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  1. There’s a good chance Dawg is in his early 70s and has no idea how the vinyl game works. Proceed with caution.
  2. Between this and that 7/26 teaser for PSOTY (single? Album announcement? Pre-order?) I feel like you and I are at peak levels of shared post-rock hype, haha.
  3. In the absolute heat of a moment, sure. But it usually passes after some time and reflection, for most folks. But surely you’re not comparing the fleeting fantasy of killing someone to taking the necessary steps and efforts to actually go through with it. Because that would be a really moronic comparison to draw and I know you wouldn’t do that.
  4. I hear you on that. But the good news is that the instrumental versions aren’t just the songs we have now with Saint’s vocals plucked out of them. They’re reworked and revised a bit to compensate for the lack of vocals, which should keep them from feeling hollow. I’m not expecting a 10/10 Tycho album for the ages but I think it’ll probably resonate more with the Tycho sound we’re used to.
  5. Agreed on all fronts, more or less. I don’t hate Weather but I’m also not going to throw it on whenever I’m in a Tycho mood, because it doesn’t satisfy the same itch that prior Tycho albums scratch for me. It really could be the black sheep in their discography, though — the huge art departure ties in with the direction of their sound. It’d be cool if the instrumental version has a reworked cover that’s a lot more minimal and comparable to prior album art. In a previous post I said that I really, really enjoy the closing (title) track on Weather. It sounds like “classic” Tycho at the top of their game. Apparently Scott has indicated that the band’s next record will follow that sound, so I’m pretty pumped about that. Back to their roots.
  6. That variant is kinda’ dope though. Seems like a nice fit with the album art too. Are you just miffed that it’s not /500 or something?
  7. I imagine it went down something like this. ETR: Hey Andy can we press Get Wet and overcharge for gimmicky vinyl variants sourced from CD? AWK: I’d prefer you didn’t. ETR: Well, too bad. We do what we like and we like what we do. AWK: Fair enough.
  8. I think it breaks out to about $23 PPD per album. Not counting the box they’re housed in, signatures, exclusive variants, and all those bells and whistles. Easily justifiable. Some of the albums hadn’t received a colored press either, up until now, so that’s icing on the cake.
  9. I used some Paypal funds to offset the total cost of the box, and they were taken / depleted immediately. (For what that’s worth.)
  10. To embed Youtube videos, just copy and paste the URL directly, hit Enter / Return, and wait a second. The forums should do all the legwork for you.
  11. Cheapest California shipping is actually $20.64 for me. That’s magnificent.
  12. Someone somewhere decided it would be a good idea to release an expanded version of it.
  13. Some of these lyrics are pretty questionable but all-in-all this is proving to be a pretty fun listen. Hardly a Tycho album to my ears — hopefully the instrumental version changes that — but a short, sweet, breezy good time. The closer is peak Tycho though. Would’ve loved a full record in that vein but I don’t hate what we got instead.
  14. The mockup looks like chewed bubblegum to me, which — coincidence or not — I haven’t had since I was a kid. The nostalgia is real with this release and I’m way more interested in it than I ever was Junk. Appreciate the Bull Moose link.
  15. Wish that poster art was the vinyl’s cover, but oh well. Is there a track list up anywhere? Looks solid.
  16. It had no right being as cheap as it was. Same for Is Survived By. It sounds like there are some really nice touches on this one, but yeah... even with an extra LP, $100 PPD is tough to swallow.
  17. That DW exclusive does look like it turned out great. Appears to be a lot of love and detail poured into the entire presentation of the record, and I'm all about that. The coke bottle + black smoke is an indie exclusive, I'm fairly certain. Still up at Bullmoose if you're looking to snag a copy.
  18. I’m 2 for 2 on the singles for this thing and holding out just a few days to hear the full thing. Feels like it’s been quite a wait – pumped for Friday.
  19. I’m really curious to know this as well, but haven’t snooped around too hard. Sounds like there was some sort of sexist comment made at some point to spark the whole thing. Following that, I saw some tweets where KBD said something about PITP being ran by white men - which is whatever, to me - and when someone tried to call him out on his behavior, he directly responded to them as a “shit-eater” or something. Really confusing. And sort of a shame since he seemed to be gaining some decent exposure recently, especially with that favorable Pitchfork review.
  20. He had a falling-out with PITP, but they confirmed all copies should be shipping this week. (Per their e-mail, yesterday.)
  21. That’s what I was thinking. Oh well. The quality on these are well justified and 9 slabs of music for $25 shipped isn’t the worst deal in the world.