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  1. Your first mistake, but it’s a lesson learned better late than never.
  2. So that's $33... before shipping? Oof. I would be lured in by this if the setlist wasn't stacked so heavily in favor of their last album, which is easily their weakest link.
  3. Okay this is the best use of a COVID stim check. Forget everything else you’ve heard.
  4. The bot already beat you to it. Read your own thread before posting or and fuck off, my dude.
  5. What throwgncpr said. It’s a truly bizarre choice to include the entirety of the CD jewel case with its sticker, but whatever.
  6. Is the new art really a CD jacket framed in the center like that? Interesting. Splatter seemed like the obvious choice to go with, with that new album cover. Eager to hear the remaster.
  7. Why can't it be both? What you're describing doesn't feel like it needs to be 2 independent ideas, necessarily. By this point in the discussion, I think I'm now most curious what you would define as "milking it". Is that even achievable by your definition? In hindsight, I think I'd like to price points as one of the factors that I consider when determining whether or not something is milked.
  8. Kind of weird that it completely fell off and didn't just grey out like the bundle did when it became unavailable. Honestly, those /500 lasted way longer than I imagined. I know they're an obscure act but Hier Kommt was a consistent triple-digit sale on Discogs.
  9. Didn't really say they were milking this release in particular.
  10. I think there’s probably a difference between the two. In my opinion, “keeping it in print“ is continuing to churn out 1 variant at a time alongside a broader black press, ensuring that it never really reaches astronomical prices. ”Milking it” is doing signed editions, VMP exclusives, bundle editions, Newbury variants, 3+ colors, test presses /50... all in the span of a year or so. That being said, this anniversary edition looks a little weak but I’m glad it’s still in print. Album continues to fuck after a decade and deserves to stay accessible.
  11. Oh yeah, I’d like to believe there is something juicy in the works. Hopefully this thread will get bumped with some details when they surface. A Tobacco WM variant would be nuts.
  12. Repress that's been in the works for quite a while, yeah. Finally seeing some real traction by way of a test press – no info on variants, release date, or any real details just yet.
  13. Wait, what? I guess they did say they had 1 final release... but they didn't specify if they were dropping the whole thing at once, right?
  14. I think you're probably aware of this since you've been lurking for a bit, but Wasda is the new moniker of Ckraus, our resident SRC intern and full-time clown. I'm personally not convinced that his profile is anything more than an algorithm made to promote shitty Victory Records reissues, but the profile has continuously proven that it has nothing of substance to offer the board... and continues to support that notion even in this thread, obviously.
  15. Oh, I was just insisting the bot should reassess its purpose here on the boards, and encouraging it to question its functionality. There is absolutely no way a real person is behind that user account... just so we’re all on the same page here. I didn’t actually think it would self-destruct, but that’d be something!
  16. vs. At least their username sounds like something you'd hear when trying to feed an infant, or someone with a comparable mental capacity. Points for accuracy.
  17. Color me curious as well. Whatever it is, it’s /500 per Numero.
  18. Some may call it uninspired, but I’d be A-okay with Numero repeating that “clear with black smoke” variant they used for the Duster boxset. (Which also featured a very moon-driven cover.) Seems like it’d tie in nicely and keep the Duster consistency intact.
  19. No word yet. I’ve been enjoying Cenizas as well. I foresee it happening sooner than later, though.
  20. Incredible. If the quality of this press delivers, I would say the wait has been worth it and 100% justified.
  21. Fuck, this is exactly what I was hoping the bump would be. Been waiting a long, long time for this. Just to make sure – the first LP is Hier Kommt Der Schwartze Mond, right? With the track titles translated to English, I'd assume? Second LP is obviously Dweller, I gathered that much.
  22. It's a good call, especially since there's always going to be someone who needs the "first press" – even if it's a reissue – but I feel like these new colors are way superior. That coke bottle is too sweet.