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Found 13 results

  1. Bundles and vinyl up for preorder. Looks like 3 variants so far Black/White Marble Transparent Red Clear https://store.panicatthedisco.com/collections/pray-for-the-wicked
  2. $5 shipping to US, $12 to Canada. Payment through PayPal. Condition = (Media/Sleeve) Aldemaro Romero And His Onda Nueva - S/T $15 VG+/VG+ Astrud Gilberto – Beach Samba $10 VG/VG+ Bama Winds – Windy $5 Beres Hammond – Comin At You $15 VG/VG+ Bobby Thurston – You Got What It Takes $6 VG+/VG+ Chilly – For Your Love $20 VG+/VG+ Gary Burton – Who Is Gary Burton $15 (sealed) Gasper-Lawal – Ajomase $70 EX/NM Jackie Wilson – He’s So Fine $10 G+/G+ Jimmy McGriff – Groove Grease $14 NM/NM Jr. Tucker – S/T $12 EX/EX Kimiko Kasai & Mal Waldron – One For Lady $15 NM/VG+ Leon Haywood – Come And Get Yourself Some $40 NM/NM Les McCann Ltd. – McCanna $10 VG/VG Patsy Gallant – Patsy! $20 VG+/VG+ Jon Lucien – Premonition $5 Jon Lucien – Rashida $14 NM/NM Kimio Eto – Koto Music $30 VG/VG Lorenzo Conyers – With Love From Lorenzo $15 Mari Nakamoto with Shoji Yokouchi Trio/Sextet $55 M/VG+ Millie – Sings Fats Domino $45 NM/VG+ Otis Spann - The Biggest Thing Since Colossus $35 VG/VG Salome Bey – S/T $10 VG+/VG+ Susumu Arima – Bridge Over Troubled Water $8 VG+/VG+ Dinizulu African Troupe – Electrfying Sounds of Mystical Africa $12 VG/G+ Joel Andrews – The Violet Flame $15 VG+/NM Mtume – Juicy Fruit $8 VG+/EX Mychael Danna – Elements $15 (sealed) Scarface Soundtrack $22 NM/NM Soccer – S/T $13 VG+/VG+ Soundforce – The Fin Du Monde $35 NM/VG+ Tina Mason – Is Something Wonderful $25 VG/NM Toulouse – Trois Dimensions $10 VG+/VG+ U.N. – S/T $10 VG+/VG+
  3. Flamingosis new album A Groovy Thing is coming out July 31st. The vinyl PO from VD should be up any time now. I'll update this spot as soon as it does. Excited.
  4. Hello, I am looking for the Panic! at the Disco and Fun. - C'mon 7" record, specifically the Panic! at the Disco designed one with the robot on the sleeve, and on a translucent record. But if you have the Fun. one, you can still contact me, as I may be interested depending on the price. I've looked on eBay and couldn't find any listings, and I looked at Discogs but there is only one I can find one in my price range. If you either have one or know somewhere that is selling it, let me know!
  5. hey vc - please browse my listings and make Me offers on ANYTHING YOU wANT .. Im Open To Deals - UsA Shipping Is $5.00 no matter the size of your order .. Worldwide Shipping of 25 records is $60.00 - thank you for your time and consideration .. peace https://www.discogs.com/seller/JaylaRecords/profile
  6. Bleep Exclusive Clear Vinyl Vinyl 3×LP$34.99 Add to Basket Bleep Exclusive Limited to 500 Clear Vinyl MP3 delivered on release date MP3 download of vinyl tracks is included with vinyl purchases. Jaw-dropping disco LP from Luke Vibert under his Kerrier District alias given a much-needed reissue by Hypercolour, originally out in 2004 on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label and criminally unavailable until now. Praised by all who hear it, Kerrier District is a melting pot where deep acid, New York garage and dub-disco all blend together to create one of the best modern electronic funk albums of the past twenty years. Taking a wedge of influence from Black Devil Disco Club's 1978 self-titled LP/EP (depending on who you ask) and originally issued on Rephlex the same year they reissued BDDC, Kerrier District instantly became something of an underground classic, providing a border crossing for fans of library rooted deep disco and the more electronica referencing drill 'n' bass fans of Rephlex/Vibert/Aphex. Using an army of analogue synths, drum machines and boogie rhythmic samples, Kerrier District is an LP almost out of time with all else in this style, while it has that old school edge it sounds neither new and modern (not in a bad way, mind) but also isn't a retro sound, more than anything it truly has it's own unique sound and character, that twelve years after first hearing it has still got us in the groove and with the newly remastered job its properly sounding fresher than ever. Every track is pretty much flawless and the keen-eared out there will hear occasional echoes of other Vibert projects (there's a well-placed sample in exactly the same place and track number as used on the Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke LP - go search!) upon its original release Rephlex hailed Kerrier District "a kaleidoscopic ride through disco, funk and MPC beats" and we can't really argue with that. An essential piece of electronica history right here, stick it on, play it loud and everybody get on the disco bus! Vinyl Track List A1. Let’s Dance And Freak A2. Silhouettes B1. Illogan C1. Disclix C2. Disco Bus D1. New York E1. Yesco E2. Negresco F1. Wide Vice F2. Squaredance.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm new here but I'm searching for some records and am having some trouble. If anyone has any copies of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out and Vices and Virtues by Panic, or Smart Casual by Kids in Glass Houses, I'd be extremely grateful. I'm not too concerned with stuff needing to be mint, but as long as it still plays, I'm interested.
  8. hello im a record collector based out of the boogie down bronx .. nyc i have an on-line shop with ova 16,000 various lps , 7in , and 12in if you have the time please browse my listings - check out my collection and if you see sumthin u like make me an offer .. peace http://www.discogs.com/seller/JaylaRecords/profile
  9. Deluxe is $17.98 plus a couple bucks shipping. Regular LP is $14.98. This is not much like his earlier Saint Pepsi stuff (which to him is the point) and has a lot more singing, but I like to support Saint Pepsi so I bought it anyway. His stuff tends to sell out fast. No idea as to the pressing info for the deluxe, it just says limited. Very disappointed to see both the songs on his 7" single he put out a while ago are on this album, that's always a pet peeve of mine. Still, stream the lead single and decide yourself. http://store.carparkrecords.com/products/551753-cak107-skylar-spence-prom-king This is a pre-order. Pre-orders will ship by or before the September 18th release date. All Carpark Records shop pre-orders will receive a download of "Can't You See" instantly. The limited edition Deluxe LP includes metallic gold vinyl, a stick of Skylar Spence-branded spearmint gum, and a digital download card. For digital download customers, Prom King will become available to download at 7 p.m. EDT on September 17th. When Ryan DeRobertis announced the name change of his project from Saint Pepsi to Skylar Spence, there was no indication of any stylistic departure, though the change arrived with a musical shift toward faster tempos and more pristine production. Whereas Saint Pepsi had often used decades-old boogie, disco, and new wave as grist for the sampling mill, Skylar Spence is intent on trafficking more overtly in those genre aesthetics through his own production techniques and vocal contributions. With Prom King, DeRobertis reorients his music for his new full-band live act and winds up with an album full of tight and enveloping dance tunes. Working with Carpark Records “gave me the confidence to ‘go big’ with the new material: to write pop songs with universal messages in the sonic wrapping paper that I’ve grown accustomed to,” DeRobertis says. “A few songs on Prom King are about specific events in my life—a party where I got too messed up, watching a friend’s life spiral out of control and trying to help—but I tried hard not to be too autobiographical because I want my music to unite, above all else. I’m much more interested in connecting with the listener than mystifying my personality.” While DeRobertis’ previous long-players have been more amorphous collections in the style of beat tapes, Prom King is compact and cohesive, with the album’s varied stylistic references (new wave, UK garage, boogie) united through strong guitar melodies and Todd Edwards-ian cobblings-together of tiny vocal samples. “I slowed some music down and called myself an artist,” DeRobertis sings on lead single “Can’t You See,” acknowledging in his lyrics what is already apparent in the music’s tone—he can maintain fidelity to his vision while working in more uptempo, disco-based song structures. “Ridiculous!” and “Bounce Is Back” are big groovers that capitalize on jacking hi-hats and hand drumming, respectively, and both have an air of Balearic warmth and smoothness. On the title track, DeRobertis entwines a chorus of unintelligible but expressive samples with his own vocals—what feels like a synthesis of two approaches—and the result is an affecting pattern of build and release. More contemplative sophisti-pop numbers like “Fall Harder” and “Affairs” add a realist’s breadth of scope: thoughts of past foibles bleed into present-dwelling and dancing. Prom King is DeRobertis making sense of missed opportunities. His high school did not have a prom king; he has filled the position with an imaginative album of personal and musical revisionism.
  10. I don't pay these records nearly enough attention, so it's time to offload and spend my hard-earned money elsewhere. See below for refs on happy customers, but also see eBay, discogs and heatware.com. (Heatware is a reference site for selling/trading computer parts) I am not going to individually price all of these records. Tell me what you're interested in, and I'll respond with a VERY FAIR price. Certainly for less that what the lowest discogs asking price is in likely all cases. Most records are in great shape. I'll give detailed grades of what you're interested in. A sampling of asking prices (this is from the first time I posted this thread, so many of my example records are gone): $20 --- Steven Price* - Gravity $15 --- Com Truise - In Decay (Limited Edition, Orange Transparent ) $15 --- David August - Times $12 --- Tycho (3) - Dive $15 --- LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver $10 --- Various - After Dark (Italians Do It Better compilation) $10 --- Chromatics - Night Drive $15 --- Poolside - Pacific Standard Time $15 --- DJ Koze - Amygdala $15 --- LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening $10 --- Bibio - Mind Bokeh Here's the full list of what I have available. I will do my best to keep it updated as records are sold. Please don't hesitate to ask questions!
  11. Name is walt i have a very educated history with music, began collecting records since 1972. in 1985 i was employed by fred segal, the la fashion mogul whose clientele primarily consisted of the music industry. as of now i own well over 10k in vinyl alone. many rare hard to come by stuff. ive been a dj for many years playing at many la underground club scene. been on the radio with my experience. so here is some of my collection of just minor things will update the list many are promo copys so ask any question you may have prices can be negotiated 1. - Denis Roussas - L.O.V.E Got A hold Of Me 89.00 2. - Disco Concerto - Eine Kleine Disco Band 20.00 3. - Promo/ Lets make love in public places 40.00 4. - Four Below Zero - my babys got esp 100.00 5. - X-15 Broadway 50.00 6. - touch - energizer 25.00 7. - esther williams you gotta let me show you 40.00 8. - kebekelektrik magic fly 20.00 9. - John Gibbs with the jam band jouvert 60.00 10. - somethin special come make it feel good 25.00 11. - serge ponsar out in the night 26.00 12. - superior movement wide shot 25.00 13 - Profile save our love 14.00 14. - are you ready brooklyn express 15.00 15 - sylvester down down down 100.00 16 - heavens here on earth hudson county 50.00 17 - straight from the heart loose change 20.00 18. - queen samantha 2 20.00 19 - montana orchestra ride like the wind 20.00 20 - stargaze you cant have it 25.00 21 - ease your mind - touchdown 20.00 22 - master funk love money 25.00 23 - zafra bros will you see me tonight 40.00 24 - every way but loose oneness of juju 40.00 25 - starshine all i need is you 50.00 26 - barbara mason locked in this position 40.00 27 - jimmy roma beyond the galaxy 50.00 28 - sun sun sun jakki 35.00 29 - wham lovemaker 30.00 30 - harlem underground band 50.00 31 - the bumble bee rap 40.00 32 - the mbo theme 35.00 33. - tony orlando 40.00 34 - capricorn i need love 30.00 35 - luv you madly orchestra rocket rock 30.00 36 - ghetto disco ted taylor 40.00 37. - suite for lovers marsius 40.00 38. - touch of class i need action 40.00 39. - dharma plastic doll 25.00 40. - moving like a superstar jackie robinson 25.00 41. - wishkey orient express 35.00 42. - love in your eyes gazebo 35.00 43. - easy going a gay time latin lover 20.00 44. - wee thee people 20.00 45. - easy going a gay time latin lover 20.00 46. - making love sammy gordon 20.00 47. - star struck cheri 20.00 48. - blue feather its love 20.00 49. - fist o funk orchestra 20.00 50. - hardwick how does it feel 20.00 51. - luther 25.00 52. - roll a rock dr york 25.00 53. - soul train 75 100.00 54.- the big throwdown south bronx 50.00 55. - dance all over the world 40.00 56. - fist o funk tc james promo 150.00
  12. If you don't know who Arthur Russell is, basically he's a guy that dabbled in electronic, disco, ambient, classical, hip-hop and conventional singer/songwriter type stuff in the 80s and early 90s. He died in 1992 and left hundreds of tape reels and DAT tapes worth of music, so most of his material has been released posthumously, and every collection is different than the others. This album is made up of some very experimental minimalist recordings consisting mostly of just cello and vocals, with lots of reverb and delay. Basically the dopest shit ever, one of my favorite albums, and it just got issued on vinyl for the first time: Cheapest I was able to find stateside is from Experimedia. Roughly $30 ppd, well worth it considering how quick his stuff goes out of print: http://experimedia.net/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&cPath=1&products_id=9617 Link for Euros (direct from the label): http://arclighteditions.bigcartel.com/product/arthur-russell-i-another-thought-i This is one of the songs from the album, one of his more well known songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjzsnNkL-7o Another track:
  13. My transmission is kaput! I need to raise some $$ fast. I have a very eclectic collection. I've got about a 700 pieces listed on discogs. Here's a link: http://www.discogs.com/seller/deally-stan Mention that you're from vinyl collective and I'll give you a discount. Cheers, Garry