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  1. I'm not a tax advisor but yes claim a net 0, don't just not fill out the 1099. You will get a bill in the mail later with fees and penalties for being delinquent (that are possibly more than what you owed).
  2. Gabe coming out and doing Snakes on a Plane with The Academy Is was the highlight for me this year. I was very excited (but also surprised Travis didn't join them).
  3. I went this year and you could get from stage to stage very easily (unless maybe you were up in the pit for Blink/Green Day. I was very happy with the set lists from the bands I saw. No line to get or out of the venue as I even went back to my hotel mid day to freshen up. Only 2 real line, right when gates opened and then for the band specific merch. As far as pricing, to see blink or Green Day was going to cost $150+ for each show, so basically I saw them both do full shows for the same price + a dozen other bands all day. I'm for sure going to go again next year, but I haven't bought tickets yet. There was a ton of tickets on the secondary market both years and if you wait you can get them for way under face value.
  4. *Some collectors. Overall though many of the rarest/most valuable/desirable versions aren't the first pressings. Also rookie card would be more of a comparison to a bands first release, which on many bands is not desirable at all.
  5. Yeah first pressing could have easily have 100s of different matrixes. Between being pressed at multiple plants and/or just being pressed on multiple machines in one plant.
  6. I mean I like them both, but time traveling love story wins for me every time.
  7. This is hands down their best release and what I have been waiting for. I wasn't able to do Halludoween this year but ordered this quickly.
  8. For my 1975 LP from Blood they only sent 1 instead of my 2, I messages them and they took care of it pretty quickly.
  9. It was released 19 years ago (plus like 3 years of touring). But yeah I would agree on anything good after that being hard to find.
  10. American Idiot was pretty good and I though universally liked. But I agree with the sentiment of the last decade of releases have not been great.
  11. when do we get an Oakland Coffee bundled subscription exclusive variant.
  12. Well mine is coming from the UK so won't get it on release day for sure...but as I'm seeing them next Saturday hopefully they will have some copies with them.
  13. The items from that other release are completely seperate from the Interscope Vinyl Collective, that comes from a high end art gallery and is in line with how they price everything. This is the start to a new subscription series that they are going to want people to sign up for. No other vinyl service (that I'm aware of) starts their pricing at $80 for a single monthly LP.
  14. No one is saying you support it by liking something in the past. But giving that artist money now would be.
  15. I don't think I have ever owned a single Manson record. I was a fan about 25 years ago, but that phase of my life has long passed. So sorry never sold anything Manson. Now I have sold off most of my Brand New records. I get that its hard to be a fan of something that is vey problematic now. I also have several Wander Franco cards that are now probably trash....But yeah IMO there is a big difference between getting rid of something you already have then spending money that would continue to go directly to these probablamatic characters.
  16. I can't imagine any label wants to be associated with him currently.
  17. No one should be spending any money that goes to Marilyn Manson......
  18. I have around 3,000 7" I would sell for $1 each. Hit me up in a message and we can set up the details.
  19. Sure I have hundreds I'll sell for $1. How many are you looking to buy?
  20. If you can shoot me a message about anything you interested I'm happy to set you up a better price. I'm not seeing $40 on my end, but not sure how to see international prices to simulate it.

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