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  1. Any reason to pick this up if you already have the 10 year anniversary? I know MOV does quality presses, but the 10 year sounds great to me. And on MOV's site, it says 1LP, whereas the 10yr is 2xLP, so I can't imagine compressing it will make it sound better.
  2. I'm still bitter that I wasn't able to attend their farewell tour. I had a business meeting come up that I needed to travel for, so I sold my ticket. Maybe one day they'll do a random tour that I'll be able to catch them on.
  3. These singles are not doing it for me. The only one I enjoyed so far was Animal Mother. Will probably have to give the album a full listen to decide if it's worth picking up.
  4. The 7" test press of Vow's album Make Me Young. I reached out to the band, but none were willing to sell. I have every variant of every release, except for that one. Edit: Found out that they only made two test presses, one for each member of the band. Both are keeping their copy for sentimental value. No way will I ever get a copy (unless one becomes beyond desperate for money). My ultimate white whale I suppose.
  5. I recently got a record that had a decent warp. I put the record on a hard flat surface, put about 50lbs of books on top, and left it alone for a month. Was it perfectly flat afterwards? No. But it was significantly better and has no issues playing.