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  1. It was posted in error. Someone reached out to them and they confirmed the error.
  2. Looks like there's a copy available on Discogs, but not sure you're looking to spend that kind of money... https://www.discogs.com/release/16172775-The-Brobecks-Violent-Things
  3. Outrun the Sunlight just put up their new album for pre-order. Link to buy: https://www.athousandarms.com/collections/outrunthesunlight Single:
  4. I dunno. I listened to the OG press, then the ETR press, then the new repress. I could barely tell a difference between all three.
  5. I can't speak for the fan base, but only give my personal opinion. Their third album is where they fell off for me. It just felt generic compared to Casually and Hours. It wasn't until The Young and Defenceless where I had hope again, as it sounded like a good mix of their old and new sound. But I was pretty let down when Welcome Home Armageddon dropped. The Young and Defenceless was supposed to be a preview of what that was to sound like, but it just sounded generic and boring overall to me.
  6. I actually like the pinwheel. If you do, you'll more likely end up with the more rare variant, if that means anything to you...
  7. Wasn't a huge fan of Greyview, but enjoyed the new single. Link: https://iaspply.com/
  8. TL:DR - The latest 45rpm repress is the best sounding, in my opinion. Hope this may or may not help anyone on the fence about getting this latest pressing. With the wife out of town, I finally got a chance to compare the OG press with the 33rpm press and the latest 45rpm repress. Disclaimer: This is the opinion of one person, and I won't claim to be some audiophile. This is just based on my ears, which may not be the greatest anyway. Setup: Pro-Ject Classic Evo w/Sumiko Amethyst; Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier; Focal Aria 936 speakers Test track (listened to multiple times swapping between all pressings): Part 2 I'll start with the 33rpm press. This was the worst sounding, and it wasn't honestly that bad. Basically, it sounded like all the instruments were in a tunnel stacked on top of one another. That doesn't mean there was echo or a tunnel-like sound, but simply everything was placed directly in front of you, with no separation. Despite this, everything sounded relatively clear. Next, the 45rpm OG press. As soon as I put this on, I could hear the difference. There was a stage. Everything was spread out and clear. I enjoyed the extra depth it provided. But maybe too spread out? Lastly, it felt a bit bombastic when everything kicked in midway through. (Go listen to the track and you'll know the part I'm talking about. Sorry for the poor articulation.) Last, the latest 45rpm repress. What makes it better? Basically, it takes the separation and hones in instruments and sounds, along with providing additional clarity on certain instruments. Some instruments like the acoustic guitar are front and center, while the electric sounds off to the sides. It's this added detail and focus that puts this in the top spot for me. With all of that said, unless you have a system capable of that kind of detail, I'm not sure you'd hear a difference between the OG press and the latest repress. Again, all just my opinion, so take it for what it's worth.
  9. The red was up on Suicide Squeeze and on their bandcamp page. Both are sold out.

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