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  1. It's since dropped $10 from the link Matt posted, too. I ended up going for it and my receipt definitely reflects $240.
  2. Yeah. I guess not? I wasn't paying super close attention to their announcements but I thought they were more or less posted when scheduled. I'm still seeing nothing but the mention of another live stream, above, sounds about right.
  3. Same deal except I haven't talked myself into pulling the trigger yet. All in all after shipping and discount, it comes out to about $37 per double LP which is actually pretty damn good. (Not sure how often I'd revisit Vampyr though.)
  4. This is the first subscriber-exclusive variant I've seen, this year, that I wish was open to the public. I think it fits the concept of actual Luminol the best. But if the mockups are accurate, that cloudy royal blue should be a beaut. Hopefully it ends up resembling a blue version of the latest Cloud Nothings record.
  5. Yeah, this album is killer. On first listen I think I prefer it to ISBU, too. Really enjoying his foray into the more ambient / atmospheric songwriting.
  6. Been waiting for this to go up. Thanks a ton, amigo.
  7. Clear is always a great choice even if it's a cope. Jinx was rad, and I still haven't tried out these new singles – excited that the whole LP is right around the corner.
  8. If that splatter looked less impressive or I wasn’t on such a big Unwound kick, I’d probably stand in solitude with you. Coupled though, I folded hard. Smart. I should’ve done the same. Bizarre that Numero hasn’t made any mention of it whatsoever.
  9. I don’t need ‘em, because the sets treat me just fine – that’s what I told myself a couple of weeks back. Already caved on that colored Civilization and will probably continue to get the whole set. Can’t wait to see what they do for Leaves. Repetition didn’t make it onto Numero yet, right? I saw it sold out at Rough Trade.
  10. Also, I’m really amused at how big of a dealbreaker that seems to be for so many people. I’m not trying to sway anyone into buying this thing one way or another – especially if you own a copy of the album already, and doubly so if you don’t give a shit about the remixes – but the posts deeming the album “unlistenable” are a little dramatic. The hangup is with how different the re-recorded voices sound to the original, obviously. It rubs longtime fans (or people who’ve binged the single) the wrong way – their ear picks up on what “doesn’t sound right”, like they’ve come to expect. But man,
  11. I think the problem is that the band doesn’t even know what the “original mix” is. Everyone is grilling them whether or not the OG samples are included and they’re just shrugging and Liking those questions on social media because shit’s confusing, and there’s like 4-5 mixes at this point. Even still, most people are primarily curious about the samples of Frontier Psychiatrist, and it’d be easy for them to just answer “yes” or “no” to the multiple people asking if this reissue contains the new / re-recorded samples. But I can’t imagine they’d weight in if it impacts record sales, right? For
  12. So what's the deal with the new Outlander? It's a 2-track album? The first song released as a single is great, as to be expected, but we have to wait until June 25th to hear the other song? Is it 30 minutes long or something? Is this a proper album or just an EP? Don't really get it.
  13. You may not want to wait too long, the main site is showing Sold Out. I ordered because I’m down for the remixes and extra packaging. My blue copy isn’t the original mix and I find that it’s not exactly a dealbreaker for me. (Certainly not anything I’m going to pay $200 to fix with a Zomba mix anyway.) If I have second thoughts I can easily just cancel before they ship in June.
  14. Literally can’t imagine it. Especially for Phoebe Bridgers who already has an absurdly devoted PR team. In that hypothetical, I’d just feel like I was cucking myself by basically promoting her and keeping her threads active, for free. It’d really make me question my self-worth.
  15. Bull Moose will probably have it for cheaper but I’ve been having fulfillment issues with them after they added the “We’ll try to get this for you” on every pre-order they list.
  16. Yeah, I was imagining opening my copy from a fresh mailer and still having to blow some dust off the top edge of it. So what's the likelihood that this is the original mix? I find it hard to believe that some remixes would keep this in legal limbo for 4 years.
  17. For US folks: https://us.theavalanchesstore.com/products/since-i-left-you-20th-anniversary-4lp https://bleep.com/release/227048-the-avalanches-since-i-left-you-20th-anniversary-deluxe-edition
  18. Alright, let's try this one more time. 4LP set from 3-4 years back. Presumably the same stock that's been locked in a warehouse this entire time while samples were cleared. Band is teasing that something SILY related is getting announced tomorrow. One of their IG stories teasing this news actually features the deluxe art in the background, too. And if that wasn't concrete enough, a 4LP version was briefly available at Rough Trade [here] before getting pulled down. £59.99. No word on a US seller yet but I'm sure we'll have options tomorrow morning. It's gonna' feel really
  19. Reality ≠ discussion board. Discussions boards serve as platforms to discuss. Going into a thread to post "zzz" does nothing to facilitate discussion. I enjoy Phoebe's music when the mood is right, but I can sympathize with anyone who would say her stuff can be a snooze. That's an opinion and I can respect it, in an actual conversation or exchange of meaningful dialogue. We're talking about an instance of neither. I saw that TDWP thread get bumped this morning, abuzz with comments of a new EP. I could have very easily popped in there to ask why anyone is li
  20. Outlander teasing something for this Friday. Looks like it'll be a single [Sundowning] off their upcoming record. Still need to see The Valium Machine get pressed, but I'm probably down for whatever they do with a proper LP, if that's what this ends up being.
  21. Yeah, that Planetarium release did nothing for me either. I'm not a devout Sufjan fanboy but I do feel like he works best solo; collaborations only seem to get in his way. That box may be more than $50 after taxes or shipping but still... maybe the cheapest 5LP set I've been interested in.
  22. Like only 3 weeks ago, too. Wasn't even signed or anything, just straight up £300. Repressed colors are fetching $250 too. Anyone with a SITA collection is sitting pretty after Phoebe blew up and stimulus checks went out.

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