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  1. Can’t believe it’s already 20 years...but damn, 50€ on a 2xLP? Hell no!
  2. Uff, that's quite a far-fetched speculation...as for the lovely person I had contact with a long long time ago, I really hope it's not true and that she'll get well soon!
  3. WTF? Really? What's going on there? Not "friended" with her on FB, so I'm not seeing anything (actually don't even know who of all Lindsays out there she is...)
  4. I still can't believe I managed to snag one of the /100 red presses of Frames...love that record!
  5. $60 + $45 shipping to Germany...fuck that! I hope some EU distri will sell them...
  6. Well, it’s $159 new...would guess that used ones sell for around $100. Maybe another 1/3 off because of the plug...Don’t think you’ll get more than $70 for it
  7. Sorry to bump this thread again...but just gave it a listen after quite some while. Man, this album rips! I love it! Probably my favorite CoL record!
  8. Thanks man! It’s a fantastic pedal...instant doom when you put any kind of OD/distortion in front of it. Infinite sound walls...
  9. Never assembled something easier than this It's really only cutting the ends and screwing the plugs on the cable! Seriously, nothing can go wrong here!