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  1. Outrun the Sunlight are re-releasing their debut album Return of Inertia. Everything was redone, hence the 2.0 in the name. This album is definitely heavier than their later work, so if instrumental djent sounds up your alley, check it out. Four variants, two US, two Europe, all out of 125 each. US Distro EU Distro Bandcamp Link W/Three Singles Up
  2. Correct. Given the cost to build a production facility that can't pivot to produce something else (at least I'm not aware of), it's far easier to raise the price to the point where you curb demand to meet supply. It doesn't seem we've reached that point yet given vinyl record sales, so a bit concerning that, in theory, we could continue to see prices climb to $40-50 for a single LP. I don't think we've seen that yet since people seem fine waiting a year for a record to show up, and that has keep the price from the plants artificially lower.
  3. Heretoir's first album was remixed and remastered and is being reissued on vinyl. Silver limited to 149, black unknown. I imagine shipping to the US will be less than ideal... https://shop.aoprecords.de/gb/26-pre-order Edit: Up on Evil Greed as well. https://evilgreed.net/collections/heretoir/products/heretoir-heretoir-2xlp?variant=43849302606089
  4. Did you get shipping notification? I haven't received anything yet.
  5. I use a DAK anti static brush, as it has both a felt pad and bristles, so best of both worlds from my perspective. Along with the record cleaning machine that was already suggested, consider looking into a Onzow Zero Dust to clean your stylus, and if you have money to burn, the Milty Zerostat to help eliminate static electricity before you play a record.
  6. Desktop: Chrome with uBlock Origin extension installed so I don't get ads. Mobile (Android): Chrome -> Settings -> Site Settings -> Ads "Blocked on some sites"; Chrome -> Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Use secure DNS -> Choose another provider -> Provider URL -> https://dns.adguard.com/dns-query With those two settings changes on mobile, I no longer get ads.
  7. To add to the above, there's all of the variants plus a few additional on their bandcamp. Black /1450 Crystal Clear /700 Ash Grey /550 Gold /300 Cool Blue /300 Dracula (Red w/Black Marble) (Patreon Exclusive) /300 https://neobliviscarissom.bandcamp.com/album/exul
  8. Arms and Sleepers album Black Paris 86 is getting a repress, assuming it hits the goal. It's the 15th anniversary with a bunch of extras. Test press bundles as well (don't know if they're still available, though). Link below. https://wearearmsandsleepers.bandcamp.com/album/black-paris-86-15th-anniversary-edition

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