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  1. You may potentially hear a difference going from the Phono Box to the Tube Box, as tubes give a different sound. The bigger question is, will you like it? I demoed a tube preamp and a solid state, and I personally was not a fan of the sound tubes gave. The Debut Pro looks really nice, so enjoy it when you get it!
  2. Yep, got mine yesterday. Went straight into the cleaning pile so haven't opened it up yet. The whole package looked really nice, so looking forward to giving this a spin in the near future.
  3. Wouldn't call it extreme metal, but don't know a better place to post this and don't think it warrants a thread of its own. Doom/sludge/post-metal band Earthrise is back with a new album after 10 years. Pre-order link below, out of 300. https://earthrisemn.bandcamp.com/
  4. Negative. The US OG 2009 press is 33rpm. And I thought you knew everything about The Used, Tug.
  5. The vinyl for Outrun The Sunlight's new album A Vast Field of Silence finally arrived, so I took a picture of the collection.
  6. Although my tastes have changed quite a bit since then, Horizons will forever hold a spot in my top 10, and it's still better than the majority of metalcore I hear coming out these days. But that just may be the nostalgia speaking...
  7. I miss the days of Killing With A Smile and Horizons.
  8. Hey, tried to send you a message but it says your account isn't accepting messages. I know it's a long shot, but let me know if you are willing to let go of that FASSW.
  9. Thanks for this. I initially skipped because I thought it was grindcore, which just isn't my thing. But when you said it sounded like Ulcerate, I immediately checked it out, and glad I did. Pre-ordered!
  10. I've been waiting for an Autotheism repress for years. It has to be coming, right? Right???
  11. Greylotus has their first full length up for pre-order. Three variants, each out of 100. I first heard these guys in 2020 on the Techabilitation live stream, and have been following since. If you enjoy progressive tech death, this is for you. Bandcamp (which is a few bucks cheaper due to lower shipping): https://greylotusband.bandcamp.com/ The Artisan Era: https://www.theartisanerastore.com/collections/greylotus
  12. Astronoid's new album Radiant Bloom is up for pre-order through 3DOT Recordings. Variants and new single below. Purple W/Peach Marble - /500 Sky Blue W/Pink Marble - /500 First single "Eyes":
  13. Good point. I did go check my credit card statement and there isn't any charge. Which is weird that they offered to refund me... I'll let the order hang open, but probably call it a day when it hits the one year mark. That's disappointing to hear. Did they all turn out that way? Have you heard any other reports of significant surface noise? I, too, also picked up one of the OG T&N pressings (White from the 3rd press), but wanted the remaster to have both in my collection.
  14. Did anyone order the repress from Zia Records? Back in late September, they put the Clear w/Black & Gold splatter up on their website for sale. I reached out a month ago and they said that they took the pre-orders they received to place an order for the product with the distributor. I know that this variant was limited, so what they said didn't really make sense. Not sure why they would put up a product for pre-order without knowing if they will receive any stock. I would assume that most businesses have an idea how much inventory they will get, and put that amount up for pre-order. Just trying to determine if I should cancel my order because it will never be fulfilled.
  15. Nothing screams "Partay!" quite like a wax mage bowl of guac.
  16. I prefer the aesthetic of turning my vinyl into decorative bowls, and cutting up the jackets to use as coasters.
  17. I have a ETR test press of Fall of Troy's Doppelganger that I'm looking to part with. However, when I purchased this, it only had a generic white jacket. It does not have the slip/insert jacket you see on Discogs. I do not have a grading of the media either, as I have never listened to it. I can send a link to my Discogs or eBay profiles so you can check my feedback. Shoot me an offer!