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Sell Me Millencolin Vinyl/Tapes


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So I'm getting to the point where I'm wanting to collect their stuff, So I can start up a collection like David's. All the wants here are Millencolin Vinyl/Tapes. Also, I know that some of the stuff that I'm listing is at discogs but most of the people selling it are in Europe and/or overpriced. Thanks!!

My 7" Wants:

- Use Your Nose

- Skauch

- Story Of My Life ( both pressings )

- Da Strike

- Move Your Car

- Kemp ( Black Vinyl, AND Clear Vinyl )

My 12"/LP Wants:

- Any Test Press

- Same Old Tunes ( I REALLY WANT THIS )

- For Monkeys ( Green Vinyl )

- Life On A Plate ( Burning Heart Records Press )

- For Monkeys ( Burning Heart Records Press )

- Life On A Plate ( Yellow Vinyl )

- Life On A Plate ( Green Vinyl )

- Pennybridge Pioneers ( Brown Vinyl )

- Kingwood ( Cargo Records Pressing )

- Home From Home (Burning Heart Record Press)

- The Melancholy Connection 12"


- Goofy Demo

- Melack Demo

- For Monkeys

- Pennybridge Pioneers

- Life On A Plate

Anything that I have bought from someone or have bought somewhere else will be removed from the list. Please offer fair prices dudes. Thanks For Looking!!!!

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Best band. Looks like you are missing a lot of the same stuff as me. Haha. Curious how much those demos will cost. 


For sure. Only saw them once (Warped '05). Came out wearing a bunch of random hoops jerseys (something like Gary Payton and Latrell Sprewell. Thought it was pretty funny.

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I would also love to own those demos some day, but I'm a bit scared of the prices...


I was lucky to score some testpressingsfor great prices during my Millencolin collecting days  :)


Btw, do you think epitaph used new masterplates for their recent represses? If so, that might mean there're also new testpressing.. But I'm not sure yet if I this means I need to get those as well :P

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