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Christmas $$$ Set Sale

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Looking to make some extra cash for Christmas, prices are PPD in the United States.

Apart - Gray Light(1st press, Translucent Blue/100) 10
blink-182 - Neighborhoods(1st press, 2x12" White w/Black marble/1000) 15
Bone Dance - Snakecharmers(1st press, Black/White mix/300) 13
Bone Dance - Bone Dance(1st press, Clear w/Pink center) 13
Coalesce - Give Them Rope(2011 2x12" repress,Opaque Tan & Dark Teal/500) 15
Cold Cave - Love Comes First(1st press, Black) 10
Comeback Kid - Turn It Around(4th press, Clear/300) 13
Cursed - One(2nd press, 180g Black/Gold split/500) 25
Cynarae - Cynarae(1st press, Bark/Bone mix) 10
Deafheaven - Roads To Judah(3rd press, Cream w/Black splatter) 13
Defeater - Endless Days and Sleepless Nights (6th press 2x12", Teal Marble) 15
Ed Gein - Bad Luck(1st press, Clear Orange/Red split) 10
Ed Gein - It's a Shame.../3 song Demo(1st press, Pink/549) 20
Ed Gein - It's a Shame.../3 song Demo(2nd press, Blue w/Green splatter/200) 13
Foxes - Foxes(PO version w/Silver spray painted cover, 180g Black/25) 20
Foxes / Iselia - Split(PO version w/silk screened cover, Black/50) 20
Frightener - Guillotine(1st press, Red/Black splatter) 10
Give Up The Ghost - Background Music (1st Deathwish Press, Black 180g/1009) 13
Give Up The Ghost - Background Music (1st Deathwish Press, Clear Black Mix/340) 13
Give Up The Ghost - Year One(3rd press, 180g Black w/Blue slice/1500) 10
Head Automatica - Decadence(1st press, Blue/Green split/1000) 20
Hrvrd - The Inevitable and I (3rd press 2x12", Red/Beer swirl w/Blue Splatter) 15
Ides Of Gemini ‎– Constantinople(1st press, White/150)*signed by the band 20
Iselia - Life From Dead Limbs(1st press, Clear w/Sky Blue center/150) 20
Iselia - Life From Dead Limbs(PO version w/inverted board cover, Sky Blue #7/50) 20
Miles Away - Endless Roads(2nd press, stamped White labels, Green w/White splatter/148) 10
Pariso - Nothing Beyond Everything After(1st press, Sky Blue w/Purple haze/250) 15
Primitive Weapons – The Shadow Gallery(1st press, Grey marble/150) 10
Soul Control - Cycles(1st press, 2009 Tour Ed. Blue #37/100) 20
Suicide Machines - Battle Hymns(Repress, Asbestos Records, Green/Gold split/100 +7") 25
Suis La Lune - Riala(1st press, Clear w/ Red Haze/200) 12
Suis La Lune - Riala(2nd press, Clear w/Black splatter/250) 12
The Locust - New Erections(1st press, Clear w/Blue splatter) 10
Trap Them - Sleepwell Deconstructor(2nd press, 180g Red, White & Blue tri-color/250) 15
Trash Talk - Eyes and Nines(2nd press, White marble) 15
Vermapyre / Ides Of Gemini - Split(1st press, Deep Green marble) 10
Verse - Aggression(1st Bridge 9 press, White w/Orange center) 13
Verse - Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace(1st press, Clear w/Red smoke) 20
Whips/Chains - Master/Slave(1st press, Transparent Red/769) 10

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