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  1. $60 + $45 shipping to Germany...fuck that! I hope some EU distri will sell them...
  2. Well, it’s $159 new...would guess that used ones sell for around $100. Maybe another 1/3 off because of the plug...Don’t think you’ll get more than $70 for it
  3. Sorry to bump this thread again...but just gave it a listen after quite some while. Man, this album rips! I love it! Probably my favorite CoL record!
  4. Thanks man! It’s a fantastic pedal...instant doom when you put any kind of OD/distortion in front of it. Infinite sound walls...
  5. Never assembled something easier than this It's really only cutting the ends and screwing the plugs on the cable! Seriously, nothing can go wrong here!
  6. Yeah, those are the ones I’m talking about. Haven’t heard bad of the George L. ones, but never tried them. Only thing I can say is that they probably aren’t as small as the 3Monkeys. Never seen anything that small. And the cable is very thin and flexible on top...
  7. Yeah, the Lava Mini ELC where a PITA imo. I mean for all cables, you’ll need to strip the cable etc, but the lava ones are so unreliable. No matter how tight you fixed the „screw“, I always faced problems when I transported my board... the sound was gone and you had to check 40 patch cables for a loose connection...that sucked. it’s either soldered cables (which in my opinion is the most reliable way, but the plugs will never be as tiny as the solderless ones) or the 3Monkeys. They are small, easy to assemble and I haven’t faced any problems, yet!
  8. Bumping this old piece of sh*t in order to let the Caspian thread die... Here's a picture of a SUNN MODEL T Preamp that I've built
  9. There actually is one...dying somewhere between the "Shower Farts" and "Condoms"-threads...shall we revive the other thread? These were Lava Mini ELC Cables & Plugs...a pain in the ass! Switched to 3Monkeys solderless cables which are expensive but damn, they are fine! I'd rather solder cables myself, but solderless plugs are way smaller than the ones to be soldered.
  10. Here's my old one (last year), too heavy to carry around...therefore I downsized; will take a picture of the new one in the next days.
  11. Nice, Im building the Life Pedal anytime soon. Still waiting for some parts to arrive
  12. Not sure, played the Slö some time and only found the Dream Mode to be useable; the rest was too „normal“... i like how this thread turned into a pedal thread 😂👍