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  1. close, but not entirely correct. NTWRK has made two different versions of the art releases. Last year there was a deluxe edition on black vinyl that came with a print, there were limited to /100 and priced at $2500 each. This new version came out last week and was all picture discs, the NIN was limited to 500 (some other releases had larger runs) and were priced at $100.
  2. Such an odd long preorder they did on this, but glad its finally coming.
  3. Not wrong, just different. And no one is getting anything for free, its just the illusion of free. The Amazon model of building the shipping cost into the listed price making customers think they are getting something free. But also congrats on your sales, would love to get to that level some day. I'm more around 500 record/CD sales a year.
  4. Live now. Lana Del Rey first one to sell out. All the records are /500 or /900. I think NIN will be the next to sell out.
  5. I have free shipping on all domestic orders over $100, has worked well for me.
  6. Or just build your prices to reflect what fees and shipping will be so that you are happy with the net sale number...
  7. I bought the box set, but will probably be this weekend before I crack it open.
  8. Yeah Ill be in for at least one. but more info up front would help me decide.....but they dont want rational purchases just hype insta buys.
  9. or.....everyone that isn't interested in this thread could just move along and ignore it instead of berating someone that is just sharing something he loves.
  10. The pircutre disc version comes out this week if a $100 price tag sounds better. Has anyone seen the pressing numbers for the picture discs?
  11. with zero copies on ebay yet....I'm starting to doubt any were actually sold
  12. It's in line with what ebay and most other similar places do. It's so you don't just price your items low, and then mark your shipping way up. But yeah even with a 1% increase in fees, still lower than ebay with the added benefit of being able to list anything with no listing fee.
  13. Thanks was able to get Sam Smith, now just need Barz Simpson and Yard Act
  14. IMO this is going to be the hardest RSD release to find. Copies already going for $250+. Seperately, last items I'm after are the Yard Act, Sam Smith and Barz Simpsons 7"s.
  15. If they aren't checking the boards regularly do you think they will check a different site any quicker?
  16. https://discord.gg/vinylchat
  17. The discord we already have set up for this board: https://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/144688-vinyl-collective-discord/ https://discord.gg/vinylchat
  18. Bumping this thread to our discord we set up 3 years ago since everyone is wanting one now...
  19. That link is sold out, if anyone sees it go back up I'm interested. Was at the record release show when this first came out, still have Big Blue Monkey CDs....and really need a better copy of this LP.

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