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  1. Looking to buy or trade for these records, as I'm in the UK it would be better to pick up multiple at once to offset the shipping costs but please drop me a PM if you have any you would consider letting go of. My list was on Deadformat but I'll find another way of sharing if a trade is your preference! Silverstein This Is How The Wind Shifts: Addendum (Tour Press 7") This Is How The Wind Shifts: Addendum (Black splatter 7") This Is How The Wind Shifts (7" box set) Discovering The Waterfront (Any LP copy) Retrograde ‎(7", S/Sided, Ltd, Pin) A Midwestern State Of Emergency ‎(Flexi, 7") Silverstein / Senses Fail - Tour Split (any version) Alkaline Trio Remains (any colour copy) Damnesia (any colour copy) Alkaline Trio (any colour copy) Broken Wing EP (any colour copy) Halloween One Man Army Split LP (Red)
  2. This was £20.99 at Banquet, ordered there and in the process of cancelling my BOMPA order.
  3. Any word on where the Iron Maiden LPs are going to be online? I'll take one from the US/EU/UK don't mind just don't want to give in to the eBay hoarders.
  4. Is the Iron Maiden reissue a US exclusive or UK too? I REALLY need a copy of that album, it's just awesome.
  5. As the title says, looking to pick up this. If you have a copy get in touch! Cheers
  6. I have the Masked Intruder self titled on red or blue which I could trade or stump up cash.
  7. $46 to post one LP to the UK, since when did KRM rip people off this like??
  8. I remember why I hate waking up at 1 AM for hockey, but fuck that win felt good!
  9. Looking for these... my top end wants at the moment. Let me know if anyone is willing to sell or potentially trade. As Friends Rust "Won" (Blue) Decendents "Cool to be you" (Blue) Mad Caddies "Just One More" (Blue) Saves The Day "Through Being Cool" (Blue 1st Press) Saves The Day "Can't Slow Down" (Red) MXPX "Life In General" (White) MXPX "Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo" (Black) Frank Turner "Campfire Punkrock" (Yellow...any) Hot Rod Circuit "Sorry About Tomorrow" (Black) I'm in the UK and will pay postage. Cheers
  10. Islanders just can't find a break against the Caps, I'm having nightmares of a 4-0 playoff series already. That includes my optimism that they still make the playoffs! Tight as a ducks arse in the Metro!
  11. Are there any Douglas test pressings left? Persona or any of the splits, that would sway me...