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  1. I remember for the longest time there was a copy on Discogs for $20USD, and I kept putting it off, saying oh, it'll be there next week. Finally went to buy it, and it was gone. I'm still kicking myself over it.
  2. Father John Misty - I love You Honeybear, roughly $11 shipped new from third party seller.
  3. Taylor Swift 1984 - $8.64 + Shipping via importcds Ed Sheeran X - $8.42 + Shipping via importcds Into It Over It / Owen Split - $7.98 (.98c more than polyvinyl, cheaper here if you have prime)
  4. Heya folks, looking more into doing this for some local bands, but it seems like the only tape decks I'm able to find with inputs and recording capabilities are either shitty $80 Pyles on Amazon, or $300 Tascams. Has anyone done this and is willing to lend their advice, or even willing to sell some of their equipment?
  5. Hey all! Finally got these on the day I noticed we now had a cassette collective forum, so I take it as a sign to post about my label's first release. The Black Tar Heroines are a 70s-80s rock, solo-filled band from my area (Carbondale, IL) and have just been tapped to do the soundtrack for some movie with Jeff Bridges. You can listen to the release at their bandcamp or order one of their rad cassettes here.
  6. I'm using Cryptic Carousel, the same company that's dubbing the tapes and everything for my first release.
  7. Macbook sold. Working on an actual list of records for sale.
  8. It was great until they decided to take away my commission and shorted me $400 in a single check. Then I was like "Hell no" and walked out during the busiest time of day when it was just my store manager left in my department. All PMs have been responded to.
  9. I've got stuff from pretty much every genre besides rap, yodeling, and country. Of course I'd try to work with your preferences.
  10. Alrighty daowgs, just quit my job because Sears is a piece of shit and doesn't care about their employees or paying said employees. Get me that cheddah. -3DSXL, black / blue. Basically new, I've put maybe 10 hours on this thing, I just haven't had the time to play it. Comes with Pokemon Y, Pokemon Sapphire, Smash Bros, Luigi's Mansion, and the new Majora's Mask (still sealed.) $300 ppd or best offer, sent priority. Will break up if necessary but would prefer to just sell it as a lot. -13.3" Macbook Pro, has a bad battery connection, will work perfectly fine when connected to a power source. I took out the hard drive to put everything on my new one, so it doesn't have one in there, any 2.5" SATA drive will work. $250ppd, or best offer. More specs available upon request. -2 12" grab bag, $15ppd. I promise what you're getting will be worth at least the $15 you paid. -Band shirt grab bag, $7 each, most will be brand new stuff I never got the chance to / lost enough weight to wear. Sizes L, XL available. -PS3 game grab bag, $7 each. Give me an idea of what kinda stuff you like and already have and I'll try my best to make it something you enjoy. Semi-complete list of records for sale, throw me an offer for anything that grabs your interest. Bayside - Cult - HT White - sealed Saves the Day - Through being cool - HT - sealed The Maine - American Candy - Grey - Sealed Blink 182 - Neighborhoods HT splatter - Sealed Blink 182 - Greatest Hits HT splatter - Sealed Fun- The Ghost You Are To Me RSD TSSF - Songs of - Tricolor splatter Kevin Devine - Brothers Blood - Pink / Black Empire Empire - What It Takes - Clear / Splatter A Day To Remember - Common Courtesy - ADTR Marble - Sealed Slaves - Through Art We Are All Equals - Black - Sealed Dance Gavin Dance - Royal Ocean - White - Sealed Of Mice and Men - Restoring Force - Sealed Frnkiero Stomachaches - HT color - Sealed ATL - So Wrong It's Right - Orange with splatter - Sealed ATL - Put Up Or Shut Up - White with gold - Sealed Pierce The Veil - a Flair for the dramatic - HT Red - Sealed La Dispute - Rooms of the House - Blue & Purple - Sealed ADTR - For Those Who Have Heart - Black Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon - Black Alkaline Trio - Agony & Irony - Red Marietta - Summer Death - Blue with white splatter Mansions - Dig Up The Dead Acoustic - blue and pink
  11. I had a copy ordered from an obscure place in Canada, then two months later they emailed me to say "oh yeah we don't have that, sux." Hopefully a repress will come eventually.
  12. I've tried for months to find anything on them. Beyond The Horizon is one of my favorite albums of all time. I even contacted their record label asking what was up with them, never heard anything back.