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  1. I also gave both records a wet clean before listening. Feels like you is visibly warped, but sounds fine. Pops and cracks on the piano opener, but not as bad throughout. Still doesn’t sound quite as good as the original pressing, but it’s no doozie either. Distressor looks and sounds fine. Jackets on both were in great shape.
  2. Well shit. Saw this and checked it out and now I’m all over it. I’ve only listened to Speeding Away to Someday, but holy shit it’s great. I’ve heard them mentioned and thought I had checked them out before, but was mistaken. Anyone heard about a repress for any of their records? Really want Speeding Away..
  3. Odd timing on this for me. Just snagged OG pressings of I against I and Rock for Light in a lot for a pretty killer price. Had no idea this would be coming though. Gonna have to grab the S/T record for sure.
  4. I got this record in much sooner than I expected. Got it last Friday and have had a chance to listen to it multiple times. I’ve been streaming it since it came out, but putting it on the table, cranking it up, and just taking it in has been a completely different experience. The record is so warm and thick and generally just sounds insanely great. Heavier than any other HUM record. I love this album and can really find no wrong in it. It’s a great record to put on for an escape. I especially love how it sounds like they picked up right where they left off with Downward is Heavenward.
  5. I’m right there with you, except I actually slightly favor Tired of Tomorrow over GoE. It only took one not very in depth listen to Great Dismal and it was my favorite Nothing record.
  6. Haha yeah they probably hate that I support their only local store on a regular basis.
  7. I have the /1000 royal blue smoke, magenta, etc..The pops on side 2 song 1 are only for about half the song maybe a little less, but are loud and consistent. The rest is great. Not a huge deal, but I think relapse may be sending a replacement. If not I can deal. I had the same thing happen on a Dino Jr. Reissue of Without a Sound. Had my local shop replace it twice and all three copies had the same issue through half of track 1 side 1.
  8. After one listen, I can already say this is my favorite Nothing album. It sounds great, much much better than Dance on the Blacktop. I also think it’s more dynamic than Guilty Of Everything. The guitars sound killer too and the clean/distorted distinction packs a lot of punch. I obviously still need to dive in deeper, but so far I love it. The record itself and packaging looks great. I do have pretty noticeable pops in the beginning of song 1 side B. Other than that it sounds amazing.
  9. I guess I am too. Those spin cleans look sweet, but for old, dirty records I pick up, I just use dawn and water. It works well enough if the record is just slammed with dirt. Apparently my copy is out for delivery and is not arriving late. Pumped!
  10. Do you ever do anything more than that? Genuinely curious, because that’s all I do with new records. On the topic, my record was supposed to be here today but is “Arriving late”. Very ready to jam this. Might break down and listen to it tomorrow before it gets here.
  11. I feel similar, but I also enjoyed among the ghosts. Some really great tunes on that record. I just didn’t dig the Memphis blues thing they had going for a while, but it was awesome they experimented with it.
  12. Completely agree. 3 LPs, great packaging, it sounds killer, and it’s Wildflowers. 180 gram or not, this is an awesome reissue and $40 is more than reasonable. I can’t believe anyone is complaining about this even a little bit.
  13. I’ve loved the Smashing Pumpkins for a long, long time. If I absolutely had to say, I guess they’re my favorite band and have been for 26 years. I’ve been very optimistic with all of their recent releases and have found some good in all of them. I thought Silvery Sometimes off Shiny and Oh So Bright was pretty good and a couple others weren’t bad. I also listened to Oceania again for the first time in years and enjoyed that and will have to spin Monuments as well, but the 4 songs they’ve released for this new record have been a big bummer for me. I completely agree with everyone’s confusion on

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