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  1. 0 for 2. Neither of these singles did anything for me. That said, I didn't like Scurrilous when it first came out, but I went back and revisited it a few years later and really enjoy it now. I'll probably hold onto my pre-order for that reason.
  2. https://wearearmsandsleepers.bandcamp.com/album/leviathan-in-times-of Vinyl out of 150 Test Press out of 5
  3. I don't think they're supposed to use lethal force...
  4. Doesn't seem like their new stuff is moving as fast as their other stuff used to. Pressing out of 45 and there are still 23 left in stock. Price is $30 + $10 Shipping. https://wearearmsandsleepers.bandcamp.com/merch/eastern-promises-limited-edition-vinyl
  5. As much as I typically go for the rarest variant, I had to go with the coke bottle variant, as it went best with the artwork in my opinion. Thanks for posting!