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WTB: A Perfect Circle & Tool LPs/Shirts

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Hey there,

I'm looking for APC and TOOL records as well as shirts (size L) without having to pay eBay-prices.

So, if you're looking to get rid off your records/shirts, feel free to contact me...would love to get those suckers on vinyl (no matter if they are bootlegs! :P )

Feel also free to check my Sale/Trade-List:



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Above has Lateralus picture disc on the list (my favorite album of theirs); did not know if you saw already... was in tradelist thread on this site

my son was home visiting from college visiting today, wearing his tool sweatshirt-- he saw them earlier this year. I could not pry it off him for you,...for no amount of $$, Sasan, sorry ;) will keep an eye open, i have seen some others as well can't remember right now

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I have the black tool wrench logo sweatshirt (TOOL on front, cock and balls wrench on back) in a large I'd let go for 20+ shipping. Think I have some T shirts too, all in large. I'd have to go check. At one point I had like ten of them but I don't listen to them any more and I think I used some of those shirts to plug up holes in my window frames to keep the bats out when I installed my air conditioning. :( PM me if you're interested and I'll go check and see if I have any and if they're in good shape for you.

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Hottopic.com has Opiate and Lateralus 2x Pic Disc and with hot cash starting tomorrow you can get them both for cheap. I picked them both up last time they did hot cash.

See this thread for codes to get them cheap.


They had Undertow last time as well but I didn't see it this time.

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I have almost every single tool shirt ever made. what do you want? be specific and Ill see what I can do.

I have a picture gallery on imgur if you are interested in looking at a few of them

I have a couple extra Tool vinyl including Opiate and Undertow represses, check list.

Not interested in trading/selling my copies of Ænima or Lateralus. Unless you are wealthy.

PM for more info/ check list.

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I think I still have one of my old tool shirts (in large) kicking around still. Rust colored, TOOL on the front stretching from about the left pocket area to the hem a spiral on the back filled with the definition of the word "tool". I'll look for it for you if you're interested.

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