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  1. @justindinealone is this going to be on the Dine Alone web store, or City and Colour's? (Or both?)
  2. Mesarthim's Vacuum Solution is up on Sound Cave. There will be a bandcamp exclusive on Avantgarde's bandcamp page tomorrow. https://www.sound-cave.com/en/band/mesarthim/vacuum-solution-sound-cave-exclusive
  3. Probably won't make it until Halloween, but I'd assume a repress by then. I dunno, it always seems like their records would inevitably go on sale for cheap. Maybe that's just their recent stuff. What I'd like to see is a pressing of their self titled EP and Awaken the Vesper.
  4. I'll just wait for this to inevitably go on sale for $10.
  5. Thanks for the link. The pink Unreqvited was already sold out on bandcamp, but was able to get it from Prophecy.
  6. Yeah, they put one up for raffle. This is basically a one in a billion chance that person frequents this board, sees this post, and is actually willing to sell.
  7. I'll toss in my 2 cents. I will seek out the best sounding pressing first, seeing if there is a 45rpm cut, a pressing mastered from the original tapes, or if it's an album not that old, a pressing specifically mastered for vinyl. If nothing like that exists, and all pressings are coming off the same plate, then I'll look for most limited next. However, if one of the variants goes perfectly with the artwork, then I'll prioritize that over rarity.
  8. Had Wax Mage and Test Press in cart. Went to check out... Wax Mage sold out. Added stripe to cart and went to check out... Test Press sold out. Ended up with just the stripe. Brutal.
  9. I'm going to be purchasing a new setup and was looking for guides on how to pair equipment. I'm looking at the Rega P6 with the Ania Pro cartridge (but open to other suggestions!). I know it's a moving coil cartridge, so I know I need a preamp that can support it. But what preamp would be a good match for this turntable and cartridge? Then what amplifier would be a good match for the preamp? And finally speakers with the amp. If there are any articles that anyone can share with me that will help guide me through these things, I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. You can still get the apocalypse variant here, but comes with a live stream ticket... https://ziiundeadstream.com/
  11. Scooped up the moon phase variant. I didn't see anyone report on the quality difference between the OG press and this new pressing, so when I get a chance to compare, I'll report back.
  12. Abiotic second pressing of Ikigai is up! https://abiotic.bandcamp.com/album/ikigai

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