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Dismantling FS/FT Threads

Shitty Rambo

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Lately users have been editing their FS/FT threads once a deal is set in motion, usually completely erasing the OP as well as changing the thread title to 'DELETE' or 'SOLD'.

We don't look fondly upon this. If for some reason a sale goes awry a large amount of evidence proving said deal took place is now disrupted. The same reason we disabled the ability to delete threads applies here. If a sale or trade is complete and both the seller and buyer can prove this then I have no problem deleting the thread. Please keep sale/trade threads intact until the deal is complete. Simply updating your thread title or OP stating an item is no longer available should detour other curious buyers from messaging you or bumping your thread. Worst case scenario; you receive a message or thread bump you don't have to respond to. Yes clutter can be bothersome but it's never been an issue or more important than protecting our users from potential scams.


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