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I'm going to be purchasing a new setup and was looking for guides on how to pair equipment. I'm looking at the Rega P6 with the Ania Pro cartridge (but open to other suggestions!). I know it's a moving coil cartridge, so I know I need a preamp that can support it. But what preamp would be a good match for this turntable and cartridge? Then what amplifier would be a good match for the preamp? And finally speakers with the amp. If there are any articles that anyone can share with me that will help guide me through these things, I would greatly appreciate it.

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@Billich0986!!! i cannot recommend the Ania HIGHER!!!!  i got the standard ania and maaaan its beautiful (and i still havnt broken it in!) 

Im running a Hanss Preamp but really .. Rega's Fono MC or higher will match well ... im not that big into Brand Matching but hey atleast you will know Rega will match with Rega ;)

your system is amazing!!!  so amp wise it really depends on your speakers... i run Active Mackie HRM speakers and a Drawmer HQ Pre (monitor control and switch) so no need for an Amp .. if you want Passive Speakers then definitely get a Stereo Amp .. i wouldnt be messing around with 5.1 or 7.1 Amps... 


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I don’t think there is a reason to worry about synergy between a preamp and amplifier. Any good integrated amp should do the trick. I had a Rotel for years that was excellent. I’m currently using a Denon 1510ae, which I like even more and also switches between MM / MC. If you’re buying new, the 1600ne has the same feature, then you can always add a preamp later if you feel it’s lacking in any way. I’ve found that if you invest in a higher-end integrated there’s much less of a reason to get a separate preamp, unless you really want to make finer adjustments to cartridge loading, etc.

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