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Found 9 results

  1. Since the official anouncement back in December 2016 I am constantly checking the Ribbon Music homepage to see if there are any news regarding the reissue of John Maus' seminal albums "Love is real" (2007), "Songs" (2006) and "We must become the pitiless censors of ourselves" (2011). http://ribbonmusic.com/announcements/ribbon-music-signs-john-maus-catalog-for-the-world I 've reached out to the label, but unfortunately in vain...no vital signs. This thread should be used to help Mousers like you staying in the loop and to not miss the release date (hopefully within a couple of weeks/months). Maybe someone out there heard something throught the grapevine?
  2. Just wanted to brag a bit and thought you guys might like seeing some decent pics. Had to spend a pretty penny on it but it's totally worth it. Cover and vinyl: Flower etching indicating mastering by Brian Gardner: Parental advisory sticker still intact: Back:
  3. This is the real deal. It's VG+ all around... very very close to NM condition. Plays wonderfully. Looks beautiful. I am taking serious offers.
  4. Preferably the /500 red/green/yellow smash variant, if possible. PM if ya got one for me. Thankz.
  5. I was having a discussion with some friends about songs written after 1980 that have been covered the most times in a non-novelty context (so basically, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes don't count). There are tons of songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s (not to mention all kinds of standards from before that) that have been covered countless times, but I feel like songs from the 80s forward are covered less frequently in a serious context. But here is my thought for most covered song: Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place) by Talking Heads Other ideas?
  6. They put up 20 of the remaining Clear smoke/100. This is album is really good. These guys are one of the best and most interesting bands in the genre for sure so pick this up if you're into that. http://diseasedaudio.storenvy.com/collections/44773-all-products/products/2359191-sea-of-shit-s-t-10
  7. GONER RECORDS STORE UPDATE OUT NOW! NOBUNNY Secret Songs lp/cd/downloads COLORED VINYL AVAILABLE ONLY via GONER! Ordering instructions below- don't wait- these will go quickly! ****************IMPORTANT***** *********** HOW TO ORDER NOBUNNY COLORED VINYL LP 1) Send an email to [email protected] with NOBUNNY + YOUR NAME as the header For Example our favorite mod/soul/electro performer would submit NOBUNNY EDDY GRANT for his order You do not have to fill in the body of the email but you can if you want. A nice note is always good to read. 3) If the colored vinyl edition is still available you will be sent an order # and a link to the items on the Goner Cart. You may then add them to your cart and shop to your hearts content! We will be very busy, so please be patient. We will get to everyone in order. Colored vinyl is limited to one per customer per title please Prices do not include shipping Please include your order # in the comments section of the chekcout process. Orders without issued order numbers will be discarded. Black vinyl editions of this release may be added to the order as well- no limit! Pre-Order copies will be held until Friday at Midnight, then made available for sale to the next customers in line. Amazing, long-awaited return to the twisted bubblegum garage punk coming straight out of Nobunnys weird weird mind! NOBUNNY Secret Songs ----------- About Secret Songs Sometime, you may find yourself broke, unable to get laid, and, despite it all, constantly surrendering to the urge to sit around all day, get high, jerk off, and eat candy. Times like these it feels like no can help, no one understands . . . nobody except NOBUNNY, that is. This latest installment, Secret Songs, shhhhh, could just have easily been called “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To The Scumbag Life”, but maybe that’s the point. NOBUNNY seems to have found the lowlife fountain of youth; some radioactive sewage drain drank from in a desperate attempt to ward off last night’s hangover. He’s flaunting it in front of everyone and its impossible not to have a good time while he’s doing it. “These are just thoughts in your head / and soon like you they’ll be gone and dead,” sings NOBUNNY on the album’s opening track, “Bye Bye Roxie,” backed by an unrelenting snare drum and a fuzzed out guitar melody so childishly addictive you could gargle it. The remainder of the album provides a didactic framework on how to deal with the essential elements in life: girls, drugs, and people you don’t like very much. “Little Bo Bitch” offers an admonition to those who would attempt to sneer at the type of punk rock jezebel described therein, with a rabbit thump rhythm that embodies the sort of horny frenzy one would imagine Little Bo Bitch to induce in her amours. “Rotten Sweet Tooth” relates the internal struggles of a “dirty old man with a rotten sweet tooth” to choose between his girl and his sweets, ultimately settling on the former (who said NOBUNNY was impractical?). Aside from covering a variety of lyrical subjects, this album also showcases a diversity of genre. From the 1960s AM country-radio stylings of “Trouble in Mind,” which could just have easily ended up a Waylon Jennings 8-track if temporal circumstances would allow, to the blast-beat, hardcore assault of “Buried in a Bong,” this album proves NOBUNNY’s absurd, sadistic, loony toon appropriation of rock n roll fears no horizon. So next time Mom and Dad tell you to get off your ass, go see a psychiatrist and get your life together, tell them to forget about it. You’ve got a new five-foot-ten, fruitcake, half-rabbit best friend who knows the best way to make sense of life is to drown those brain cells in cheap beer and shake until you’re cross-eyed, no matter how messed up it all seems. Tracklist 1. Bye Bye Roxie 2. True Vulture 3. Pretty Girls 4. Trouble In Mind 5. It's Pathetic 6. Lizard Liars 7. Rotten Sweet Tooth 8. Do The Stooge 9. My Blank Space 10. Little Bo Bitch 11. Red Light Love 12. The Birthday Girl 13. Buried In A Bong 14. Lovin Lovin You ----------- www.facebook.com/THENOBUNNY www.nobunny.bandcamp.com/
  8. Does anybody have this 7" that they would be willing to sell to me for a reasonable price? Any color or pressing is fine.
  9. Does anybody have this 7" that they would be willing to sell to me for a reas