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Found 7 results

  1. Im looking for a good deal on this set of of vinyl from the show. it has 4 10" colored LPs. Im a big fan of the show and I'm trying to snag a copy before it becomes impossible to find. I don't care if its sealed or the condition as long as its presentable. I understand that its not a cheap and not looking to lowball, but the last one sold on Discogs was 154$ at the the time posting this. Id like to snag it for something around that or a little more haha. but if you have it please shoot me an offer on it! its a personal grail of mine . Thanks!
  2. Looking for any Disembodied records! Or tapes, if they exist.
  3. So I'm getting to the point where I'm wanting to collect their stuff, So I can start up a collection like David's. All the wants here are Millencolin Vinyl/Tapes. Also, I know that some of the stuff that I'm listing is at discogs but most of the people selling it are in Europe and/or overpriced. Thanks!! My 7" Wants: - Use Your Nose - Skauch - Story Of My Life ( both pressings ) - Da Strike - Move Your Car - Kemp ( Black Vinyl, AND Clear Vinyl ) My 12"/LP Wants: - Any Test Press - Same Old Tunes ( I REALLY WANT THIS ) - For Monkeys ( Green Vinyl ) - Life On A Plate ( Burning Heart Records Press ) - For Monkeys ( Burning Heart Records Press ) - Life On A Plate ( Yellow Vinyl ) - Life On A Plate ( Green Vinyl ) - Pennybridge Pioneers ( Brown Vinyl ) - Kingwood ( Cargo Records Pressing ) - Home From Home (Burning Heart Record Press) - The Melancholy Connection 12" Cassettes/Tapes: - Goofy Demo - Melack Demo - For Monkeys - Pennybridge Pioneers - Life On A Plate Anything that I have bought from someone or have bought somewhere else will be removed from the list. Please offer fair prices dudes. Thanks For Looking!!!!
  4. Searching hard for a copy of White Denim's 2008 American debut LP, Exposion. This record was later released as a bonus disc to the Fits LP, but there was apparently an original, Exposion only pressing that the band released through their website. If anyone is willing to sell or trade for one, please, please, let me know! http://www.discogs.com/White-Denim-Explosion/release/1893067 http://blogs.courant.com/eric_danton_sound_check/2008/10/new-music-white-denim-releases.html
  5. Looking for my current wants. Mostly looking to buy, but feel free to check my tradelist in the signature, and I am willing to entertain trades as well. Thanks! Dance Gavin Dance - 6 LP Boxset Protest the Hero - Volition (Orange w/ Alternate Indiegogo Cover) letlive - The Blackest Beautiful (Clear) letlive - Fake History (White) Issues - S/T (Black w/ Gold Splatter) Issues - Black Diamonds (White w/ Turquoise Starburst) This Wild Life - Clouded (Turquoise) Hands Like Houses - Unimagine (Starburst) Moving Mountains - S/T (Green) Tiny Moving Parts - This Couch is Long and Full of Friendship (Any US press but white) Weatherbox - American Art (Black)
  6. Hello, I'm just another guy looking for hard to find vinyl that isn't ridiculously priced. Can anyone help me out? Here's my main focus: Right away great captain - 4XLP trilogy (really really really would like to find this one the most!!!) John Legend and the roots - Wake Up! Rise against - Siren song of the counter culture Brother Ali - Us The Dear Hunter - Act I and Act II The Dear Hunter - Act III The Dear Hunter - Migrations Annex
  7. Hey guys, So over the last few years I've amassed a shitload of variants and doubles. Prices are not PPD. 1-2 LP's in the US-$3.50, 3-4-$5.00. PM me for more. $7-Against me!-high pressure low, Orange 7" black sleeve, lyrics written on inner white sleeve $15-Give up the ghost-we're down til we're underground-clear pink/2210 $15-Give up the ghost-we're down til we're underground-clear orange/687 $15-Hot water music-exister-white/500 $12-Hot water music-exister-silver/2000 $12-Joey cape-bridge-army green/700 $10-LTJ-tvep-yellow 7" $10-LTJ-tvep-brown 7" $50-LTJ-hello rockview-peach/2300 $20-LTJ-gnv fla-coke bottle green +matching 7" (x2) $20-LTJ-gnv fla-rainbow splatter +matching 7" $15-LTJ-gnv fla-black 180 g +matching 7" $22-Mfatgg-sing Japanese-blue/427 $7-Rancid-radio-white 7" $20-Screeching weasel-television city dream-pale yellow/298 $20-Tim Barry-40 miler-swamp green in bone white /200 $15-Tim Barry-28th&stonewall-grey/black marble-SRH/500 $12-Tim Barry-28th&stonewall-electric blue in milky clear(not really blue too much) /500 $12-Tim Barry-manchester-beer in milky clear /500 $12-Tim Barry-Manchester-swamp green /250 $12-Tim Barry-Rivanna junction-coke bottle green in milky clear/500 $20-Tim Barry-laurel st demo 2005-screen printed cover-hazy clear/200 $20-NOFX-PUTV-blue $30-NOFX-So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes-Clear Pink $30-NOFX-So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes-Tan $20-NOFX-Ribbed-Clear red $20-NOFX-Ribbed-Clear blue $27-NOFX-I Heard They Suck Live-Clear orange $55-NOFX-Longest ep-Clear orange/pink $25-NOFX-Self Entitled-Tri Color $12-NOFX-Self Entitled-Black $25-NOFX-Frisbee-Brown $8-NOFX-22 songs-black $15-NOFX-Heavy Petting Zoo-Black $12-NOFX-Decline-Black $30-NOFX-Xmas-red/green $15-NOFX-Stepdad-black/blue $25-NOFX-Ronnie/mags-blue/black $30-NOFX-DCMW-white $25-NOFX-Orphan-brown $7-NOFX-Regaining-Light Grey $7-NOFX-Regaining-Dark Grey I'm looking for these rarities and not so rarities: The Draft-In a million Pieces-(any but Light purple, or Brown Swirl) Give up the Ghost-Down Til we're underground-Pastel Pink;Pastel Purple;Red;Black(EVR Presses) Hot water music-Caution (any colors other than Pink, Yellow, Green, brown, brown/Blue split and Rose/Brown split) Hot water music-Exister-Oxlbood in milky clear;Haze Gold w/Silver Joey Cape-Bridge-Chocolate Milk Less than Jake-Losing Streak 5"-Grey w/Cover;Clear blue w/Clear bag Less Than Jake-Moldy BDay Cake Less Than Jake/Kemuri Split-Black 1st press W/White Streak;Clear Yellow-Green cover;Crystal Clear-Raspberry cover;Black (silver labels)-Yellow Cover;Green(green OR orange labels)-Green Cover Less Than Jake/Megadeth Split-Clear Red;Pink Swirl;Blue Swirl Less Than Jake-Muppets-Light Blue Less Than Jake-Smoke Spot-Black-OG Cover;Clear Yellow-yellow cover;Purple-Crappy xeroxed cover Less than Jake-Live in Japan-White 2x7" w/Red labels, no covers Less Than Jake-Greased Black;White(maybe w/handmade covers);Light Green-green cover-Last press Less Than Jake-Hello Rockview-Blue;Yellow;Half/Half Clear/Blue LTJ-Losers, kings-Green;Grey(3rd press);Lavender(not purple) LTJ-Goodbye Blue and White-Flatter Grey(3rd);White(4th);Clear Green(5th) Me first & The Gimme Gimmes-Ruin Johnny's-Red Me first & The Gimme Gimmes-Take a Break-Green Me first & The Gimme Gimmes-Blowin' the wind-White Me first & The Gimme Gimmes-Love their Country-Brown/yellow/marble Me first & The Gimme Gimmes-Denver-Purple; Black Me first & The Gimme Gimmes-Shannon-Green;Copper;Grey Me first & The Gimme Gimmes-Stevie-Blue Me first & The Gimme Gimmes-Have another Ball-Light Blue No Use for a Name-Leche Con Carne-Light Blue;Purple;Grey Just PM me if interested. I've done business with quite a few of you before and Shenanigans can vouch for me (if you trust him!). My ebay name is moosejawkneebeegoode if you want to check my feedback. 100% Posi w/over 1000. 1 Neutral. I cannot tell a lie. Thank you for any help!