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  1. Last FYI, I asked on FB prior to asking on Twitter (not expecting a response to a comment buried in the 100s of others on FB), and they said that it's new plates for this pressing. So there's a chance it could sound better than the OG or ETR presses, or the exact opposite...
  2. Anyone know if these use the same plates as the ETR pressing? Or are they using new plates?
  3. I ordered the live vinyl, which came with a ticket. I figured "eh, why not?", since I was planning on getting a ticket anyway. After seeing that stream and hearing that audio quality, I have no regrets. Also, classy move bringing Josh in for a song.
  4. Milky White /100 Black & Orange Crush /200 Black /? Test Press /10 (that's how many bundles there are, not sure if it's the official number) https://wearearmsandsleepers.bandcamp.com/album/corpus-dei
  5. I triple dipped on this. I have the Victory pressing, which I never thought sounded bad (maybe I'm deaf and in the wrong hobby...), and have the 2017 Craft press which also sounds good. Curious to see how much better this sounds compared to the 2017 pressing.
  6. Maybe I missed it, but is this remastered or anything? I saw the bonus track, but is that going to be on a separate 7"? I have a press of this already, and with the track lengths on each side, I can't see them squeezing this on a single lp.
  7. I like all of the songs from the singles collection, but only two are truly great to me. However, the self titled is all great, and nothing will top the Mara Effect. (Unless they do another song in the same vein as that one.)
  8. Any reason to pick this up if you already have the 10 year anniversary? I know MOV does quality presses, but the 10 year sounds great to me. And on MOV's site, it says 1LP, whereas the 10yr is 2xLP, so I can't imagine compressing it will make it sound better.

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