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  1. Surprisingly, I did get my money back.
  2. That's the message I repeatedly got. I tried about 20 times, clicking on different seats. I eventually said fuck it and gave up. As much as I would like to see Tool, they're not worth that much time and aggravation.
  3. https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/shop/947/sithu-aye-homebound-vinyl-1st-pressing-2xLP Be warned, shipping in the US is $13.50, so the total comes out to $48.50...
  4. Here's the random mix if you want to see how it turned out...
  5. I just got a shipping notification for this!
  6. Wow... so can we start posting the cat and Shaq gifs yet?
  7. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Got Powerman 5000 vibes from it in places. I will need to give it a couple more listens before final judgement.
  8. New Equip album up for pre-order. https://shop.100percentelectronica.com/collections/cursebreaker-x
  9. Is that available anywhere? I can only find it marked up absurdly on Discogs.
  10. Got Eidola due to a repress. Now, if only they'd repress Autotheism...