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  1. Man, I still can't believe they actually tried to pass off that dumb excuse... (the "fan" was Reprise and the stealing was them saying "this isn't good enough to release, go try again.")
  2. As a seller it’s definitely slow, but I’ve sold a few things. As a buyer I appreciate the sales they have. I’ve definitely snagged some great deals on their 20%-30% off weekends.
  3. As one of the dudes who recorded this album I agree about "No Case"! For those worried, it's not indicative of the rest of the record (just like "Take What I Want" on the last EP). I think "All Of My Love" is my fav.
  4. I got mine a couple days ago. Best packing job I’ve ever gotten!
  5. Sealed? I’ve never heard of a test press being shrink wrapped.
  6. I’ve only seen two in stores since RSD, but you know what record I see in almost every store? Milo Goes To College. And yet SST keeps pressing it! What the fuck??? Don’t they know that records should only be repressed once every last copy has disappeared from retail. And you should see how many are on discogs too. What jerks! Sarcasm aside, who gives a shit? They’re not screwing over stores. If a store hasn’t been able to sell through them by now, then they ordered too many. And the only reason to be butthurt about it not staying a one-time RSD press is cause now you don’t have the rarest version. Boo-hoo... They can press whatever they want whenever they want. These will eventually sell and in the meantime people will have the opportunity to buy them just like when labels used to keep records in print as opposed to treating them like a one-off trinket.
  7. Euro brown /500 https://www.fcsp-shop.com/de_DE/noch-mehr/descendents
  8. Damn... Good to know it's worth that much. I got that in a discount bin for $7 (and there were two!).
  9. Brand New, Limp Wrist, Northstar are SOLD. More added to the original post... Ramones, Propagandhi, Torche, Reggie, Evil Dead, more...
  10. Cleaning out my attic and found a ton of old t-shirts and other random stuff. Most of these are from the early-mid '00s and are in good shape. $5 unless otherwise noted. Pics below... SMALLS: The Break - eagle Evil Dead $10 The Format $10 Good Riddance Hey Mercedes - skull Koro Limbeck - red trees Limbeck - pink guitar Limbeck - tan Limbeck - travelin' Millencolin One Man Army Pig Destroyer $10 Propagandhi Ramones $20 Reggie and the Full Effect The Reunion Show - face Strike Anywhere Torche $10 MEDIUM: The Break - target Circle Jerks (2-sided) Hey Mercedes - blue Homegrown Jackson Limbeck - shoe Limbeck - pig Limbeck - Missouri Polar Bear Club (new, never worn) Refused (2-sided) $15 The Reunion Show - max The Rise LARGE: Glenn Danzig Mr. T Experience (90's ringer, Lookout logo on back) $30 XL: Green Day (from 1994. The back has the same shit pile, but says Dookie) $30 Hello Goodbye skateboard. It's has a few scuff from being stored, but otherwise new.... $40 So when the Explosion released "Black Tape" they sent out these promo packs that didn't have the album, but had all this other crap. It came with a sticker/button/guitar pick pack, pack of dice, sticker sheet, big poster, and a zine featuring the band. It all came in a specially made mailer, which this one is kinda thrashed (but it's addressed to Kevin Lyman, so that's funny!). All the contents are in really good shape though... $20
  11. Don’t get the comments on the vocals. That’s like the only thing that DIDN’T change (unless you’re just talking about the amount of distortion on them). The music is much more of a departure from the last record.
  12. https://www.instagram.com/mikenerdshit/ Mostly punk/hardcore from all eras. Plus my nerdy ramblings on this nerdy shit.
  13. How does this work? You checkout and then he emails you with his PayPal?
  14. Worked for me. And though not as convenient it is on their bandcamp (with b-sides).
  15. This isn't a dig, but it's always funny to me when folks on here make comments like that. That's how 7"s in glued sleeves came for decades and decades. This thing of cramming a paper dust sleeve into a glued 7" sleeve is still new in the scheme of things (and often annoying as hell).