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  1. Since this is a RSD thread, then I'd say the answer is probably yes.
  2. I like this album enough to warrant buying one of each color despite owning the original.
  3. They've been doing a bunch of different colors over the past year. I think there has been three different colors each of Bivouac and 24 Hour in the past year alone. Unfun green is EXACTLY the same in every way as the green Unfun they did for Hot Topic when the LP was first reissued.
  4. I ordered one of each and they sent me two of the same one. I contacted them and they just sent me a shipping label to send one back and are sending me the correct one. While I was upset that they messed it up, I can't complain about the customer service, they responded first thing this morning (I emailed them late last night).
  5. Looking for the Pink Floyd if anyone knows of places selling online.
  6. Depending on their contract with the original label they did the record with, their blessing might not be required for it to be legal. I got both of these, they sound OK, look nice, but both sound kind of flat in comparison to their respective previous vinyl releases.
  7. I got mine about a week ago and played it the other night. I don't think it sounds nearly as good as the one the band did on their own a couple years ago.
  8. Your money is worth more than ours. Doesn't that automatically make everything from here cheaper?
  9. For whatever reason the red got delayed a week, at least that's what my friend who is a buyer for a local shop told me.