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  1. I interpreted as they will announce the pre-order launch date and time this weekend.
  2. Pre-order start will be announced this weekend. https://www.facebook.com/989543584475065/posts/3704300782999318/
  3. Looks like this may be getting a repress... https://www.facebook.com/989543584475065/posts/3691171870978876/
  4. I saw that the Intrinsic repress is a 2LP. Anyone know if it's just an instrumental version on the second disc, or is this new repress cut at 45rpm?
  5. I have a Record Doctor V. I think it works great, but haven't used anything else to compare it to. I clean both sides with a cleaning solution, then clean both sides with chemical grade distilled water (this was recommended by a chemist/biologist on these boards in the audio equipment section of these forums). I would say that it probably takes me 3-5 minutes per record to clean because of this.
  6. I wonder if they're going to include songs not technically in the singles collection, like Blessed Be, Rule of Nines, Constance, and Holy Roller. I'm hoping so...
  7. Any word on if these are different plates or a remix and/or remaster? Just curious if this will sound any different from the OG press.
  8. Not sure if this would classify as "extreme metal", but didn't feel like it warranted its own thread. Winds of Plague - Decimate the Weak (Repress /500)
  9. New Green White mix variant up, out of 250. I have a feeling a new variant will pop up as soon as the next one sells out.
  10. ERRA's new album will be going up tomorrow at 10:00am EST if I'm interpreting the website correctly. (Though, a bunch of people are saying it's already sold out, so not sure why there's a count down timer when you put in the 3rd code... 4d41523139) Link to links to purchase Link and code to watch random 7 second video that explains nothing. (Code: 45525241) Haven't figured out what the code from day 2 does. Doesn't seem to do anything on the website. Might be the code to watch the new single when pre-orders go up? (Code: 4c5035)
  11. Fyi, I watched the teaser video on FB, and it had a date and time of 1/13/21 9:00am. (Not sure if that's EST or PST.)
  12. Not sure if there are many Within The Ruins fans on here, but mostly posting due to the ridiculously low price on Amazon for their new album. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KGW49Y2/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B08KGW49Y2&linkCode=as2&tag=clearancevi03-20&linkId=c8f5cfd177552f5571b4905095beb340

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