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Found 10 results

  1. Looking for these Spitalfield-Remember Right Now Barcelona-Absolutes Paper Route-Absence Fall Out Boy-FUCT-2005 pressing The Maine-Less Noise-Americana Cartel-Chroma -white vinyl-10 year anniversary Please message me asking price Take care
  2. As the title says, looking to buy this record. Feel like a dip shit for getting rid of the copy I had. Shoot me a PM if you've got a copy you're willing to part with. Thanks!
  3. I need to generate a few bucks ASAP. You need to add these super-rare test presses to your collection. PM me offers. Please be aware that all PayPal transactions will need to be marked as "gift," so if that makes you uncomfortable, don't message me. (Although I think my reputation on this board speaks for itself—I've never ripped off a soul, here or anywhere else.) I've given pressing info where known: Achilles - Hospice (advance press, not labeled as "test pressing" but it basically is) Antibalas - S/T Daytrader - Twelve Years (9/20) The Forecast - In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen (11/20) Hot Water Music - Exister (39/50) Indian School - The Cruelest Kind (9/15) Minus The Bear - Interpretaciones Del Oso (w/art print, 4/10) Minus The Bear - Planet Of Ice (w/art print, 18/20) Minus The Bear - Acoustics (?/6) The New Trust - Keep Dreaming Polar Bear Club - Sometimes Things Just Disappear (6/15) Ryan's Hope - Apocalypse In Increments (??/14) Sparta - Threes (10/10) Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (17/20) Terrible Things - Pre-Transmission They've Shot Flanagan - Outlaw (17/24) Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! - S/T (rejected) Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! - S/T (approved)
  4. there's a few things happening in London and I can never find someone to go and help me grab me shit. I am in NYC so I would be able to do the same for you. money or trade.. help a brother out. thanks
  5. Okay, so here's the deal: I know these things are worth serious money, and if I went the eBay route, I could probably pay my mortgage for a month or two if I sold all of them. But I'd rather sell on here to avoid the pain. RULES -PM me an offer for whatever record(s) you're looking for. If you say, "How much do you want?" I will delete your PM without responding. -I will likely counter-offer unless you blow me away with what you're willing to spend initially. Don't be offended; I just have a lot of vet/medical/dental bills + I owe a decent amount of cash to the IRS right now, so every penny is definitely needed. -If/when I reject an offer, I will put the rejected amount next to the TP in question, so you can get an idea of what I'm looking for. -All payments must be made through PayPal and marked as "gift" as to avoid all fees. If you have a problem with this or don't trust me, well, that's kind of silly since I'm likely one of the most well known, public figures on this board. So either get over it and PM me or don't add any of these to your collection. I've listed specific numbers where I know them. If you have any further questions, ask away. Please be generous with your offers; I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't need the money right now. Antibalas - Antibalas LP Cheap Girls - Giant Orange LP (8/20) Daytrader - Twelve Years LP (9/20) The Fall Of Troy - Doppelganger LP (8/24, with screened cover) The Felix Culpa - Sever Your Roots 2xLP (out of 5) SOLD The Forecast - In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen LP (11/20, with screened cover) The Forecast - The Forecast LP (out of 5) TURNED DOWN $25 Ghost Thrower/Foreign Tongues - split 7-inch (out of 5) Heks Orkest - Endless Scroll 7-inch (out of 5) Hot Water Music - Exister LP (39/50) Minus The Bear/The City On Film - split 7-inch SOLD Minus The Bear - Interpretaciones Del Oso LP (4/10, with painted cover) Minus The Bear - Planet Of Ice 2xLP (18/20, with painted cover) TURNED DOWN $200 Minus The Bear - Acoustics LP The Mr. T Experience - Everyone's Entitled To Their Own Opinion LP Moneen - Hold That Sound LP (out of 14) SOLD Person L/Weatherbox - split 7-inch (out of 5) TURNED DOWN $20 Polar Bear Club - Sometimes Things Just Disappear LP (6/15) TURNED DOWN $20 Ryan's Hope - Apocalypse In Increments LP (out of 14) Sainthood Reps - Monoculture LP (out of 5) Sharks - No Gods LP (12/20) SOLD Sparta - Threes 2xLP (10/10) Spitalfield - Remember Right Now LP (17/20, with screened cover) TURNED DOWN $50 Terrible Things - Pre-Transmission LP Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! - Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! LP (approved) Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! - Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! LP (rejected) Weatherbox - American Art 2xLP (out of 5) TURNED DOWN $75 V/A - Scott And Aubrey's Wedding 7-inch (the Forecast, Into It. Over It., the Swellers, Bomb The Music Industry!) (out of 5) TURNED DOWN $100
  6. PLEASE! like & Share this page - Please share this page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-the-Remember-Right-Now-10-Year-Anniversary-Tour-to-the-UK/271386246332676
  7. Really want to land a copy of: Spitalfield - Remember Right Now & NFG - From the Screen to Your Stereo I'm in the UK, but willing to cover the cost of shipping - I have successfully bought records on here from the US. PM if you have either or both of these and I'll make an offer or PM with the price you want. Peas.
  8. Everything is going up on ebay in the next couple of days.
  9. Well I decided that its not worth having so many variants. So Im getting rid of a bunch of mine. EBAY LINK IS HERE Alkaline Trio - Remains (2xLPgrey/green marble 1st press /400) Bayside - The Walking Wounded (yellow) Falcon, The - God Dont Make No Trash (blue /667) Limbeck - Limbeck (gold) Low - The Great Destroyer Low - Things We Lost In The Fire Minus The Bear - Beer Commercials (fruity pebbles /500) Moneen - The World I want To Leave Behind (gold /500) My Chemical Romance - I brought you my bullets... (1st press white /100) Norma Jean - vs. The Anti Mother (black/white /300) Say Anything - Is A Real Boy (2nd press white 2xLP) Say Anything - Is A Real Boy (3rd press orange 2xLP) Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (white mix /75) Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (black /100) Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (white /125) Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (blue reunion edition 29/75) Thursday/Envy - Split EP (black) Thursday - No Devolucion (white /500) Wonder Years, The - Suburbia I've Given You All... (baby blue /500) + a bit more.
  10. Crossed out Stuff has sold. Still plenty more Ebay LINK Here They all start at 9.99 and they ship from the US 10" These Arms Are Snakes/Pelican - Gold Diggers/Pink Mammoth (white) 12" Bayside - ST (blue /200) Bayside - Shudder (blue /200) Brand New - Daisy Coalesce - Functioning On Impatience 10 Year Anniversary (blue w/ orange splatter/268) Death Cab For Cutie - Plans Fall of Troy - Phantom On The Horizon (clear /1000) Interpol - Antics Mastodon - Oblivion (12" single) Minus The Bear - Menos el Oso (black) Minus The Bear - Planet of Ice (coke bottle blue /500) New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight (camo) Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Death Of Us (white /800) Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure She and Him - Vol. 2 Stereo, The - Three Hundred Strokes, The - First Impressions of Earth These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swalloer and Dove (pink /1000) Wonder Years, The - Suburbia Ive Given You All (grey /500)

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