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  1. Anyone have any luck on the charge back? I'd prefer not to eat this...fuckin a
  2. Years ago (like, 2002), I was at a Salvation Army in Bristol, RI and found 6 copies of this gem: https://www.discogs.com/Christopher-Christopher/release/4760161 They were a buck a pop and had heard that it was a fairly rare one at the time, so I snagged those and a 4 ft by 3 ft velvet elvis (for $5... another steal). I ended up trading them for a whole hell of a lot of stuff over the years.
  3. No confirmation email, only the paypal receipt, fairly standard for a bigcartel site.
  4. Snagged one with the print. It'll compliment the other two.
  5. Certified banger. Going to be a summer record for sure. And if you miss the old vocals, he's still a madman live and is screaming/yelling everything.
  6. Snagged the 2xLP and the flesh/brunette/lipstick merge. I'm stupid.
  7. What's going on, I play in a band called Darklands, that definitely fits into that whole shoegaze played by punks mold. Our LP just went up on Atomic Action Records, if you want check it out and order an LP. We're on Spotify and all that jazz for our older stuff, but here's a link to our soundcloud with the new LP And the link to order: www.atomicactionrecords.bigcartel.com
  8. LP's came in this morning, decided to listen to part II first (after purposely not listening to that link a few posts up), definitely great after the first spin.
  9. Wow, what a shit show. Had an alarm set so I could grab it, didn't think to check the store until now.... bummed.
  10. This show was a blast. I still have a giant ridiculous poster from this show as well. Though, for whatever reason, I don't remember Thursday at all.
  11. can't wait for whatever this may be...eve is killer
  12. Pretty excited to grab this thing at a decent price. Like a lot of you were saying, I didn't really care for it at first and totally missed the boat. Now...well, different story!
  13. This is pretty awesome, stoked this is going to happen!