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  1. The product description quotes Jeremy as wanting to have it sound closer to Four, and less “claustrophobic”. I don’t know if I had any big problems with ISB’s mix, but I also know that Four sounds great. So I’m interested in hearing the new mix, especially as a side-by-side.
  2. I’ve corrected this with an afternoon listen. @prowl20 was not lying about that bass work. Probably going to explore at least 1 more of their releases to seal the deal but it feels like a pretty obvious no-brainer.
  3. If you’re reading this and subscribed to this year’s Flenser series, and do not fuck with the new Sprain for whatever reason, I’d be quite interested in buying your club exclusive. Surely that’s got to be someone.
  4. I mean not really but whatever helps you feel better about those Clifford the Big Red Dog and Hey Arnold! OSTs. Junk releases from a junk label run by a junk dude.
  5. Other than the label specializing in meme releases exclusively and the owner being gross? Same song and dance for years now, nothing new.
  6. Thanks, I promise I checked that same exact URL earlier today before whining on VC and everything just said August 2023, or “early August 2023”. Glad it’s not hugely delayed.
  7. I would be surprised if there’s any leftover. Saw a lot in hand at the show I attended, and it’s /400 per Reddit comments that cite the band’s merch guy.
  8. The gatefold on the deluxe is neat but I don’t enjoy babying it anytime I want to listen to it. Too many easily foldable edges to get caught on. I’d much rather have something in the style of the previous boxes… for both function and consistency. Maybe worse than that, though, is whatever pile of Rasta puke the “rainbow” vinyl turned out to be. Always hated looking at that thing on the turntable. Upgrading without a second thought.
  9. “Only 300 of these webstore exclusives each made. Black and White Swirl with OBI Strip and a PICTURE DISC. Both with Hype Stickers. If Record Store Day April 2023 demand isn't telling enough, I can promise you that the after market price on these will be over $150. When we launched the RSD Purple, the demand was 9X what we manufactured and most stores only got 1 copy. In fact the demand was second only to Taylor Swift's new album that dropped the same day. Many of the larger stores shared that this record was the one they received the most calls about leading up to record store day. So I don't need to tell you that this is going to be a collectors dream and that only 300 people in world will be able to get their hands on these. I hope it's you!” Probably the most embarrassing product description I’ve ever read.
  10. Bumping to pay tribute. This one truly hurts. https://pitchfork.com/news/stars-of-the-lids-brian-mcbride-dies-at-53/
  11. A generous coat of teak oil should settle into the shelves nicely and keep any bugs from nesting inside your records. Saw a thread about it just the other day.
  12. Made a thread for this drop before VC or Reddit managed to post one. 😉
  13. ✅ Streaky-ass smeared splatter effect. ✅ Split colors. ✅ "Coke bottle" without any blue hue. Yup. That is definitely... a variant.
  14. Not that it needs to be said since iDealélan already confirmed it himself, but mine showed up today. Proper LP mailer inside of an oversized Amazon box. (Phew.) Quality jacket. Big ol' hype sticker with "Vinyl Made in France" sticker on the back. Personally, I'm probably gonna' keep this one sealed for at least a week or two, just to see what shakes out for other variants. Something tells me that if the band or EVR have one, we'll see it announced soon. But this is a great backup option if you ask me, especially at $25. If a nicer variant gets released, I figure it wouldn't be hard to sell this one for $30 PPD... especially brand new / sealed. And if nothing better comes along, I'll gladly be spinning this black copy over my 2014 tour press [which leaves a lot to be desired both sonically and visually]. Fingers crossed that someone somewhere decided on at least one half-decent idea for these 2023 variants. 🤞
  15. I just can't imagine them spontaneously finding and listing a shit-ton of 2014 stock, especially after Discogs reviews are flooding in to discuss a new press. But I've been wrong before. I think there are some pretty clear tells that it's a newer press without even opening the record up. I'll know tomorrow and get back to you. Oh yeah, I've been over splatters and zany variants for years now. Huge sucker for "simple" monochrome variants. But I still want them to make sense. Orange to match the font. "Blood Red Summer" red. A translucent amber or cream to match the clouds. Purple and green just ain't it.
  16. No problem. 👍 Not 100%, but 98% or so? There's no US listings on Discogs at least. Lots of reviews on the 2014 US listing are talking about a new cut / new press with some obvious giveaways on the packaging. If it's not the EU press, it's a painless return.
  17. Should've done an "Silent Earth eco mix" variant to just sweep those leftover color pellets into the mix and charge max MSRP. Got you covered. $25 PPD. Probably the route I'm going since I think it's a way better match than current variants. Discogs reviews are glowing as well so far.

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