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  1. Same x 3. Album is very good as well. I know some people couldn’t get over the lo-fi production of the last LP… but they shouldn’t have an issue this time around. Even with extra bells and whistles by way of more prevalent strings and electronics, I think it’s still in line with everything that’s drawn me to Parannoul’s previous work. I’m quite happy with it and eager to hear what repeat listens reveal.
  2. I have an extremely hard time believing the retail exclusive magenta sold out at Topshelf, unless they only had 1-2 copies in their shop… which seems very improbable. I was on their product page within moments of the PO going live on Friday night and it was never available.
  3. Check this out. It’s taken straight from the band’s manager a few days ago. ”I don’t know what to say. I originally thought it was just the process of the vinyl production getting muddy, but I just dug back into the sales order and saw that the wrong color code was sent into production. These were supposed to be marbled clear vinyl with heavy red and blue splatters. The clear color code is #15, but #14 was entered instead. So that’s where this issue stems from. #14 is an opaque blue. I’m very very very sorry that I didn’t catch this back in March. I am in contact with the manufacturer to see what can be done.”
  4. I feel like Jeniferever is definitely more on the post-rock side of things but to be totally honest, I haven’t revisited them in a minute. I haven’t tried the new Deathcrash single yet, but was just listening to their EP last night. Their 2022 record was great as well. I don’t think either had programmed drums, though.
  5. POs up at Drift, Rough Trade, Resident, and a few other spots. No-brainer preorder.
  6. Presumably, though it depends on how production and record plants will fair this year. Hopefully less bottlenecking but I’m not optimistic. But if this was a remark on Topshelf’s handling of the AGBPOL preorder, I suspect they’re probably in a better spot since they’re no longer dealing with stock in legal gridlock, in a warehouse off limits to them. I think it’ll be fine.
  7. …But also not available yet. 😅 You can sign up to be notified when they drop over at Topshelf though. I figure the music will be available 1/28 but the PO could drop anytime before then, feasibly. (Or maybe even after, which would be weird.)
  8. They’ve had some pretty nice variant exclusives in the past, I want to say… but I think the bigger draw is probably those live albums, yeah. Did anyone else catch this tidbit on the Cherry Tree page for the PO? “Cherry Tree members who pre-order First Two Pages of Frankenstein via the member store will also receive a Flexidisc single of “Weird Goodbyes (feat. Bon Iver).” Previously released digitally, this will be an initial physical release of the song ahead of its future home.“ Lotta’ folks are speculating that we may get another LP or EP later this year, containing that track. It’s interesting phrasing regardless of what it means.
  9. Presumably the swarm of Phoebe fanatics who got into vinyl when the pandemic hit, and will hyperventilate if they don’t buy every “pretty color” to showcase on a YouTube channel with 26 subscribers.
  10. RIP. I wasn’t even really enamored with that song to begin with, let alone on a flexi. 😶
  11. What do you Cherry Tree folks have access to, in terms of exclusive variants?
  12. Indie shop UK exclusive. I’m thinking the US will get one too but we won’t know until later today or even tomorrow.
  13. Thought experiment = people thought they were getting some actual music. 😅 Are you sure it’s not Whirr who has the love-hate relationship with their fanbase? I don’t know if I’ve gotten that vibe from Nothing. But I know the lines sort of blue between the 2 bands, sometimes. Regardless, that is indeed a promising collab. 🤞
  14. I’m in the market for some more shelf filler to waste space in the collection, so yeah. Can you do $45? I get why people scrambled to buy it. (“Because Nothing.”) And to be fair, there were several people in this thread alone who paused long enough to read the description and contemplate the pricing… whereas I have no doubt tons of fans just raced to add it to the cart and checkout the moment it was announced. But I’m not looking to chastise anyone for buying it. I do think it’s a gimmick release and now that it’s been out for a while, and the mystery has subsided, I was just wondering if there was anyone here who’s actually played it multiple times. (Or at all.) I can’t say I’m overly surprised by the responses. Discogs has some pretty salty reviews too.
  15. I actually forgot this release existed. To those who dropped ~$70 on it; how many times have you actually played this one?
  16. Allegedly lines up with a leaked track list. 11 songs with 1 Sufjan feature, 1 Taylor Swift feature, and 2 with Phoebe Bridgers.
  17. Haven’t listened to this band in ages, but is there a reason all copies are $45 before shipping?
  18. There’s also a UK exclusive variant of Avery on red and yellow that doesn’t (yet?) seem to be available to import in the US. Trying to remember where I saw it, maybe Resident Music.
  19. The worst way to kick off 2023. His mom posted last week that he was battling a sudden diagnosis of stage 4 cancer… I can’t believe how swiftly it all concluded. It was like 4 days ago. Way too young; undiagnosed cancer is scary as all hell. Rest in peace JG.
  20. If you’re not using dark mode you’re really just sabotaging yourself. I’m surprised at how many posts I see from people who evidently haven’t made the switch. To my fellow dark crew: if you’re morbidly curious and don’t feel squinting, the same comment is on the Discogs teal page for this EP. To summarize, 1 dramatic dude has wanted this thing on vinyl for years. Flipped his lid when it happened, and is crushed that his copy sounds so poor even after cleaning it. That’s really it. I kinda’ wish I cared about anything in my life as much as this dude cares about spinning Saosin wax, it’s wild. Oh well.
  21. Cursory bandcamp preview of that seems pretty promising. Good enough to queue up this afternoon, anyway. Can’t beat that sale price, regardless.
  22. “Trust us bro. It’s gonna’ be sick. Just wish there was something we could do about it!”

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