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Vinyl Collective Best Practices Policy for Dealing with Identified and Confirmed Scammers


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Quick tip..while an IP ban is easy to get around, an actual physical address is not.


What you guys should do is have a state/address finder of sorts.


Basically, what you can do  is make a sub forum/section (or even just a thread), where only moderators can post. Then in each forum, you can post the information of the scammer. Address/name/zip code/paypal email. Then basically whenever shipping or trading a record, people can just go into that thread use the search function, and see if anyone in the zip code they were shipping to is a scammer.


for example, let's say i'm trading a record to someone in Manhattan. I'd go into the thread, and search the zip code (10010) that the other person sent me and if there are any scammers in that zip code, the posts would be highlighted/shown. Then, if the address shows, or if the name is the same, then i'd know not to ship it to that person because they're a proven scammer.


i think it'd be a good idea too, because it would discourage people from scamming in fear of having their information publicly posted, and to take the whole process a lot more seriously. the only drawback is that i think it'd mostly add protection for trades/sellers, but its better than nothing.

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can we have a list of known scammers and their aliases on the top of this thread?


I don't want it to be a which hunt with accusations, but for confirmed scammers like Rick Angley (currently Harmonika on eBay) who has stolen $100 from at least 3 people here that I know of, it would be nice to have them outed in one convenient place.

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