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  1. 10 packages out today! thank you SO much to everybody who has helped me out. i've still got half a box of mailers sitting here so let's keep doing business!
  2. big update for everybody involved if i haven’t already messaged you! mailers got to me at 5pm today so everything is going out tomorrow morning. will respond to more PMs after i update what’s sold in a minute. thank you so much all
  3. yeah man! my instagram is @fourteencrowns, i posted a bunch of digitals of the shows while on tour and will have plenty of film shots to share once it all gets back from the lab! i appreciate your interest bumpin, let's get some more deals going! got lots of mailers coming in on monday, i'm trying to move this shit!
  4. nighttime bump, thank you so much to everybody who has hit me up and bought things. you guys rock. original link in post updated to reflect what's sold.
  5. quick morning bump! thank you so much to everybody who has gotten in touch with me so far. love u all
  6. hey y'all! just got back from doing photo work for the code orange/twitching tongues/vein US tour for a month and i am BROKE from the accompanying expenses. will make some serious deals with anyone interested in helping me liquidate some of my collection so I can get back on track with bills and shit that stacked up while i was gone. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Phn-IuDGgqrZ-TUUkn4QGHltUzoDZJGs/view?usp=sharing nothing off limits, everything is negotiable! can provide pictures if necessary. shoot me a PM and let's talk prices!
  7. evening bump for this! Airiel - Winks And Kisses - black, electric blue, cloudy clear 3xLP Athletics - Who You Are Is Not Enough - "jack & coke" /150 Big D And The Kids Table - Fluent In Stroll - A/B clear C/D translucent blue /500 CHON - Woohoo! - opaque lavender /1000 Colleen Green - I Want To Grow Up - black Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? - seafoam green/white swirl /900 Tycho - Dive - black 2xLP all sold! Arrogant Sons Of Bitches - Three Cheers For Disappointment - record release sunflare blue /100 currently pending! thanks to everybody who's messaged me so far, i really appreciate you VC
  8. i'm a BIG fan of their last release! it's always funny to see hometown heroes of sorts gain traction and pop up in other people's libraries.
  9. welp. could use the extra dollarydoos while i look for another. anything is up for grabs for the right price. even stuff i normally wouldn't be willing to move. https://deadformat.com/collection/rynflnnry https://deadformat.com/collection/rynflnnry https://deadformat.com/collection/rynflnnry shoot me offers on anything that catches your eyes. plenty of mailers ready to go.
  10. up!!!! finishing up moving this week, please help me move as little as possible
  11. bumping this! first wave of packages are finally out, thanks to all for your patience while i dealt with mailer delays AND a snowstorm

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