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  1. No sure where to put this stuff as VC shifts more & more to mainstream music. GOODCYTE RECORDS - premiere instrumental label. Sold here: https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/ Prices are $11~$16, shipping is $5 within USA sh.ipping from FL, and if you live outside USA, ships from Tokyo for $6 Like post rock for short attention spans. Instrumental punk. Add some zap & emotion for a quick weight lifting session or doing laundry, etc. Everything is crafted with visual details to make a balanced visual/auditory experience. 1. Oneironautics I (Deeper Blue/Redlight Stare split) - It's a space dream These are almost sold out 130 copies on blue nebula and 80 on red nebula. Each is unique: 2. Sinking Dream (Deeper Blue) - There's 5 variations, 4 in stock in USA & Japan through our bandcamp 3. Night Rain (Deeper Blue) - our best seller. Nostalgic surf punk melodies carry this one. Black vinyl pressed in Japan. High quality. Also lower quality European purple 1st pressing still available (almost sold out, black is sold out): But it comes in a sweet spined jacket:
  2. The stylus may need to be replaced. You can keep it clean with a Zerodust. In most cases, skips are caused by the turntable. There could be something lodged in the grooves that causes yours stylus to jump out.
  3. I'm going out on a limb here, based on the information presented: You're new to vinyl. As said above, this is just a scuff, usually caused paper sleeves. If you're new to vinyl, it is possible you have an entry level turntable (under $300). These tables do not have the best tracking and skips are very common. It's probably a coincidence that the record skips where the scuff is. As for cleaning, try a SpinClean.
  4. It's pressed by Package Sounds, the label Tom Reiss runs. Their work is just amazing and the staff are super friendly, helpful and creative. The pink splatter and the very bottom bubble gum pink on pacific blue were surprises made by the plant.
  5. The music is a dream about being on a boat sinking in the Pacific. 4 variants @ https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/sinking-dream with shipping from USA & from Japan. 1. Pink in Blue Dream - This has 2 variations, randomly sealed, around 90 copies made: A) Pacific Blue mixed with Deep Blue + Pink B ) Deep Blue + Pink 2) Ice Vinyl - Really difficult to photograph, but awesome effect. Includes two sleeves! Limited to 72! 3. Pacific Blue Splatter 61 pressed, but only had sleeves for 17 copies. 4. Melting Core - Pink with Clear, Blue, & Pink splatter - 23 pressed! Lastly, this final version is a Koenji Record Boy Exclusive. Limited to 24 copies, you can only get it here: http://recordboy.shop-pro.jp/?pid=160926371
  6. Now in stock & shipping from Florida to USA. Space Nebula vinyl (few left!) instrumental dreamy music. https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/oneironautics-i Everyone who has seen this has said it's the most beautiful 7" they have ever seen and the photo's don't do it justice.
  7. Thank you, download PMd. My understanding of post rock is that the compositions are quite long and airy whereas our stuff is concise. I will try to get involved with some groups and hopefully get into some new music.
  8. Asking for help here from people with eclectic musical knowledge. I really only listen to 80s~90s punk bands, so outside of punk, I don't know anything. So you've probably seen me post a lot about the records I've been releasing. I like to think of it as a punk orchestra: instrumental, 20+ guitars, a horn section, and recently added a pianist.I still think of it as punk, at least structurally, but our compositions take a lot of twist and turns, and are really more a dreamy narrative than a pop track, often with the genres changing with each part of our tracks (see Chartreuse Dream: https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/track/chartreuse-dream, it goes from horns to surf, and then drawing inspiration from Pet Semetary, adds a synth at the end). So my question is, who do I show this to? I don't understand at all, but we're selling really good at an underground metal shop in Tokyo, but hardly selling at all at the biggest punk shop in Japan. And according to our Spotify data, our listeners like death metal. It doesn't make sense to me, except that one of my all time favorite bands is Samhain. Here's our most popular track on Spotify: https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/track/hollowed-by-the-night-rain It explodes with a piano lead backed by 5 guitars and then goes into a surfy retro style twin guitar melody. This is mix isn't on vinyl yet, but a 12" is planned. So I want to make a marketing strategy as I know it's too repetitive and weird for punk rock fans. So data shows that most people get turned off our stuff in the intros. And that's fine. But I'd really like to know what kind of genre would you diagnose this stuff as? Download codes will be sent to all repliers. Thanks
  9. Update March 30 Blue Nebula vinyl now in stock in USA. 12 copies only. https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/oneironautics-i 40 copies left in stock in Japan with worldwide shipping. If you live outside USA, please order from Japan to save on shipping. Also now in USA stock, 1st EP Night Rain https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/night-rain (2nd EP Sinking Dream is delayed, but available for pre-order)
  10. Thank you so much!! We're setting up a distro in Florida in a few weeks. Can't promise everything will be in stock by then...
  11. Update March 30 Blue Nebula vinyl now in stock in USA. 12 copies only. https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/oneironautics-i 40 copies left in stock in Japan with worldwide shipping. If you live outside USA, please order from Japan to save on shipping. Also now in USA stock, 1st EP Night Rain https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/night-rain (2nd EP Sinking Dream is delayed, but available for pre-order) Pressed incredible records with Packaged Sounds in the UK. Did a few records, will show the other later. Here's the Nebula. They're stunning. Each copy is unique. Blue Nebula is made by mixing green & purple vinyl w/clear & white splatter + glitter. - 130 pressed Red Nebula is made by mixing red & purple vinyl w/clear & white splatter + glitter. - 81 pressed for show only:
  12. So many variants.. so bad impulse control..
  13. I didn't post these variants. Below was an accident when green got stuck in the extruder. 25 copies on green. Will be posted on bandcamp next week. The bottom is the ice laying flat. When held to light, looks like ice very cool. These are on bandcamp now.
  14. Hi Joe! Thanks so much, I'm sorry I'm late to reply. Our records are in stock. We have 2 other 7 inch releases. 1. Night Rain (Deeper Blue) https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/night-rain 1st press EU purple (170) 2nd press Japanese black (200) - I wasn't happy with the DMM plating on the purple, so I made a second press in Japan with lacquer cutting. 2. Sinking Dream (also pressed at same time as Oneironautics) https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/sinking-dream My favorite release, but you gotta hear the song till the end because it transforms genres halfway. Works better on vinyl. 1. Pink/Blue - all unique - 125 copies 2. Ice - 70 copies 3. Splatter - 30 copies, this will be available through mail order at a certain shop, info coming next week 4. Green - 25 copies pressed by mistake, I'm making special green sleeves to match. Hired an artist, it will be cool and on bandcamp next week. Shipping differences will be refunded. Best!
  15. Thanks. They were pressed yesterday, but I was told in advance it wouldn't affect sound. But they also said that copies with two much glitter have to be trashed. I'll let customers request low or high glitter to their preference.
  16. Hi, I'm Michael from Goodcyte Records in Tokyo. We do instrumental 7"s. These records were pressed yesterday by Packaged Sounds in the UK. We aimed for a SPACE NEBULA effect, achieved by combining extruded purple with extruded red (or green/blue), add clear & white splatter for nebula clouding, then finally silver glitter for stars. I've never seen records like these before. Pre-order here, ships next week (dreamy instrumental stuff, A-side is surf punk + brass section + synth, B-side is prog rock): https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/album/oneironautics-i Here's the cover art (foldover 2-sided): Here's the Red Nebula (70 pressed) This one has many stars. You can see some white splatter: Here's the Blue Nebula (170 pressed): Here's a transition after another EP I had pressed: Bonus section Here's some more records Packaged Sounds did, but ordering info will be posted when they get in stock. Only 30 copies of the splatter:
  17. Here are 2 of my favorite albums. I've been collecting multiple copies, so here's some download codes. Hope this promotes the band. Tiger Army - V dropcards.com/vinyl 1. RYKKX9F3W Tiger Army - Retrofuture dropcards.com/vinyl 1. J99T9D9DQ6 2.DT77P35XP6 Deeper Blue - Hollowed By The Night https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/yum 1. r82h-ckss 2. k447-vycd 3. uecd-yr4c (used) 4. l6hc-74jw (used) Please leave a message if you use a code, so I can update the post. Thank you.
  18. Buy, can also trade some Misfits vinyl
  19. The third and final in this series: 1. m3kr-e89c 2. vtml-3k4p 3. fk8j-hkj2 https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/yum The music is a fusion between punk and orchestra. It's instrumental, kinda mellow, but emotionally powerful. The challenge is that both tracks spend some time building up to climaxes--30+ guitars playing at once in a tsumami of sound.
  20. Awesome, thank you. This is a series where in each volume, the track count increases.
  21. Oneironautics Vol.1 Instrumental split series exploring dreams and colors. Punk Noir (w/ jazz/surf/synth) a-side and prog rock b-side. h84v-5mlm 4ucr-7t5g qwjd-57n3 9sgc-75q4 34uc-5uga wewq-3pf7 p6h6-cfev rncu-wan8 awpd-h25n x7ma-3h2h https://deeperblue.bandcamp.com/yum

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