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  1. I was hopping between the old tracks and the newly remastered tracks on Youtube. Can't say that I agree with that assessment (though clearly Youtube quality for tracks that were posted 10 years ago can be questionable). The only difference I was hearing is the new version sounds more polished. The old version has this static-ness over the music, almost like a lo-fi vibe. The remaster takes that away. (Sorry, not a seasoned music reviewer so that's the best way I can describe it.) Either way, not enough of a difference for a double dip on this one for me. Seems the few reviews that are posted on Discogs confirms the same; minimal difference to the OG press.
  2. The band did put a single from the new version yesterday. I actually enjoyed it better than the original, so I have no regrets at this time about buying a second, different version. If you want to check it out: https://nightmarer.bandcamp.com/album/deformity-adrift-reformed Wax Vessel said that the high cost on the signature variants was to help subsidize the cost on the natural PVC variant. I'm not sure the logic on that, unless they don't think many people are going to buy the PVC variant (or to help encourage more sales of the PVC variant with a lower price?). They also said it was to help get cash in the hands of Nightmarer to help support their Euro tour. Based on the state of the industry and how little these bands make in the genres we listen to, I'm fine with the price as long as the majority of the money is going to the band. 100%, which is why I'm glad 99% of their releases are bands that I have zero interest in.
  3. I put them in the same vein as Ulcerate or Wake, at least, that's how I catalog them in my head. And that excerpt, as exhausting as it is, was only about half the post. Either way, if you like death metal with a bunch of dissonance, then I'd recommend checking out Deformity Adrift.
  4. Wax Vessel is putting out a different version of Nightmarer's new album Deformity Adrift today at 1pm CST. In typical WV fashion, there will be the highly limited 300 copies that sell out in 60 seconds (if that), BUT, there will be an open pre-order as well. I didn't see it posted here (or maybe I missed it), so just wanted to give people the heads up in case anyone was interested. Based on the Facebook post, they state that this version on the album will be vinyl only, so I'm assuming it won't be up on their Bandcamp page for digital listening. Here's an excerpt from their incredibly long FB post to give some details: In true DIY fashion, and like the vast majority of the recordings, it was re-done completely in house. Here are some details: 1) Half of the vocals are completely new, courtesy of guitarist Keith Merrow, whose voice is high-pitched and a stark contrast to vocalist John Collett's deep growl. It accentuates the Black Metal undertones of the band. 'Suffering Beyond Death' features guest vocals by Brendan Sloan of Convulsing, who also played bass on the album. 2) Guitars are fully re-amped, some with really unorthodox gear, like a BOSS MetalZone and late 80s Randall amp, for example. 4) Opposite to the original release, the drum mix on 'Reformed' is from an audience perspective, to emphasize the live feel we wanted to achieve with this version. There are no samples or triggers on anything, showcasing the full dynamics of Paul Seidel's drumming. 5) A lot of the sound design, samples and some of the Industrial elements are either removed or stripped back for this release, to create more of a rehearsal room / live energy. 6) The track 'Endstadium' was fully re-recorded. It was actually a reversed and obscured drone riff on the original release, but for 'Reformed', we wanted to show off the actual riff it originated from and put it in front of our fastest, instead of the slowest song. 7) The interlude 'Tooms' was originally meant to lead into 'Brutalist Imperator', but we ended up choosing another order on the original release of 'Deformity Adrift'. Now, the couple opens up side B. 😎 Side B now closes with a yet unreleased cover of a true Godflesh deep cut: 'Suction'. It was recorded during the 'Deformity Adrift' sessions, but we decided to hold it back for a special occasion. Fun fact, we cooked an amp when Simon recorded bass for it. It died on the last note. 9) Every re-recording, re-amping and the new mix were done in our Portland studio by Keith Merrow, except for 'Suction', which was mixed by one man entity CHOIR, a fellow Total Dissonance Worship artist. 10) The new order of the tracklist was specifically designed around the new mix. As you can see, EXTENSIVE. New tracks. New recordings. New vocals. New mix. New master. New trackorder. New instrumentation. New soundscapes. It’s truly a separate, alternate version of this album.
  5. Appreciate the replies. I'm going to grab a second copy.
  6. Has anyone received their copy yet and given it a spin? Curious how the sound quality is. I've only seen one comment in one of the FB groups I'm in that the SQ is better than the SRC pressing, but would like a few more confirmations before I grab a copy of this.
  7. The two listings that went up today have already been pulled down. Creating this as a place holder as I assume more variants and locations will pop up. Links below for where they were... https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/collections/2000s/products/something-corporate-leaving-through-the-window-limited-edition-2lp https://thesoundofvinyl.us/products/something-corporate-leaving-through-the-window-splatter-limited-edition
  8. First time on vinyl. No US distro unfortunately, and I'm guessing there won't be. https://shop.rockshots.eu/en/vinyl/6735-disarmonia-mundi-mind-tricks-vinyl-ltd-edition.html?fbclid=IwAR2gLc4W1CIMpaz3mb5YNnyygzDpx--sNQaJHNpjgZ2q9d_h7kXoEQDubwo
  9. Milky clear with black splatter, or maybe opaque blue, depending which description you want to go with. Still going to wait until someone reports back on the sound quality of these. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/story-of-the-year-page-avenue-lp-limited-edition-only-300-made-milky-clear-w-black-splatter-vinyl
  10. My friend's side project band just put up their new album for pre-order. FFO: Melodic Symphonic Black Metal https://hypnoticdirgerecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-soul-purged
  11. I dunno. They haven't once mentioned The Used. I don't think Tug could go a single post without mentioning The Used. Maybe two posts...
  12. People have been asking, and it's finally happening. Now's your chance to own this masterpiece on vinyl. https://slicethecake.bigcartel.com/product/odyssey-to-the-west-12-vinyl-gatefold
  13. Deftones's Gore. I'm not a Deftones fan, but for whatever reason, this album just has that "it" factor for me and checks all of the right boxes.
  14. I plan on waiting as well to see the reviews on the quality this.
  15. Repress. No idea if it's using a different master or different plates. https://www.squatchinthepit.com/products/preorder-story-of-the-year-page-avenue-insomnia-beer-black-smoke-w-white-splatter
  16. Pretty sure what you're referring to is surface noise, and it sounds like a pressing fault in this instance. I recently purchased a copy of Disillusion's Ayam, and even after cleaning with my record doctor v, it still had surface noise throughout. I reached out to the vendor who I bought the record from and they sent me a new copy, which has almost no surface noise. If yours is unbearable, I would reach out to seller, request a refund and send it back. You could try giving it a run through at 45rpm or even 78rpm, as that's supposedly a trick that can sometimes alleviate surface noise. Didn't work for me with Ayam, however. Regarding returning the record doctor, I wouldn't. I buy plenty of brand new records that come out of the sleeve looking pretty dirty. It's not going to be a magic cure all that fixes a beat up record, or one that has a pressing defect from the plant, but with help with normal records with some debris, and help with the longevity of your needle.
  17. Not that extreme, but didn't want to start a new thread for it. Scar Symmetry is releasing a bunch of their albums on vinyl. https://scarsymmetry.bfan.link/reissues140423
  18. Outrun the Sunlight are re-releasing their debut album Return of Inertia. Everything was redone, hence the 2.0 in the name. This album is definitely heavier than their later work, so if instrumental djent sounds up your alley, check it out. Four variants, two US, two Europe, all out of 125 each. US Distro EU Distro Bandcamp Link W/Three Singles Up
  19. Correct. Given the cost to build a production facility that can't pivot to produce something else (at least I'm not aware of), it's far easier to raise the price to the point where you curb demand to meet supply. It doesn't seem we've reached that point yet given vinyl record sales, so a bit concerning that, in theory, we could continue to see prices climb to $40-50 for a single LP. I don't think we've seen that yet since people seem fine waiting a year for a record to show up, and that has keep the price from the plants artificially lower.

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