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Found 12 results

  1. Hey all, I have been searching for this specific variant of Fireworks' "Gospel" for ages now and no one seems to have it for sale. The Coke Bottle Clear Banquet Records exclusive variant. Would love to own this variant to complete a collection and willing pay well for it! Let me know if you have it and are willing to part with it please and thank you!
  2. Hey, looking to buy a copy of Fireworks' "All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion." I already have the White and Black variants, so right now I'm strictly looking for the Blue variant. I do realize that there's one currently listed on Discogs, but it's well above the Low/Median/High so I figured I'd look else where. If anyone has a copy that they're willing to part with or looking to sell, shoot me a message and maybe we can work something out. Thanks in advance, Chris
  3. New thread for LOTS of new records for sale. Bordering on 800 now. I have a constant turnover as I buy collections and trade stuff up. I'm mostly using this to fund buying more records. I'm interested in a few trades, so look at my wants list. I'll give you double or triple the value of records for your single LP or 45/7" if it's the right one. PM all your offers! I've bought, sold and traded lots of stuff on here & DF just check out my profile. If you're concerned about my reputation since I post the list on Dead Format, please see my info page on DF where I've posted the usernames o
  4. So sometimes I like to go on bandcamp and go to the best selling vinyl releases section and pick out random records to check out. Sometimes I stumble on good stuff, sometimes terrible stuff. This is an example of a good find I landed on. The album only has one track streaming at the moment, the 7 and a half minute light leaks - it floored me, such beautiful guitar, a fragile voice and toward the end the intricacies and details really hit hard in the feels. Pre-order here: https://benseretan.bandcamp.com/ October 28 release date *edit* Found a video for one of the tracks on y
  5. I need three two little things to complete my Fireworks collection. I will trade things that I normally wouldn't to get my hands on them. (If I'm missing something, please let me know!) (I'll eventually get all these back out and take a picture with everything together) Need: All I Have To Offer Is My Own Confusion: Black tour press/50 PENDING Gospel cassette: Purple/30 Gospel cassette: Clear/10 (very slight possibility of getting this from the band. My fingers are crossed) This is what I have: Fireworks | Adventure, Nostalgia & Robbery | Blue, Green/200 Fireworks | Ad
  6. Crazy rare record signed by the entire band. It was done as a promotion for preorders. PM me with offers. Try and find another like it.
  7. I know Gospel is still available from Banquet records, but I'm located in the US and it comes to about $30 with shipping from the UK, which is a little more than I was looking to spend on it if someone else here can possibly help me with a better deal. I don't care which variants on either, I just want to listen to them! thanks!
  8. Just got back from Chicago and had this waiting for me, even though I already had a copy. Oh well, it's the gray/clear split gatefold, paid $32 for it, just wanting $28ppd, I think that's fair.
  9. Saw these guys last night in St. Louis with The Wonder Years and was bummed that they didn't have any vinyl whatsoever for sale. Amazon, eBay, and the searchbar of the forums turned up nothing fruitful, so anyone have a copy (any pressing) they'd let go for a reasonable price?
  10. Recently got this from hot topic, red variant. Only thing is wrong is there is a slight chip in the edge(came like this) it's small enough to not affect any music whatsoever, so I'm letting it go for cheapssss. PM me
  11. I ordered from MerchDirect thinking it was going to be on the new pressing of green, but I got yet another Hot Topic red. I don't need, nor want 3 of these on the same color. Would anyone be interested in trading for any other color besides the Banquets exclusive on coke bottle green? Please and thank you. Edit: I will throw in some extra cash if need be.
  12. Hey, I have a copy of Gospel from the UK pressing on coke bottle green/200 that I would love to trade for a blue copy of AIHTOIMOC or copies of Adventure, Nostalgia, and Robbery (all but black). I have other things to offer if you look at my tradelist that I could also possibly trade for these. Hook a girl up! Thanks.

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