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Looking For: Photos of Early Blink - 182 Cassettes

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for as many pictures of early blink cassettes as I can get.

Also curious about how many are out there of each.


Looking for

  • Blink Cheshire Cat advance "tom" and "cat" artwork on both white and orange paper
  • Blink Flyswatter Demo
  • Blink Demo 2
  • Blink Buddha Demo (any variant)

Any Pictures or info on pressings would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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The ugly ass category graphics tho

aka the best part 


but really, having it categorized by album and having all the different release variants with info really interests me. Wish there was something like that for my fav band.. guess one day I'll have to compile something similar for their releases once my collection grows :D 

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I actually have seen Stan's collection, and bought a few things off of him. It is incredible the stuff he has. My collection is about the size of his, but is more new stuff, while Stan's is all older stuff. I'm mostly looking for people who own the cassette, but don't have pictures up online. I've seen all of the ones on the internet... I think anyways. But thanks for the replies!

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