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  1. CSD is the only record I've ever paid triple digits for, but this was a sealed copy, and this was 13 years or more ago. These days it would probably have cost more than my mortgage. Edit: and when I say triple digits I mean like $101, not $999 lol
  2. Only thing I'm marginally interested in is that OFF! - FLSD EP, but I'm not gonna go outta my way for it. I didn't think the Free LSD LP was a killer release in comparison to their other albums.
  3. I'm coming to terms with the fact that we'll never see Bronx boxset and if we do it'll cost $700.
  4. And here is a much cooler, more limited, and more expensive variant 🙃 https://www.ziarecords.com/p/14359028?fbclid=PAAaaLmwaFKu77_krCTUdjH_GuFqBgknZt7f3uK0e-VVzLGDIpsy5xQEpDwsY
  5. It took a while for that record to click with me, but I actually really like it a lot now. A Big Day For Grimley is one of my favorite AJJ songs ever. That record dropped at a time where the entire nation was at peak TDS, and I always felt like Sean Bonnette took a more anarchist approach to everything, hearing him go steadfast in one direction was odd. Don't get me wrong, I still think songs like Psychic Warfare are cringe city, but I can see he was going full force at the established power opposed to general statism, which is what I was used to.
  6. Looks like they just added a $2 Media Mail shipping option. Not sure if this was a fluke but I pulled the trigger when it happened. Guess I'll wait and see if my order gets canceled lol
  7. - Limited to 2,000 worldwide Tracklisting: 1. Strawberry (Probably) 2. Dissonance 3. Moon Valley High 4. Death Machine 5. White Ghosts 6. Disposable Everything 7. The Baby Panda 8. A Thought of You 9. Candles of Love 10. I Hate Rock and Roll Again 11. Schadenfreude 12. I Wanna Be Your Dog 2 13. All of My Woulds 14. In the Valley https://hopelessrecords.myshopify.com/collections/new/products/ajj0de00dm-lp *Be warned, Hopeless is hoping on that price gouge train and charging $9.44 for USPS shipping. Total is $38.70 PPD 💀💀💀 New single:
  8. Liking this Tropic Morning News song, especially since it's more guitar focused. I really don't like the SoundCloud rapper 'piano over digital drums' stuff they've done with Weird Goodbyes and the last 2 LPs. I probably still have a sealed copy of I Am Easy To Find sitting around somewhere because I blindly pre-ordered it then hated the singles lol. Anyways, I doubt this new record will be another Trouble Will Find Me, but if they're revisiting that style and before then I'm interested in hearing this new album.
  9. In the future please post any and all ebay sales here - Any other posts like this will be deleted.
  10. I actually despised Get Hurt until late last year lol. It still isn't a go-to album for me, but I have a better understanding of what they were aiming for and can appreciate that record for what it is. With that being said, it sounds like they had more negative feelings towards their later material which was the main reason they took a hiatus. Can't imagine this next record will be a Get Hurt 2 in that case.
  11. Hearing BF repeatedly mention Leatherface and Drug Church, then say on a scale of "Local Honey to Slayer" the new material is an "8" has me very excited to hear what they're cookin' up. Been listening to a lot of TGA lately, specifically Senior and the Queen + Sink or Swim, I'm actually really looking forward to this new record. https://youtu.be/Y53KT3lre18
  12. You've got a point. Kind of a weird energy to have towards people he was asking for donating a couple months ago. I'm sure this has been a stressful situation, but let's not forget this is a risk all labels (or businesses in general) take when they outsource work.
  13. The grail hoaders have found out about it, I imagine this PO will be a shitshow lol
  14. I know OG Blink has been gone for a while but didn't think it was long enough for people to forget they're really really bad live 😅
  15. The clip from the new song is just kinda meh (I was hoping they were gonna come out with a reunion album that was more akin to Boxcar Racer but with more production ala Untitled, especially given Mark's struggle with the big C), but I don't wanna write it off till I hear the whole song. In all fairness mainstream rock doesn't really exist anymore so Blink can kinda do whatever they want, with that being said, Edging sounds '22 as hell, this is neither an insult or a compliment lol
  16. Pre-made bowls in stock https://www.procrastinatemusictraitors.com/products/566702-brand-new-deja-entendu
  17. 13 years ago I paid $45 for a flipped copy of the first press of American Slang shortly after the pre-order (missed it) and felt like I overpaid. Funny how things change lol
  18. I barely got a shipping email about this, completely forgot about it lol

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