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  1. Several times over, yeah. I held off on the singles (despite the hype) and am glad I did, because the whole thing hits so well.
  2. Swinging back to bands with redeemable qualities for a sec, that new DIIV is absurdly good. I’m a little obsessed with it.
  3. Brutal pricing yet again. It’s 3 extra tracks on the C side, and an etching on the D side, I think? Feels like such a poor use of 2 LPs but I guess it’d be too much work to recut at 45 RPM. 🙄 I kind of wonder how the band sounds live in 2024. I suspect their vocals have gotta’ sound rough.
  4. Final track of the upcoming Shellac album is titled I Don’t Fear Hell. Crazy.
  5. Fucking hell. https://pitchfork.com/news/steve-albini-storied-producer-and-icon-of-the-rock-underground-dies-at-61/
  6. Scroll down on the product page. ***Sacred Bones Record Society version: Edition of 150 hand-numbered copies, comes with alternate screen printed, wax-sealed wrap around sleeve, LP pressed on Society-exclusive Smoked Out vinyl w/ Black 7" in Exclusive Alternate Art Sleeve + Bonus Exclusive Flexi! ENROLL HERE.***
  7. I mean, she dropped in on one of his LA shows the weekend before last to duet a couple of songs and hug him on stage. Not sure how much animosity that leaves room for. https://www.stereogum.com/2256728/watch-better-oblivion-community-centers-phoebe-bridgers-conor-oberst-reunite-in-la/news/
  8. Same thought. Saw the video / article yesterday and my immediate reaction was simply “guess I need to be on high alert for Monday”. It’d be nice to be wrong, but. Yeah.
  9. From reading the description, the limited edition lithograph insert, I would imagine. Full details here.
  10. Between Albini being a stickler for sound and the time taken to write that blurb on the product page, I want to guess that QA isn’t going to let the press sound like garbage.
  11. New Shellac. https://store.touchandgorecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/shellac-to-all-trains-cd-lp
  12. Same. They seemed to have insane web coupons active at all times, so I’m only getting stung for like $18 and change after shipping. Still super annoying though, and I feel for anyone who has funds tied up. What a shit-show.
  13. I had to do a double-take from glancing at it earlier; absolutely would've bet money that it said Los Angeles, so I have no idea what happened there. But you guys are right. I dunno if Vegas is any better or worse, but at least it's closer [for me]. Probably not swinging it, but I agree that the lineup seems like you're bound to catch something great anywhere you turn.
  14. I think I’m going to uphold my tradition of not listening to the actual tracks, especially so far in advance of a release date (which we don’t even have yet). I do like to go into the new records 95% blind, I think that’s the most fun and rewarding. Way too many horror stories from people binging bootlegs for months and then feeling underwhelmed that there’s “not enough new material” when the album drops, or that the songs and their production just don’t “feel the same”. (Which, I mean… yeah.) I was able to whet my appetite with some very promising clips from the new songs last night, and that’s more than enough to keep new Godspeed atop my list of most-anticipated music. To each their own though.
  15. 2 new tracks debuted tonight. Lines up with a Belgian article that recently mentioned a new album in September. The video clips I heard were glorious… but I also say this as someone who’s really happy with their last album, and isn’t even remotely tired of them covering the same ground they do so well. Bits of the percussion and flow at a few parts were giving me major DMST vibes. Which is a good thing.
  16. It’s still a genuinely great track (and album), too. I know Sunbather wasn’t the very first album to merge black metal and shoegaze, but I think it was the first to do so with as much success as it saw. It really put that sound on the map and kicked the door off its hinges for more “blackgaze” bands to enter the scene. Sometimes I think back to this thread and all the VCers being hyped over the album’s teaser trailer, and singles as they dropped. Such a rad time to be a part of the forums and collectively gush about the record, especially when POs went live. I think they included immediately downloads for the entire album ahead of the release date. I remember everyone being pretty stoked on the first listen and [rightfully] circle-jerking the album in this thread. Really good times. Somehow can’t believe it was a whole decade ago… while also, simultaneously, feeling it was even longer. A lifetime ago.
  17. Or (more likely) just a wider press on black vinyl. I’d still gun for a copy on gold, but not for $75+ if that’s the actual MSRP.
  18. It’s also /5,000. Even if that’s worldwide distribution, that’s not limited enough to make me sweat or consider lining up with scalpers.
  19. I gave this a proper listen (for the first time) this afternoon, hoping I’d like it a bit more. Wasn’t 100% my bag but I still wanted to say that the packaging and variant you opted for look dope. I sort of imagine they’ll stick around for a while if I ever changed my mind in the near future, but hopefully this will make someone super happy to finally see on vinyl – if not the band themselves after such a wait.

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