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  1. Surprisingly, I did get my money back.
  2. That's the message I repeatedly got. I tried about 20 times, clicking on different seats. I eventually said fuck it and gave up. As much as I would like to see Tool, they're not worth that much time and aggravation.
  3. https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/shop/947/sithu-aye-homebound-vinyl-1st-pressing-2xLP Be warned, shipping in the US is $13.50, so the total comes out to $48.50...
  4. Here's the random mix if you want to see how it turned out...
  5. I just got a shipping notification for this!
  6. Wow... so can we start posting the cat and Shaq gifs yet?
  7. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. Got Powerman 5000 vibes from it in places. I will need to give it a couple more listens before final judgement.
  8. New Equip album up for pre-order. https://shop.100percentelectronica.com/collections/cursebreaker-x
  9. Is that available anywhere? I can only find it marked up absurdly on Discogs.
  10. Got Eidola due to a repress. Now, if only they'd repress Autotheism...
  11. Another repress if anyone is interested. https://thecontortionist-store.com/products/the-contortionist-language-rediscovered-vinyl-green?fbclid=IwAR0vvcXOV0OdzMknmlIzEq_FBywninptsmjYcRDJNxFuHrUMUOIQDzZLewc
  12. Did anyone grab an extra of the shooting star they would be willing to sell? Or is going to the show and wouldn't mind picking up the splatter tour variant?
  13. So if you're still curious, the album I pledged towards hit it's goal, and I haven't been charged. I'll assume at this point that it'll run until the campaign is done, then everyone who pledged will be charged at that point.
  14. I pledged to Mesarthim's new album. I was only charged a dollar for the digital copy of the album. If it makes it, I will be charged the remaining amount. If it doesn't, then I won't be charged, but I guess I got the album for $1? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Not sure how many Sienna Skies fans there are around here, if any, but they just released their debut album on vinyl. Album is $30 AUD, and shipping to the states is $25. Limited to 250 https://siennaskies.bigcartel.com/product/preorder-truest-of-colours-12-vinyl