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  1. I have a first pressing of Talon of the Hawk on red. message me if interested.
  2. Hey guys, I've definitely been inactive for a while. Got some vinyl for sale, need the monies. No Sleep 2013 Sub (Coke bottle clear) Swellers - the light under closed doors State Faults - desperate/resonate In Between - Still Broadway Calls - comfort distraction Balance and Composure - the things we think we're missing The Wonder Years - Sleeping on trash Long Lost - Save yourself, Start again Drug Church - Paul walker Others Fake Problems - Real Ghosts Caught on Tape (Hot Pink) Front Bottoms (Cassette) - Talon of the Hawk (Red/first press) Message me with offers, not looking for ebay prices, but reasonable.
  3. Hey dudes, I'm writing an extra credit paper for my microeconomics class, and I want to be based on the rise and fall and the recent comeback of vinyl and people's certain desires for it. Of course I will need facts and figures, and I was hoping the most insightful people on the subject could help me out, thanks!
  4. I would appreciate the Touche Amore/Title Fight split. Or if anyone could tell me who would be selling it online
  5. Saw these guys last Sunday with Glocca Morra, they were pretty good!
  6. it's not like any of us would have bought this old stuff anyways. I tried this when I first joined, and everyone was basically "This is stupid why would anyone want something not pressed on color or released in the past 20 years."
  7. The salsa is for the free chips you get with the meal. And you can ask to put that salsa in the burrito, I know because I work there. And it can suck sometimes, but that's because It's really easy to fuck up your order if you put all the fucking ingredients it the burrito/taco/whatever without even thinking about it. But it can be good as hell if you do it right. But yeah, Moes. Because I work there, and I eat there like 3 times a week.
  8. I have final fantasy 8, the one with like 4 discs. And also resident evil directors cut!
  9. Only record that has been played is the s/t demo, everything else is new, but I am the second owner, it was sealed when it was handed down to me though, in great condition.
  10. Looking to pick this up, I know a few people might be looking to unload it off their 2012 sub. Pm me!