization solutions for content owners, artists and labels, musicians and DJs. Mgcash Media Platform gives you the tools and services to sell your music online, worldwide. Mgcash is an efficient, simple, and cost-effective solution to make the most money from your music, no matter where fans find you :on popular streaming sites like SounCloud, on Twitter, on YouTube or Vimeo, on your own website or Facebook page. Surely Mgcash Media and SoundCloud were bound to do business with each other. And, as it often happens, direct collaboration between two successful projects has given rise to another one in a row. Widely known for its smart monetization solutions Mgcash has created SoundCloud Locker, the tool developed in correlation with specifics of SoundCloud platform. For you – musician – it means that you can not only DISTRIBUTE YOUR MUSIC, but make money with its help as well. It is certainly nice to promote and share your music but monetizing it via some (reliable) tool sounds far better. That is exactly what SoundCloud Locker does. Using this tool you sell your music online. And that’s where it’s high time we gave more details (or explained the benefits, to be more precise): - Don’t bother yourself with setup or monthly fees stuff when integrating (easily and hassle free) Mgcash monetization solutions into your SoundCloud account because there is no any. - SoundCloud Import – Easily integrate our monetization solutions into your Soundcloud account - Keep track of each and every visit and play, download and earning. - Expand your fan group with ”Follow to Download” feature: they’ll follow your SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube or Twitter page in exchange for a download. - Raise 85% revenue (hardly any other retailer will offer you more) and withdraw your money via Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer or Webmoney. - Global reach, monetize any country with Sponsor Ads and other payment options - Fast and Reliable Payouts Getting Started: Step-By-Step - Sign up in Mgcash.com - Connect to SoundCloud. - Select the tracks to monetize. - Fetching the tracks MGcash will create sellable releases that will be afterward added with a ”Buy” link placed within your SoundCloud player. - And here you begin selling your music online hassle free. START SELLING YOUR SOUNDCLOUD TRACKS WORLDWIDE WITH MGCASH! https://mgcash.com/soundcloud/ ____________________ If you have any questions feel free to contact me: SKYPE: nem.mgcash MAIL: [email protected]
  2. Couldn't find a thread on this, and figured it was high time to make one. Does anyone else on here get into coin collecting? If so, what do you collect? Anyone with any crazy inherited collections or especially valuable pieces? I've thought about making a records-for-coins thread, because that's certainly something I would do. Always looking to expand my collection. If anyone reading this has any coins they'd be willing to sell/trade, get at me. At any rate, let the discussion commence!
  3. So its 2015 and I'm sure we all want to know whats the best value vinyl setup Turntable Amp Speakers So whats everyone think? I know this will have been answered before but thought as were in the new year we could answer it again And also help me out as I'm wanting some new stuff
  4. So, i will gladly pay close to, and in some cases, 3 figures for these releases. call me stupid, whatever haha. just really wanting to add these to my collection. Fall Out Boy- From Under The Cork Tree | Gold | 500 Fall Out Boy- Take This To Your Grave | Camo | 500 Reggie And The Full Effect- Promo Copy | Red/Grey Split | 112 thank ye. EDIT: will pay 100+for either of the fall out boys without question ALSO looking for Reggie And The Full Effect- Greatest Hits '84-'87 | Green | 204
  5. In an attempt to make myself more attractive to potential employers I am looking to take the APICS CPIM exams. The books/online training courses, however, are fucking expensive. If anyone has already taken this and could lend me the study materials for a fee that would be awesome. If you have taken the exams and have any advice that would be helpful too.
  6. I will pay Top Dollar (Ebay Prices ++++) for these albums!!!! Jew- Futures Mew- Frengers Copeland- You are my Sunshine Dear Hunter- I/II LP Also willing to trade. Got some rare ones. Check it out. http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=AmbientLife
  7. I need some help getting some signed vinyl, the main one for my sisters birthday. If anyone can help me out, I will gladly pay you back, plus shipping and if you can score me a few I will throw in extra for real food at the Roo as if that actually exists. Seriously in need here and I will be eternally grateful and I would be glad to help any way I can in the future! Shoot me a PM or post here and I'll let you know! I'm good for it, I have people on here who can vouch!