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  1. Can you elaborate further on the perfect amp comment? For example, if I went with the Dali Opticon 8 MK2's, they have a 300 watt at 4 ohm max. The Parasound Hint 6 has 270 watts per channel at 4 ohms, which should power the speakers well. Plus, the Parasound had a phono stage that supports a MC cartridge. Is there more I should be looking at? I'm really only going to be using this for the turntable. Would it be better to get a separate phono stage, pre-amp, and amp? I was originally looking at a full Pro-ject setup (Phono Box RS, Pre Box RS, Power Box RS, and Amp Box RS Stereo), but it felt li
  2. Thanks all. I went to a local HiFi shop and got to test out a bunch of equipment. Speaker wise, I landed on the Dali Opticon 6's, but will be comparing them to the 8's when they get them in. They also had a dealer bring in The Funk Firm's LSD turntable. It was upgraded with the FX3 arm as well. I was able to compare it with a Debut Carbon they had there. Honestly, I could barely tell the difference between a $5500 table and a $500 table, so I'm digging deeper on what I want to go with in this space. I don't want to short myself with a $500 table, but it's clear that the gains are
  3. I would have to assume it's just supply and demand. In your Stranger Danger example, even though only 150 copies exist of that specific variant, how many copies exist in total across all variants? If everyone that wants a copy has a copy, then demand won't be there. And if in your Superbloom example, the only pressing is that /600 one, and a few thousand people still want it but don't have it, the price can be driven up. If you're looking for an answer as to "Why?" one may have more demand than the other, there are far too many variables to say. Maybe a specific variant looks the
  4. Not sure if there are many Algorithm fans on the boards, but Brute Force is getting pressed. Comes in either multicolor or black. No word on pressing quantity. https://thealgorithm.bandcamp.com/album/brute-force
  5. https://eidola.merchnow.com/ Black, Red, & Blue Smash Vinyl LP - Limited to 100 Violet & White Smash w/ Splatter Vinyl - Limited to 200 Red & Orange Smash w/ Splatter Vinyl LP - Limited to 300 Cloudy Violet Vinyl - Limited to 500 Red & Orange Twister Vinyl LP - Limited to 700 Royal Blue Galaxy Vinyl LP - Limited to 1000
  6. Didn't even realize there was an hand number, alternative cover and color in the bundle last night. Probably would have grabbed that rather than the btbamazon exclusive. Whoops...
  7. Ditto, but I only ordered the clear/white. Here's hoping!
  8. Alluvial's new album Sarcoma is up for pre-order. https://shop.nuclearblast.com/en/products/sound/vinyl/lp/alluvial-sarcoma-beer-w-black-splatter-vinyl-.html
  9. If there's anyone still looking for a copy of Z1, they just put up a new variant. Ships late August. https://dsfamily.de/home/125-417-the-devil-wears-prada-zombie-lp.html#/29-vinyl-blue_black_smoke
  10. 10 year anniversary lathe cut of Nostalgia For The Absolute. Only 14 in total. (I assume there was 16 in total, as one black and one transparent was put into the super bundle with the test press.) 7 Black 7 Clear/Transparent https://wearearmsandsleepers.bandcamp.com/album/nostalgia-for-the-absolute
  11. I, too, would shit myself if they pressed Holding A Wolf By The Ears. That's the only album I liked by From Autumn To Ashes. I'll be keeping an eye out for that.
  12. @justindinealone is this going to be on the Dine Alone web store, or City and Colour's? (Or both?)

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