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  1. I've always bought records just cause I love records, and I also have stocks and property and shit. But if the Discogs collection value tally has taught me something it's that my records have actually been my best (accidental) investment (as far as return vs money put in). I personally think it's dumb to look at it as an investment, but if we're being real, I would do very well if I sold all my records today. My stocks and house haven't grown 5x to 10x in value in the past decade, but my Misfits 7"s certainly have.
  2. Inner? Do you live in Japan in the 80s?
  3. Two rarest colors already sold out... https://xtheband.bandcamp.com/album/alphabetland
  4. Can you point out the spots where you hear the overdubs?
  5. If he only knew how much worse it would get... https://www.discogs.com/Tumor-Circus-Take-Me-Back-Or-Ill-Drown-Our-Dog/release/911293
  6. I don't know, this shit is hooks supreme compared to a lot of songs on Green Star. I'll gladly take your portions...
  7. Man, I still can't believe they actually tried to pass off that dumb excuse... (the "fan" was Reprise and the stealing was them saying "this isn't good enough to release, go try again.")
  8. As a seller it’s definitely slow, but I’ve sold a few things. As a buyer I appreciate the sales they have. I’ve definitely snagged some great deals on their 20%-30% off weekends.
  9. As one of the dudes who recorded this album I agree about "No Case"! For those worried, it's not indicative of the rest of the record (just like "Take What I Want" on the last EP). I think "All Of My Love" is my fav.
  10. I got mine a couple days ago. Best packing job I’ve ever gotten!
  11. Sealed? I’ve never heard of a test press being shrink wrapped.