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Vinyl Collective Best Practices Policy for Dealing with Identified and Confirmed Scammers


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Vinyl Collective Best Practices Policy for Dealing with Identified and Confirmed Scammers

One of the worst things to happen to an online community like ours is to have someone betray the trust of the other members by intentionally defrauding a buyer/seller/trader. We are setting a policy that we hope will protect the Vinyl Collective Community to the best extent possible and set a precedent that Scammers will not be tolerated.

  • First, what qualifies as an Offense worthy of Banning:
  • You Sell an item and never deliver it. Further, you let your communication lapse to
    the point no other conclusion can be reached except that you have intentionally defrauded another Member.
  • You Buy an item and then later you file a PayPal claim to get your money back even
    though you received the item. It is unacceptable to use PayPal policy to defraud a VC Member.
  • You Trade for an item but don’t live up to your end of the deal by delivering the item.
  • You Sell or Trade for an item and what you send is either intentionally the wrong item or so grossly damaged that it can only be interpreted that you were attempting to rip-off the other party.


All of the above instances have occurred. In the past we have not IP Blocked identified scammers and many have come back with new user names to prey on the good nature of our community. This will now stop.

The issue that is the trickiest is when to ban and block a user. We want our members to have every opportunity to resolve these matters and keep lines of communication open. Now, knowing that action will be taken we have a very simple suggestion:


Going forward, before you agree to a final deal, please exchange email addresses and confirm they
work. Once a member is IP Blocked this will be your only means of communication
with them if you still retain hopes of connecting with them.

We will not IP Block an identified Scammer instantly, we will leave a 30 day window open for things to be resolved via VC. After this considerable amount of time it would be negligent for us to allow someone confirmed as a scammer to have the opportunity to prey on another user.

Course of Action:

  1. If you have been ripped off, report it to a Mod. While WE CANNOT HELP IN ANY WAY TO GET BACK PROPERTY OR MONEY, we ask you to suggest a course of action.
  2. Mod will contact and allow the identified user a chance to respond and set things right.
  3. If a Mod has early evidence or suspicion a thread will be locked immediately with a warning.
  4. If after 30 days from initial complaint it is confirmed this was a scam we will now IP Block the User so they cannot open a new account.
  5. Each case and the appropriate action will be left to the discretion of the Mod Team and can be assessed independently.

Finally, take note that from here on out, ripping off another member will come down with Zero Tolerance. Regardless if you have 10 posts or 10,000 – if you take advantage of the Trust of this Community and do not set things right then you will be removed.


If you are suspicious of a potential fraudulent buyer/seller please feel free to contact a moderator.

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Please know that it wasn't that people weren't trying their best to prevent this stuff. With Rambo and I on board we've been able to lend an assist to Juan and the SRC gang. With extra hands on deck I think more is being done and that's what was needed. With the influx of new users I think a stated policy was needed and wrote it with everyone's approval. Further SRC is working on some things that will help even further. 


It will never be 100% but it's getting better. 

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So we should report if we are very sure we have been scammed or report sketchy people who throw up flags but that I may not have actually exchanged goods / money with?

Yes! We're counting on the community to work together as a whole for the greater good.

As we say at work regarding safety, "Be your brother's keeper."

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I suggest a policy of assembling a STREET JUSTICE TEAM that is to come together anytime an upstanding member of the board is scammed to exact justice upon the scamming piece of shit's ass.

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