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Found 12 results

  1. Out Now The Cool Greenhouse - Landlords/ 4Chan 7" What if The Fall, Pere Ubu and the Swell Maps got fed up with all that searing rock’n’roll business and decided to strip things back to the simple electronic beat of a knackered old Casio keyboard? What if they figured they may as well mumble some bon mots over the top, and smother it in nagging, lo-fi repetition, whether composed of discordant keyboard stabs or undulating guitar chords? That’s right, you’d probably end up somewhere in the vicinity of The Cool Greenhouse’s batshit take on pop-mangling nonsense. If the above doesn’t sound worlds away from all your weirdo post-punk favourites, served up the likes of Rough Trade, Ron Johnson et al, you’re right – it’s all in the same wheelhouse. OK, here the rage and the noise seem more subtle but, but none of it is any less caustic or pointed than the sounds you already know and love to be baffled by. What’s more, The Cool Greenhouse is piss-funny. On this two-track window into the skewed mindset behind the project, we open with Landlords – a searing take on the perils of renting that devolves into Kafka-esque levels of preposterousness while also remaining frighteningly recognisable. It goes from personalised number plates to chimpanzee-staffed call centres in just under three minutes, all to the strains of what The Desperate Bicycles might have sounded like while trying to rip off Hex Enduction Hour – in summary, fucking brilliant. On the flip is 4Chan, a diary entry of sorts for a regular poster on the Internet’s most infamous troll caves. “Today I photoshopped 14 photographs of Tyler Durden and good old Patrick Bateman / And now my Steam account has two new followers and I’ve spammed some feminists with troll faces,” it goes, while two unsympathetic guitar chords crash rudely into each other ad infinitum. A hilariously bleak summary of life in certain quarters of the Internet, and an addictively excellent slice of horribly nervy pop music. It might not sound like rock music as you know and love it, but it’s way punker than you. Stick it on – play once, twice, a thousand times. The Cool Greenhouse is your new 80s awkward hero, right here in 2019. Will Fitzpatrick. Buy HERE http://www.drunkensailorrecords.co.uk/products/636921-the-cool-greenhouse-landlords-4chan-7-drunken-sailor-records-drunkensailor-105 Stream HERE https://drunkensailorrecords.bandcamp.com/album/landlords-4chan-7 Video HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybtL3VCrnXs next up is the Freak Genes - III LP, stream a song off it below https://drunkensailorrecords.bandcamp.com/album/iii-lp
  2. Second pressing - transparent yellow /500 on Clay Pipe Music. The Hardy Tree is the musical project of Clay Pipe Music's founder Frances Castle, her first LP ' The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath' was the initial release on the label over five years ago. Through Passages of Time soundtracks buildings and areas of London that no longer exist. Small places stumbled upon by accident, traced on maps, and illustrated in Georgian prints. Frequently visited pubs that have been rebuilt and renamed, the ship breakers yard decorated with wooden figureheads at Baltic Wharf, or the Thames Watermen living in the shadow of the Hawksmoor designed church at Horselydown. Lost places re-imagined and brought to life using clusters of sequenced Moogs, off Kilter electronics, vibes, and Mellotron - capturing the essence of the dark city and its more bucolic outer suburbs. This is a plaint to an older stranger London that is quickly becoming priced out and forgotten. Look carefully and clues to the ancient past can still be found.
  3. I need help picking something up (two things),.. can anyone help? i'll make it worth it.
  4. can you help me pick up something in London? PM me. I'll pay you for your time and could trade you a good record for your time.. maybe?
  5. there's a few things happening in London and I can never find someone to go and help me grab me shit. I am in NYC so I would be able to do the same for you. money or trade.. help a brother out. thanks
  6. Release date: August 7 Label: Trouble in Mind Records First pressing: Green vinyl 01 Kodiak 02 Sweet Chris 03 (I've Got The) Sanctioned Blues 04 The Ocean 05 Two From The Vault 06 The Ocean (reprise) 07 Break The Chain 08 I Was Lost 09 Tee Zee Em 10 Paying The Price 11 Woken By Noises 12 Out In The Cold Preorder at Trouble in Mind I searched and was surprised not to find a thread about the band's self-titled debut or this follow-up which has been available for PO for a few weeks I think. The British duo of Jack Cooper and James Hoare formed after touring with their bands Mazes and Veronica Falls. Their debut is a mellow jangly/indie pop album influenced by New Zealand bands like The Bats, Australians like The Moles, as well as The Feelies, The Velvet Underground, and The Kinks. Fantastic stuff and I'm pumped for their new one.
  7. Visiting London for the first time this summer. Anyone got recommendations for good record shops? I'll mostly be shopping for post-hardcore (90s and 00s) and indie... post rock... stoner rock and stoner metal. ... and generally good music! Thanks for the tips.
  8. Run For Cover put up the much anticipated video for Basement's last show on their Youtube page. Peep it. Filmed, recorded and produced by Crashburn Media Audio mixed by Sam Pura Also, check out Run For Cover's store for some new merch as well as restocks and a sweet 22x28 'Live In London' poster. http://runforcoverrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=19 'Live In London' Poster link: http://runforcoverrecords.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=17&products_id=840
  9. Hello VCers, Any of you live near London by chance? I need someone to go buy stuff for me tomorrow at the Indie Label Market. And for future things like Death Waltz UK exclusives, etc. Will pay you extra $ for your services and / or trade my services in getting you stuff that's only available in the US and mailing it across the pond. Lemme know, let's be friends!
  10. Selling 4 Starting Line Tickets - for their London show at the HMV Forum - on ebay as I can no longer go. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=111054296551 PM on here if you want to make me an offer for them that way or you can bid. Cheers D
  11. I have an Angels and Airwaves Young London 7" that I'm willing to sell for the right price. If interested then please make an offer and we can work something out. I also have the Love part 1 & 2 on limited GOLD vinyl but it would take a little more for me to part with them haha ​but if you are interested in either please contact me! [email protected]
  12. my dad passed over 10 years ago. he left me and my brother a record collection of over 2000 records. most are in good and excellent condition. some are in near mint condition while there are a few in bad condition. i have found many genres. I have many miles davis, beatles, alice cooper, led zep, iron butterfly and many many many more. some are uk imports. some are promotional not for sale lps. me and my brother have decided not to sell to any dealers but collectors only. i would like to drop the price and sell them at a very appealing price. if you are interested in any records, or want to know more about what other artists i have, please contact me. [email protected]

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