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  1. Looking for Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight, if anyone comes across it online please shoot me a link!
  2. This year has fucking rocked! I honestly think the last time I had this much new killer music to listen to was a decade ago. Favorites in no particular order: AJJ - Disposable Everything Menzingers - Some of it Was True Crime in Stereo - House in Trance Gaslight Anthem - History Books Blink 182 - One More Time McLusky put out a bad ass EP called Unpopular Parts of a Pig, the new IDLES single is super promising and I can't wait to hear their new album. Only 2 albums that didn't meet my expectations were the new Taking Back Sunday and new Spanish Love Songs records. I need to spend more time with the former, the latter has a strong first half and ending but the middle is a snoozefest. Hoping 2024 brings us a new Iron Chic record 🤞
  3. I genuinely appreciate your profile pic/username update significantly more than this record.
  4. I could've sworn there was a thread on here a handful of years ago about "HD Vinyl" or some crap that was supposed to be a cheaper and faster new method to press records, but I can't find it now. But like OP said, the pressing prices haven't skyrocketed. I always thought the fact that there are only a few plants in existence was causing all the major delays and mark-ups. It sucks some indie bands are charging $40 for a self released record via bandcamp because that's the going rate at Target. Like yeah, secure the bag, but don't overshoot the moon.
  5. Michigan, 1975 sounds like a Pt. 2 to their cover of Fake Problems - Songs For Teenagers lol
  6. Got my yellow copy this morning but only got to listen to a handful of songs. I agree, the mix sounds lackluster when listening to the vinyl copy but all the singles sounded fine via streaming.
  7. These bonus songs are good. Yeah it's 17 tracks long already, but they shoulda just put em on there anyways 😅
  8. Indie variant shipped from Bullmoose yesterday. Super excited to hear this album as a whole!
  9. It did not. Sorry for the double quote, this site is damn near impossible to properly navigate on mobile with all the ads 😵
  10. That was the variant I pre-ordered as well (because paying with Venmo got me $5 off, making it the cheapest option, also I love not paying for records until they ship). Your comment prompted me to open my copy cause it's been sitting on the shelf since I received it, luckily it is a white copy. I really hope you're able to sort this out cause this definitely sucks 😕
  11. Dancer single kicks ass. I love that these guys can write an upbeat song but still make it aggressive as hell.
  12. Digital album art is reminiscent of the TOYPAJ "mug shots". Listened to that 1:15:00 interview they posted on YouTube. Really excited to hear this long last/redone Boxcar song (Terrified), and to hear the hardcore song Travis wrote/sings.
  13. This Fell In Love song is a rough one. Starts off sounding like royalty free YouTube music, like the stuff that plays over those "lifehack" videos where someone grinds up pencil lead and mixes it with super glue to make a secondary key instead of buying one at Home Dept for $3 lol
  14. Checked it out digitally and I'm really digging this album. Been waiting for them to revisit/expand upon that Rented World type of sound for almost a decade.
  15. Travis's drums on More Than You Know are super rad. Seems like he's venturing out of his typical style. OG Blink getting back together is the only rad thing that's happened to the world in the last 7 years 😅 Also who's selling that clear/red swirl variant, Target? Edit: NVM, see it was on their official site and is now sold out. If anyone is gunning for the indie variant you can pre-order it from Amoeba and use code 'SEP15' to get 15% off. Takes to $34 and some change shipped. https://www.amoeba.com/one-more-time-coke-bottle-clear-vinyl-lp-blink-182/albums/4343595/
  16. I'm glad they aren't doing cheesy Modern Baseball-esque pop punk guitar leads anymore, but this record is following suit with the modern "vibe" music trend where everything needs to be sonically chill enough to play at the background of a party filled with faux mullets and dangly TikTok earrings. I was hoping the majority of the record would be more similar to the Haunted single, but this is the same direction Graduating Life went with their final LP. I'll take this sound over the hyper oversaturated synthetic nightmare bands like The National have moved into, but it's becoming a bit derivative. The lyrics on this album are really good though, the writing is definitely more grown-up compared to the last LP. I'm hopeful it'll click with me, but right now it feels like I'm going out of my way to listen to this record.
  17. Ordered a red indie variant from Bullmoose, not sure if these are gonna be delayed until 1/26/24 like the splatter variant but I'd rather pay later instead of now 😕 https://www.bullmoose.com/p/36524232/menzingers-some-of-it-was-true-red-vinyl
  18. Really liked the newer single. It sounded more similar to the Rented World stuff, which is a sound I wish they would've explored more. I wasn't the biggest fan of the last 2 LPs, but I'm always down for more Menzingers.
  19. According to your profile you've been on these boards since 2016, you obviously know how record pre-orders work and understand most are made several weeks if not months beforehand. You're being an unbelievable asshole for what specific reason? Just so everyone else knows, there is no time frame for grief. Feel free to use the boards to take your mind of the sometimes crushing reality of life. Nobody will give you a hard time, and if this dickwad pulls this shit or anything similar on anyone else he'll be permabanned.
  20. Pre-ordered a yellow indie variant from Bullmoose, also just learned what this Magnolia Record Club thing this is, jesus christ dude lol
  21. GoFundMe - https://www.gofundme.com/f/funeral-and-cremation-of-my-dad?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=custom er

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