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  1. Nope, only instrumental. The song is actually the first „real“ release and will not be included on the upcoming debut. The 4-Track record (42 minutes) will be released on CD/Vinyl on July, 21…
  2. Partly Stoner rock, bit more psych rock. Bonus Track from their upcoming release:
  3. I still don't see why people consider Omens a let down....it's a fucking strong record that took another turn in the band's history. It's obviously different than the rest....no record could stand a chance after their Magnum Opus!
  4. Selling a few things left from ITC. Shipping from Europe. 1st edition of "Twelve Lathes of Christmas": Control ‎– Live Together, Die Alone 7" (ltd. to 2, NM / NM) - 19,99€ Nomads – Sunset On The Range / Walking By Lamplight 7" (ltd. to 5, M/NM) - 19,99€ NGHBRS ‎– Golden Age / Small Talk 7" (ltd. to 8, NM/NM) - 19,99€ The Black And The White ‎– Futures EP 12" (ltd. to 9, NM/NM) - 49,99€ Happy Body Slow Brain – Live EP 12" (ltd. to 10, NM/NM) - 89,99€ Other ITC releases: Unconditional Arms ‎– Fever Basin 7" Lathe (ltd. to 35, vinyl NM / sleeve VG+) - 19,99€ Owel ‎– I've Seen Colors 12" Lathe (ltd. to 60, M/M) - 44,99€ Owel ‎– Every Good Boy 10" (ltd. to 300, half & half oxblood & bone, NM/NM) - 24,99€ Owel - Owel s/t 12" (ltd. to 300, Blue Marble with built-in piano, NM/NM) - 79,99€ Off & On ‎– Good Talk Vol. 1+2 12" Lathe ( ltd. to 80, M/NM) - 9,99€ Ghost House ‎– Sorry About Everything 12" (NM/NM) - 9,99€ Toothgrinder ‎– Vibration/Colour/Frequency 12" (ltd. to 120, red/white/blue vinyl with tie-dyed jacket, NM/M) - 34,99€ Stepfriends ‎– All We've Got 12" (ltd. to 200, NM/NM) - 9,99€
  5. Stickman is never going crazy with variants, but I bet there will be a lot on Armageddon
  6. That's pretty much a summary of why I can't understand the above mentioned postings here who "hope he is able to heal" or "hope he finds his peace"...that m*therf*cker needs to be burning in a f*cking side street!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for the blue variant of TCO's Ma Fleur...released on RSD 2017. Preferably in Europe to avoid crazy shipping/taxes.
  8. Is this getting into the ISIS direction...? 😵
  9. If you're looking for quality lathes, you should definitely avoid In The Clouds...!
  10. Will definitely grab...anybody knows when these will be online? Particularly on Evil Greed?
  11. Only bank transfer; which still is quite normal in Germany. Never had problems with orders from Europe.
  12. https://pelagic-records.com/product/mono-scarlet-holliday-10-ep/ I really hope they'll still have the "Dahm's First Born" Edition tonight when they launch the PO for "THE OTHERS" boxset
  13. Pretty late to the game, but does this mean that PayPal is the only payment method? So when I connect my account to PayPal, I’ll automatically offer the option to pay via PayPal? thanks
  14. Well, not sure what you’re referring to regarding BoT (don’t listen to them), but as far as I’m concerned the writing process is similar to aforementioned tool and apc...I’m pretty sure he „only“ lays down his vocals and that’s it. seeing the new track on the Blu-ray, gave me another impression...had rather a Themata-vibe than Asymmetry. Nice concert...although Mark‘s „haircut“ (if this can be called a haircut) is more than questionable 😂😂😂
  15. I love this band so much! Sound Awake is probably my favorite album ever! The new song is a freaking mix of Themata and Asymmetry...I really hope there'll be the progressiveness of SA on the album as well
  16. Just received my copies: they look beautiful and sound fantastic. From deep within and Blood moon night are outstanding!
  17. Not sold out edit: ah, now I see. You can press the „add to cart“ button and it will show sold out afterwards ...
  18. 60€ plus taxes and fees for a single LP?! Honestly, fuck this band! Fuck them hard! They started ripping fans off years ago, but this is nothing but a joke! It’s more of a joke than Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy...
  19. I'm afraid they'll put a shirt into the package so they can cash in an addition $100.... 😕

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