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Anything in my collection up for grabs!

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Selling off more records to fund another hobby. Take a look at my discogs list and PM me if you're interested in anything at all!




Some notable things people may be interested in:


Able Baker Fox-Voices (Euro press w/ screen printed cover)

Alkaline Trio-Maybe I'll catch fire (Repress 180g.)

Alkaline Trio-Goddamnit (repress)

Alkaline Trio-Alkaline Trio (repress)

Clouds-Legendary Demo (OOP screen printed cover)

Doomriders-Darkness Come Alive (black/tan marbled)

Drag The River-You Can't Live This Way (Gray)

Drag The River-Live at the Green Door (OOP)

Glossary-Better Angels of our Nature (OOP)


Modest Mouse-We were dead....

Modest Mouse-the Moon and Antarctica (Record store day repress)

Tuesday-Freewheelin' (OOP)

Suicide File-Live on WERS 7"

...and tons more

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Its an old hobby I picked back up. I play old school (only cards from '93/'94) Magic the Gathering. Pretty nerdy, but its fun and I have a ton of records collecting dust, so I'm letting most go. Having said that, if anyone has any old Magic cards laying around, depending on how old, I'd be super willing to trade records for them!

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