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Water through my amp...

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Disastrous day last week; i had water leak through a roof skylight and water came down right on top of my setup and through my records. 

Luckily all of my records are in plastic sleeves, only ten record jackets sustained water damage (and only two of those will be tricky to replace). 

Water did go through my amp.

I made sure all the water had dried, and I gingerly tested it last night and it seems to be ok. Any recommendations on what I should do in terms of ensuring there isn't any long term damage? 
I will be putting in an insurance claim for the shelf and the records, I will include the amp if required. 



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As long as it wasn't on when it got wet, and you're sure you fully dried it before turning it on you will most likely have no lasting damage. After years of people borrowing my amps and spilling tall boys of PBR directly into the head vent... my experience is that the short will happen more immediately rather than lay dormant for any amount of time.

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