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PO: The Thing That Ate Floyd comp. benefitting Gilman - Operation Ivy, Neurosis, Steelpole Bathtub,, No Use For A Name...

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The Thing That Ate Floyd is an essential document of the late '80s 924 Gilman scene, with tracks by Operation Ivy, The Mr. T Experience, Neurosis, Crimpshrine, The Lookouts, Bitch Fight, Kamala & the Karnivores, No Use For A Name, Cringer, Isocrasy, Sweet Baby, Stikky, Sewer Trout, Plaid Retina, Nuisance, Steelpole Bathtub, Capitol Punish



ment, and more. A few of these bands blew up in the '90s, others broke up and formed new bands who blew up in the '90s, and others just broke up, but no matter how big or small each individual band was, the impact of this scene and definitive comps like this one has continued to resonate throughout the last 30 years of punk history.

The 2xLP comp was repressed by Lookout! in 1992 and then given a CD reissue in 2002, but the vinyl has been out of print for a while, so it's good news that it's now getting a remastered vinyl reissue on May 7 via Lavasocks Records. There will be four variants available (orange, pink, blue, and yellow/clear splatter). You can pre-order physical copies from the Lavasocks webstore and digital copies from Bandcamp, and all profits will benefit 924 Gilman."

Four variants are available:

Orange vinyl - limited to 50 (yes, the first 50 are orange, we promise)
Pink vinyl - limited to 100
Blue vinyl - limited to 200
Yellow and clear splatter - limited to 250

Skinflutes - Straight Edge Song
East Bay Mud - Win Or Lose
Corrupted Morals - Big Man
Neighborhood Watch - Gloria
Tommy Rot - Not One Of Mine
Cringer - Cottleston Pie
Boo! Hiss! Pfftlb! - Bananas Smell Funny Sonata In G
Eyeball - The Incredibly Blue Mustance Of Mr. Tinselteeth
Isocracy - Happy Now
Kamala & The Karnivores - 29 Degrees
Bitch Fight - On And On
Plaid Retina - Tied / Tried
Neurosis - Common Inconsistencies
Complete Disorder - We Must Do Something Now
Well Hung Monks - Product Of Misdirection
Swollen Boss Toad - Broken Strings
Vomit Launch - Life Sucks
Relief Society - Abandoned Beer Messiah
MTX - Boredom Zone
Sewer Trout - Vagina Envy
Vagrants - No Way Back
Sweet Baby - Andorra
Stikky - Don't Lick My Leg
No Use For A Name - What!?!
Surrogate Brains - Extreme Racial Pride
Lookouts - Outside
Capitol Punishment - Jackknifed Rig
Spent - In My Past
Raskul - Change
Tribe Of Resistance - Contraversy
Nuisance - Day Of Sun
Op Ivy - Hangin' Out
Steel Pole Bath Tub - Bee Sting




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Apparently they claimed that the first 50 of the original pressing were pressed on orange, which turned out to not be true. That is why they are doing the first 50 here on orange. Seen so many great shows at Gilman, so this is a great way to keep that legendary institution going.

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I have an orange original but there's no way they only made 50 of those considering I bought it at a store when it was released and what were the odds of one of 50 making its way to a little record store in the suburbs of Chicago?


Edit: I checked mine against the discogs listings and mine sort of matches what they strangely call "salmon colored vinyl" but is really just a red/orange marble

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2 hours ago, mike said:

The colored copies came later. First press was black (with the joke in the booklet about the orange put in by Hayes to mess with people). 

Didn't he also number a bunch of them 001 to fuck with collectors?

Orange and pink of this pressing are now sold out.

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